Friday, December 28, 2007

My Christmassing

I will start by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope your holidays have been fun and enjoyable.

Christmas celebrations started Christmas Eve with the girl and I heading out to one of her Aunties house's for a Christmas bash with her fathers side of the family. I suffered through it last year for the first time but this time to my surprise was a lot better. Last year I was the new boyfriend so no one really talked to me and it was a struggle but this year I spoke to a few of the family and actually spoke to the girls dad. It hard because her dad lives about 5 hours away so we don't see him a lot or enough for me to have regular conversations with him so having a chat was good. We ate a lot that night. That side of her family is German so there was a lot of German food and a lot of seafood which I don't like so I ate a lot of German food.

Christmas day was celebrated at the girls mum's house. My mum and dad came round for brunch and we ate and opened presents and ate and ate and then slept for a little. After tea with her mum we headed back to my house to say hi to my parents and there guests before heading over to Sam's place for drinks. For the last few years we had all caught up Christmas night at Susi's house. This year the tradition was going to be broken because Susi is over in Europe but Sam decided to have drinks at his and he did it well. There was so much food, wine, beer and food and even presents for us chums. In the end it was a really good night and a pretty good crowd turned up.

Boxing day was a slow day. The girl and I got up pretty late and just watched the cricket on the couch all day. We drifted in and out of sleeping and eating tomato soup and it was a good day. In the night we hit the Coopers Ale house for chicken parmy's and to say goodbye to our friend Celeste who is heading overseas again. It sucks to say goodbye but the parmy's were really good.

Going back to work after a few days off was hell. It was the last thing I wanted to do and it was hot. God it was hot. Today was the same and its only going to get warmer, but I guess it is summer.

So far its been a good festive season and for a person who doesn't enjoy Christmas that much that is saying a lot. Hope you all got good presents.

I also posted more photos over on my Photo Blog. Bye now.

Monday, December 24, 2007

My Weekend Of RestPartyRest

Well it was another big weekend. I was dead Friday night after work o the girl and I just chilled out and watched movies. Saturday started pretty early and the girl and I headed to hers so we could see her mum and head up to the Christmas tree farm in Blackwood to get their Christmas tree. We went up there in the girls car and only just managed to squeeze it in the back. Her mum had to sit next to it was a bit squishy. The whole car still smells like pine needles.

After putting the tree up and decorating the girl and I got ready to head out for Calvins 21st. Tilney picked us up and we headed into town to the Adelaide lawn bowls club. It was a really cool place for a party and with beer and a few games of bowls everyone was in celebration mode. There was a lot of people there and so we cruised around and chatted to everyone. I had a few interesting conversations and different experiences which was awesome. I learnt that when I get drunk people cant really tell apart from the fact that I tend to walk off mid conversation. I thought that was pretty funny. I had a few puffs on one of the bows cigars which I hadn't done since I quit smoking a few years back which was awesome and brought me back to the old days. As usual I cruised around having a conversation here and there and it was a good good party. After the bowls club closed up we all headed into town to the London Tavern, which is where Calvin works. We had a few more beers and then the crowd started to dwindle. I don't know what time the girl and I left but it was late and I was quite toasted.

Sunday morning was bad. Really bad. I was incredibly hung over and pretty much felt like a corpse. The girl managed to rouse me and fed me an omelette which was very nice of her and very nice in taste. After a lot of water and orange juice I managed to stand up and so we went down and got some movies to watch and some Gatoraide for me to drink and we went back to bed. After watching Welcome to the Jungle, Black Hawk Down and Underseige it was sleep time already, lol, and so we did. I woke up this morning tired somehow. Crazy world. Byes

Friday, December 21, 2007

My Wet Cold Shit Day

Today was absolute hell. We planned to pour concrete even though the forecast was for thunderstorms and heavy rain but we had no idea what we were in for. As soon as we got to the job we rigged up a tarp from the roof to some timbers to keep the rain of the actual slab but in the process we got absolutely drenched. That was just the start though.

The concrete pump turned up and not long after the first concrete truck came. It was going pretty well until the second concrete truck came with concrete that had the consistency of water. It was that wet that when you walked in it you would almost make waves. We couldn't do anything with it. We couldn't screed it, couldn't shovel it and definitely couldn't make it flat because no matter what you did it would just move and swell up or sag down. It was shit. After screeding the floor for the third time we finally finished. I have never seen concrete that bad. We order concrete at whats called 80 slump and this came at about 180 slump. The slump is the water content and if you shovel 80 slump concrete into a pile it will stay as a pile and only slump a little where as the concrete today was like water. I could barely keep it on a shovel let alone put it in a pile.

We had lunch before trying to finish the slab. It dried out pretty quickly but only the underneath was tightening and getting hard whereas the top centimeter was still slop. In the end we scraped all the slop off the top of the slab before finishing it flat. It was a shit day. I was drenched to my jocks for the whole day and just everything was hard. I was so glad to be home so I could have a shower.

Last night on the other hand was good. The girl and I headed to Marion to do some Christmas shopping and I also got a haircut because I was starting to look like a palm tree. We cruised around buying prezzies and went and saw Steve who was working before heading to the movies to see the new Nicholas Cage movie, National Treasure 2. The girl bought the first one a long time ago but I had only watched it recently, it was a good movie and the second one was just as good. It had the same sort of wandering storyline but it was a good movie to watch.

I take a lot of pointless photos so I created a photo blog so go and check it out too. The spud photo blog. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Christmas Tea

Last night I organized to go out for dinner with all my friends. We all met at the Coopers Ale house and even though I was late and so were half the people, we all made it and it was a really good night. After everyone arrived and we chatted we decided to order. Their specialty is their chicken parmigiana's but when we went to order they ran out half way. I had to get a beef one and I was absolutely devastated. I ate my beef schnitzel and it was good but it wasn't as good as a chicken one. I ordered the girl the last chicken schnitzel so I ate some of hers and it was soooo good.

After eating our meals we all sat around for a while mainly because we couldn't stand up but to chill out and chat before people started heading home. The girl and I got home and hit bed pretty early due to big working days ad very full bellies.

Today was a big day. It got really hot early and it was incredibly humid. We had a few different jobs to finish so I started in the morning by steeling up an addition that we are pouring Friday. My sister flew out today to go to America to see family and the country so my mum and dad went there in the morning. I met dad later on at another job where we were pouring a concrete boarder and a small slab. It was a pretty small job so we were done quickly. After that I had to go and get a job ready so I can pour it tomorrow morning and then I met up with dad again to dig out some garden beds at another job. We took out about 22 tonne of soil so it was a lot of digging. All day no matter what I did I was sweaty. It was terrible. I'm so glad I don't live in a humid climate even a few humid days are bad enough. This week has been good so far but damn I can't believe its only Wednesday. Byeee

Monday, December 17, 2007

My Time

Isn't it weird how you can go from not doing anything one week and then being flat out the next. Last week was a really quiet week. I didn't do much after work and most nights the girl and I just chilled out. This week I have something on every night already. Its crazy. It sucks because I have been trying to catch up with a few people that I haven't seen for a while but either I'm too busy or they are. I know its getting close to Christmas and thats kind of the reason but damn its getting crazy.

Work today was a bit more relaxed than it was at the end of last week. It was still a pretty hard day but we took it easy and it didn't get too hot. We had a few closedown jobs that we were doing over the Christmas/New Year break when factories close down but we weren't going to be flat out but that changed and now we have a lot of work on so I don't now what sort of break I will have. Oh well I guess I will just have to take time off in January. Byes

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Exhausted

I need another weekend to get over my weekend.

I had a huge day at work Friday. I knocked down two walls from inside a house and then ripped up a bathroom floor with a jackhammer. It was about 35 degrees on Friday so as you can imagine I was sweating like anything. By about mid afternoon I was stuffed but ended up working till after 5. The girl and I were both in the same boat and after getting a bit to eat we were both in bed and asleep by about 9:30.

I had agreed to work Saturday but was incredibly sore and stiff from the day before so regretted it immensely. It was a pretty easy concrete job and I was finished by about 2 in the afternoon so it wasn't too bad in the end.

Saturday night I had wanted to be good all week because I hadn't done a lot after work during the week and wanted a bit of a change and a release. The girl and I met up with Tilney and her boy Luke down at the Jetty Bar at the Bay before Layno, Nicole and Hannah cruised down. We had a few drinks there before heading over to the Dublin to meet up with Hoggot, Sam, Sam and the gang. I bumped into a whole lot of people I knew at the Jetty Bar and the Dublin was the same. We kicked on at the Dublin until it closed before heading back to Hoggots house were we chatted, beered and then decided at 4am to go and get McDonalds. I got home not long after and crashed in bed.

This morning, I wont lie, I felt like death. The girl woke me so I could go to Marion Shopping Centre with her so she could look at phones and phone plans. In the end she signed up to the same company as me with a new Mobile. After the new purchase we popped in on one of the girls family friends 60ths. We were the youngest there by a good 15 years so didn't stay long before heading down to Calvins place for a beer. Its his 21st birthday tomorrow and party next weekend so he was just having a few quiet ones today to celebrate a bit. We only stayed for a half hour or so because we had to rush home for my sisters going away.

My sister and he friend are heading over to America to tour around with all my relatives and to see the sites so my family had her friends family down for tea as a celebration. They are only going for a month so it is nothing major. After a huge tea and a massive slice of cake I'm done and its bed time. Bye bye byes.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Week From Home

I just finished watching an episode of American Dad and it was freakin hilarious. This week the girl and I have stayed at her house because we haven't been here much lately. Its cool cause she has a queen size bed and its awesome comfy styles. Tonight we made possibly the best burritos I've ever had and we just did the norm and chilled out and watched some TV. I'm working this weekend which will be weird because I haven't worked a weekend for a few weeks. Work is going to be a bit crazy before Christmas so the next week and a bit will be long. Its getting hot too which makes life a struggle. Meh. All good.

Night night.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Concrete Week

This week so far has been all concrete. I felt terrible Monday morning but we put down a 260 square meter concrete pad anyway and it just about killed me. Today was a bit easier with just a concrete plinth but we still worked hard. The weird highlight of the week so far was Monday when we went to get lunch, Benito, the Italian concreter that works with us bit into his cake and his tooth fell out. Instead of worrying about it he just through it into a pot plant and kept eating. Crazy. Made me laugh too.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

My Awake

I'm awake and I shouldn't be. I felt terrible before at about 7:00pm so I lied down in bed and fell asleep. I woke up about a half hour ago and now I'm awake. I have to be up early tomorrow for a 250 square meter concrete pour and I can't sleep. Not good.

This weekend was pretty lazy. Friday night the girl and I double dated with Cat and her boyfriend Sean and Montezumas. We had plans to go into town after for an Indie night but after all that Mexican food we headed home and fell asleep. Saturday night we hit the Backpackers bar down the day for a guy I went to school withs 21st. It was a huge school reunion really and there were quite a few people there who I hadn't seen since school. Its always good to have nights like that. We weren't up for a huge one so caught a lift home with Tilney and Luke and then the girl and I chilled out and watched a bit of Transformers.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Week Back

This week has been crazy. Every time I get back from holiday it takes me a few days before I catch myself and realize whats going on. This week has gone already and I have just caught my tail. Work has been flat out and the nights have been about the same. Last night we all caught up for tea at Cafe Primo. Smithy, a mate of ours is back in town for a few days so it was a good catch up session. Smithy has a very different was of perceiving situations and his recollections are always hilarious. It was good to see everyone as well because it had been a good week or two since I had seen Tilney and the guys. After tea the girl and I headed out to Unley Highschool to watch Tilney and her team play netball. They lost but it didn't matter.

Tonight, since it was Smithy's last night in town, we decided to head into town. They all started at the Havy and the girl and I went in for a drink before heading home. I have to get up early early tomorrow so we only stayed for a bit. This weekend is already booked out and then double booked but I cant wait because this week has been quick but also dragged. Byes

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Island

The holiday started early Thursday morning with us getting ready and packing the car. We were off and up the freeway before I had really woken up and it was breakfast time. We stopped quickly at Tailem Bend for breakfast and then continued through to Kaniva for lunch. We were all very sick of the drive by then but still had a few hours to go. We drove on through Horsham and Ararat before making it to Balarat. We normally stay in Balarat to break the trip up.

We checked into the motel we always stay at and headed straight down to the pool. The hotel has a huge indoor rec centre with an indoor pool, sauna, tennis court, gym and ping pong table. I whooped my sister at ping pong. We swam and played tennis for a few hours before hitting the restaurant. I was starving and ended up eating two chicken parmigiana's. After tea the girl and I hit the poker machines. I was unlucky and lost my ten dollars but the girl won 50 which was cool. We were stuffed from the day and swimming and eating so we all got an early night.

It was another early morning and a quick bite to eat in the motel restaurant before heading off to Melbourne and down to Phillip Island. Its a long drive but we caught some good scenery in Melbourne and made it over the West Gate Bridge and through the tunnel pretty quickly.

It was pretty warm Friday and by the time we got to the Island and then to the track it was late after noon and the sun had bite. We just stopped off in time to see the last V8 Supercar practice session for the day. The flies were absolutely shocking and were swarming us. We only watched the V8 from outside the fence for about 20 minutes before heading into the main town of Cowes to find our accommodation.

Instead of booking hotel rooms like we normally do we rented a house because there was five of us and it was going to be cheaper. The house we got was a brand new, two story place that was really nice. We unpacked, settled in and had a few beers. We decided on our usual Italian place for tea and walked down the main street to the restaurant. The food, as always was incredible. I have eaten a lot of food in my short 21 years but I have to say that Isola De Capri is the best Italian resturaunt I have eaten at. After our huge day of driving and our huge meal accompanied by quite a few beers we all hit bed pretty early.

Saturday was another early day with us up and at the race track by 6:30am. Even though we were very early we were still about 20 cars back from the gate. The way the Phillip Island Track works is on the main straight there are grand stands but for the rest everyone just backs their cars up to the fence. You have to be there early otherwise you don't get a good spot. From the place where we normally park/sit you can see about two thirds of the track so its pretty good.

It was hot Saturday, I mean hot. We were in the full sun all day and even though it was only about 30 degrees it was so so hot. I put sunscreen on about 4 times and managed to not get burnt at all. The race line up was V8 Supercars, Formula fords (open wheelers), Fujitsu V8's (the second tier V8's), V8 utes and Classic Touring cars. The qualifying sessions were pretty exciting and the first few races were even better. In between races in the morning the girl and I headed over to the main straight where all the tents and merchandise stands were and looked around. There was so many incredible cars, displays and awesome merchandise trucks that we got a bit lost. The girl bought some things and I bought some flags because we were flagless. It was a great day of racing and it ended perfectly with Garth Tander winning the first race. We were all happy because a Holden won.

After a huge day in the sun we drove back to the house for showers and more beer before heading out for tea. Our resturant for the night was the Phillip Island RSL. It is a huge place and probably one of the largest RSL's in Victoria. We played some pokies and had a delicious meal. On our way home we stopped off at a place called Grumpy's to play our annual game of mini golf. I won in the end and there were a few hilarious moments as my mum struggled with a few of the holes. After golf at Grumpy's it was back to the house and sleep.

Sunday was an even earlier morning. We were at the track by 6am but walked right up the front and jumped in the back of some blokes ute. He drove us down to where we were the day before and we jumped out and marked our territory with chairs and junk. We got some shade which proved to be a life saver and made the day so much better. We were joined by a few different people who had sat next to us the day before which was great because they were all very funny. Two of the old blokes got very intoxicated and were just about legless by the e were still way back in the line of cars so the old man and Ind of the day. It was another great day of racing. There were a few smashes in front of us and plenty of slipping and sliding by the V8's and the utes. The championship was to be decided at Phillip Island and we were all hoping Holden's Garth Tander would win and we had to wait until the last lap of the last race. In the last few laps Fords Jaime Wincup passed Tander and had to pass Holden's Todd Kelly to win the championship but after a few tries could not make the pass. In the mean time Craig Lowndes was trying to pass Tander which also would have lost Tander the championship. It was really intense and any mistakes would have lost the championship for Tander. Thank god it all fell into place and Tander and Holden won the race, the round and the championship.

There was a record crowd at the track so it took ages before we could leave. We hung around and had a few beers and spoke to the people we had sat with all day. We waited about an hour before driving out and heading back to the house. We showered, drank and then headed back to our little Italian restaurant for another night of great food. After dinner we stopped to get Gelati and bumped into a couple who had been at the track with us which was weird but funny. We were all a bit tired, a bit drunk and a bit sunburnt so we walked back to he house and hit the hay.

The worst thing about traveling to Phillip Island is the drive back. Getting there isn't so bad because we always break it up with stops in Balarat and Melbourne but on the way back its one long drive. We left early and drove and drove and drove. After 12 hours of driving we were back in Adelaide. We broke the drive up by stopping in Horsham to have lunch in a pub on the main street and then coffee's in Tailem Bend. It was an ok drive but by the end of it we were all very sick of being in a car and we all had very flat asses.

I have always loved going to the Island. Its a beautiful place and the motor racing is always great because it is such an incredible track. I think we have already started to plan our trip for next year which I cant wait for. Woot, go Holden!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Holiday Again

Well we are off again. The family, the gir and I are heading down to Phillip Island to watch the V8 Supercars. Its a track that Holdens normally do well at so hopefully they win. We are staying a night in Balarat and then staying on the island. I cant wait. See you when I get back.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Massive Election

Friday was a massive day. I had a really early start and a huge day. We had to lift one of our excavators into a job because there was no other way of getting it in and the footings that needed to be dug would have killed us if we had to do it by hand. Getting the excavator in was easy but getting the dirt out was the challenge. In the end I wheel barrowed 12.5 tonne of soil out through the house and let me tell you by the end I was beyond tired. On the last few trips my legs and arms and everything were very shaky.

I finished up at about 5 after working a good 11 hours and came home to regain some sense of anything before heading out for two of my good friends going away party. I have known Emma since I started school and Rhys since year seven so its been a long time. We started at Emma's house before trekking it to the Highway Hotel to meet up with Rhys and everyone else. I drank and talked to everyone and Drank and it was good. The night ended up down at the Dublin pub. I started a huge fight about pineapple with Matt and Az and even got the new bar tender girl involved but it was all pretty funny. Made it home at about 3 and was very very ready to sleep or die I wasn't quite sure.

I did wake up the next day but I wasn't that happy about it. By the time I actually knew what was going on it was 12 and I still felt terrible. A little bit hung over and very exhausted. It didn't do a lot for most of the day. The girl had to work early and finished at about 3:30pm so when she got home we made lunch and then went down and voted. We had big plans of hitting town but after we had tea and got dressed both changed our minds and just relaxed. We watched a bit of the election coverage but as you can imagine it wasn't very exciting. In the end Kevin Rudd won which isn't what I wanted because under a Labor government interest rates always seem to rise and I want to buy a house in the next few years but oh well there is not much you can do about it. The girl crashed pretty early but I stayed up and watched a movie called the Lost Battalion which was a really good movie in the end.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Dinner and Freakish Coincidence

Last night Cat and I did our usual and got Mexican for tea and cruised around the bay. It was really great to catch up because I hadn't seen her for almost a month and a lot had happened in that time. We had our usual from the menu but when I went to buy drinks I ordered a Miller Draught, like I normally do, but the girl handed me something different and said try that. So I did. Apparently Millers have brought out a new beer and it was damn good. It tasted a bit like a Corona but it was a bit fruity. So I had that and a few conversations and it was a good night.

After we had eaten and cruised down to get coffee we walked back down Jetty road to go to our cars and I saw a guy hop off a bus and straight away I recognized him. When we were on our holiday in Perth we went down to Fremantle for the day and saw some of the sights. We caught the train down there and then caught one of their free buses around. When we hopped on the free bus for the last time to get back to the train station there was a group of people on the bus who had mental disabilities. They had lanyards around their necks with passes to a convention and they were with minders. One of the guys was standing up and talking to the bus driver and a few of the passengers. He was telling everyone about what he had seen and all the things he had learnt. He had an incredible memory for facts, which some retarded or autistic people do, and recited all these facts about different places. While I was listening to him he stated, "we don't have things like this in Adelaide" it caught me by surprise but I didn't take much notice of the fact that he was from here. Then last night who was to hop of the bus but the same guy. We has wearing the same stripy shirt and the same kind of dorky hat. It was really weird. 3000 kilometers apart and I see the same guy. Weird.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Double Booked Party Night

The girls Christmas party last night was pretty good. The food was fantastic. We started with pumpkin soup, then steak with all sorts of sides and then a chocolate pudding. It was weird because I didn't know anyone but we sat with another couple and the guy was the biggest goobie I have ever met but still cool so it was fun. I drove so didn't really drink anything and no one on our table but the girl and the goobie guy were drinking so they both got pretty toasted. It was funny.

We stayed there pretty late before heading down near my house to hit my mate Ringy's 21st. I felt really bad when we left because I could tell the girl didn't want to leave but I would have felt terrible if I missed Ringy's 21st. We got there and everyone was pretty chilled out. A few people dancing but most people were outside sitting down. We only stayed for about an hour before it finished and then I gave Hoggot, Sam and Nicole a lift back to Hoggots before the girl and I went home. Dave, I mate from school was there and it was good to catch up with him because I hadn't seen him since we finished school and it was just a good night.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Hot Hot Heat

We have rather cool whether so far this spring but the last week has been hot. Yesterday got up to about 36 and it really took it out of me. The heat just makes work so much harder.Everything you do takes it out of you. I didn't get sun burnt though so thats awesome.

We were supposed to do a quick easy job yesterday but it turned out to be a bit of a challenge. We were told there were a few concrete pads that needed to be taken up and it wouldn't be that hard but when we got there we realized it was going to be a challenge. There was about 60 square metres of concrete to be taken up and we didn't have out rock breaker with us. It ended up taking us all day and it was a bit of a challenge because there were pits and huge 500mm thick pads that had to be taken out.

After I got home and re cooperated a bit the girl and I headed to the Edinburgh Hotel for a few drinks with one of her friends from Melbourne who is over for the weekend. It was still very hot and we only stayed for an hour and a bit before stopping off at my friend Kristen's house before heading home.

Tonight, as usual, we are double booked. We are starting off at the Edinburgh Hotel again. Its dinner and drinks for the girls work Christmas party. It should be pretty good but I don't know many people so thats hard but oh well. After the Christmas party its down near my house for a mate of mines 21st. Its just around the corner from mine so I think we will probably walk home in the warmth.

Photo's: A soakage trench that we dug during the week, It was 2 meters wide, 9 meters long and 4.5 meters deep. A big hole! The new HSV Maloo ute, I want one.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Dentality

This week has been hot so far. I think every day has been above 30 which is tough because I'm really not used to the heat.

Today was a long day. We are staying at the girls house this week because her mum has gone away and someone needs to look after the cats and the house so I was up early so I could make it to the job at Brighton on time. At 3:30 however I had to go to the dentist. Now I know some people are incredibly freaked about going to the dentist but it doesn't really bother me. Its not the most pleasant thing but its not too bad. I only have one little starting of a cavity so thats good. I have to get in done in a few weeks but I shouldn't need an anesthetic which makes it a lot better.

I had coffee with Tilney tonight before heading to the girls house and she has had some good news in the way of relationships lately so thats really good. I'm happy. Bye now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Long Week

This week, after being on holiday was a struggle. I worked really hard. I mean really hard. It nearly killed me. We got a job and the work doubled and then doubled again we thought we would be there for about a week and now we have about 4 weeks work.

I made it though. I made it through the week.

The girl and I washed our cars yesterday and both managed to get fried. I still didn't manage to get rid of my sock tan though.

Saturday night we headed to Hoggot's house to chill out. We drank a few beers and just talked crap for a long time. I didn't leave till 6am which was way too late and I was stuffed but it was so weird to watch the sun coming up while sitting outside Hoggot's drinking beer because I hadn't done that for a long time. It had bee too long and I enjoyed it.

Today was just a blur as I cant remember what I was awake or asleep for but oh well. Work tomorrow and I'm not really looking forward to it. Meh, its got to be done. Bye now.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Red Bull Holliday

Thursday was the day. I had waited all week and it had been a long week but the girl and I were finally flying out to Perth. I had to work in the morning because we had a big concrete pour on but I finished at about 1 and damn was I happy to be out of there. It had rained all morning and I was soaked and the concrete wasn't looking too good either but in the end it turned out ok. I rushed home and did some last minute packing before heading to the airport with the girl.

We got to the airport a little early so we could get some lunch and buy some magazines and stuff for the flight. We boarded the plane and we were off. We were flying on a brand new Boeing 737 that had tv screens in the seats. They announced over the loud speaker that the tv's had not been working very well so instead of paying for it everyone could have the service for free. We were pretty excited about that and started surfing the channels but in the end it didn't work at all for the whole flight. It sucked but it was kind of funny.

We landed and got straight into a taxi and headed to the hotel. The first thing I noticed about Perth is that it is a very clean and nice city. It is a lot like Adelaide but just a bit bigger. We got to the hotel and checked in. We had a little suit and in the end we didn't get a balcony which we were very disappointed about but soon got over it. We headed straight out of the hotel and looked around. A lot of the shops were closing because it was getting late so we bought some food to have in the hotel and grabbed a coffee and then headed back to the room. It is so weird walking through a city that you have never seen before. Its a weird type of lost. You know where you are going but you don't know anything about how to get there or whats on the way.

On our short walk around the streets we saw a place that we wanted to have tea at. We were very under dressed because we didn't realize just how classy the restaurant was but we sat out side and I don't think anyone noticed :) The food was excellent. the company was even better and the girl and I just had a really good time. We ate and ate and ate and drank and drank and drank and then when we went to leave we paid and paid and paid, lol. It was ok because we had a few courses but we still parted with a couple hundred dollars. It was fun though.

We got up early Friday morning and headed to the Perth train station to catch a train up to the Aquarium. We had about a half our before the train got there so we did a bit more looking around before catching the train. The whole train was empty which was a bit weird but the trip was quick and we were there before we knew it. We caught a bus from the train station to the Aquarium and for some reason didn't pay anything?

The Aquarium was situated on a huge marina that had hundreds of boats mored there. There was a shopping center on the marina so the girl and I had Subway for breakfast before walking around to go in the Aquarium. The girl and I toured the Sydney aquarium at the start of the year and that was amazing but this one was even better. The exhibits were incredible and we got there just in time to see them feeding the seals. We spent a good 2 hours looking around before busing and training it back to Perth. We had planned to go down to Fremantle in the afternoon but ran out of time. We decided instead to head to the Perth Mint. I know that touring a mint doesn't sound like the most exciting thing but it was actually quite good. They melted a whole gold bullion down and then re-molded it and I nearly got thrown out because even though they said absolutely no photography I took a photo of the girl holding a gold bar on my phone and in about 4 seconds two security guards came up to me and asked me if I was taking photo's. I told them I was just checking a message and then kinda ran away.

Our hotel was situated above a bar called the Hula Bula bar so we decided on going there for a few drinks before we went for tea. We had bought some beer the day before so we had a few in the room and after having a couple at the bar the girl and I barely made it to the restaurant after stopping half way for more drinks. The bar was a crazy tribal Fijian styled bar with huge cocktails and the restaurant was a Swedish styled buffet called Miss Maud's.

After eating more than we should of we headed back and crashed because we had another huge day ahead of us.

Saturday started early again and we were up and away before I even really woke up. We had a quick bite to eat at a place called Dome which is a coffee chain over there and then caught a taxi to the Perth Zoo.

I have been to a lot of Zoo's around Australia and its always a bit odd going to a zoo in your own country because there is always tourist sections with kangaroos and all the Australian animals and thats not that exciting for me because with the farm I have grown up with seeing those animals all the time. I still enjoy seeing them but you just don't want to spend hours watching them. The Perth zoo had a huge Australian section that we cruised through. It was cool to see and there were a lot of birds which were great. The Zoo had a wide range of animals and the only problem was that because we were there so early a lot of the animals were still asleep but it was still enjoyable.

We cruised from the zoo to have a quick look at the Red Bull Air Race qualifications but only stayed for about a half hour because we had a whole day of it Sunday and we were both starving. We grabbed Subway and chilled in the room before walking around the Hay street mall so the girl could do some shopping.

It was a bit poor but Saturday night the girl and I did nothing. We chilled in the room and watched movies on TV. It was a bit of a waste because we were in another city but we were both absolutely stuffed and it really was what we wanted to do. The V8 supercars were racing in Bahrain so we stayed up to watch some of that and then we slept like logs.

Another early morning Sunday and we caught a taxi over to the other side of the Swan River to get a good spot for the race. We were early so we got a great spot right on the water front in front of a huge screen. The whole day was amazing, absolutely amazing. It was like watching a F1 car in the air. It was about 30 degrees so the girl and I drank about 12 bottles of water each and about 6 cans of Red Bull and even though we sat in the sun for about 6 hours we only just got burnt which is pretty good considering how pale we both are. It was such a great day and I really think we might do it again next year.

We headed back to the hotel to grab our bags because when we got there on Thursday we were told they had double booked our room so we were staying in another one of their hotels for Sunday night. We didn't really mind and they threw in breakfast and a bottle of wine so it was all good. We showered and recouperated in the new room before heading back to Miss Maud's for tea again. We ate and ate and ate again and then we headed out to the Burswood Casino. It was in a huge entertainment complex and it was really nice. The Adelaide Casino is nice but very small but the Perth Casino was much larger. We cruised around and saw everything and gambled a little but didn't want to lose too much money. It was a really nice way to finished such a great day and when we finally made it back to the room I felt like I was going to die. So we slept.

Our last day came way too quickly and having to contemplate packing everything up and heading home was way to hard so we caught the train down to Fremantle and toured around for the day. Fremantle is a lot like a suburb we have in South Australia called Port Adelaide. We saw all the sites including the Maritime Museum where Australia II, which won the Americas cup, is located. We saw a really cool candy store and watched them make hard candy and then trained it back to Perth to get our bags and before we knew it we were back in Adelaide. It was a bit surreal being back and god I wasn't looking forward to work the next day but it had to be done. It was such a great trip and I really didn't want to come back. I think we might go again next year.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween and even though I'm not really celebrating it and Australia doesn't really go crazy over it I am still going to wish the rest of the place an awesome time. Today at worked dragged on and on and all I could think of was getting on that plane tomorrow. Only one day of work left and then the girl and I are away. God I cant wait. Bye now. Might post tomorrow but if not I will see you all next week!

Monday, October 29, 2007

My Rolley Day

I went to a few jobs today. One of them involved me rolling and compacting a whole block. Now I have to say that it wasn't the most mentally stimulating job but I got it done. Work dragged today though, all I could think about was Perth and leaving. Thursday cannot come fast enough. I spoke to the girl and she said the same thing. Its going to be such a good weekend and this week is going to be incredibly long.

This week is also going to be pretty boring because the girl and I are both trying to save a bit of last minute cash before we go away and its my old mans birthday tomorrow so we will probably go out for tea Wednesday or something. I have to work Thursday morning because we have a big concrete pour on but hopefully I will be finished by about 1pm so I can get ready for our flight at 3:20.

Bye now.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Frog Friday

We were digging footings for a house extension that we are doing at the moment and when we pulled up their concrete driveway we found two huge frogs. Very cool.

Work Friday was a long hard day and I didn't finish till after 6. This was a problem because I had to get home, shower, get dressed, eat tea, drive to the girls and then head to Eliza's 21st which started at 7:30. All is well and fine but it takes a good 40mins to get to the girls so we were a bit late.

Eliza's was cocktail formal and I have to say I looked pretty good. The girl looked amazing too and definitely turned some heads when we walked in. The party was at the Track restaurant which is in the Air apartment building and it was a really great venue. The drinks were cold and free so it was an awesome night. Only a few people I knew there but it was ok. We planned to go out after but by the time we waited around for over an hour to head into town the girl and I lost interest and got a lift home with Layno at about 1:30.

Yesterday was our 18 month so the girl and I just chilled out and ate pizza and pasta and toast and all things with peanut butter until heading to mine. We planned somethings for our trip to Perth, which we leave Thursday and I cant wait, before going down to Brighton Jetty road to eat more pasta at cafe Primo. Th whether was horrible but the food was great and the company was even better. The girl had to work early this morning so we just chilled back at mine after tea and spoke about everything that has happened in the last 18 months. Its been hectic really with all the dramas in our and everyone around ours lives but it has been amazing and I'm still so glad I have her. I think she kinda likes me too, lol.

Bye now.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Black Eye

I have no idea why or how but for the last few days I have had a black eye. It came up last week and got worse over the weekend. I don't know why. No one punched me so I must have gotten something in it at work or something? I woke up Tuesday and could barely see because it was that puffy and swollen. How odd. Today it was ok but it still feels like a black eye when I blink. I really have no idea how it happened.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Present

I received a present today from two friends of mine who are living and working in England. They are two awesome girls and I miss them so so much and I am incredible thankful that they not only remember my birthday but actually sent me a present. I received half of the present a few weeks. It was a Vans, Off The Wall checkered bag and I was stoked at that but today topped it off. Jess bought me the bag and Susi bought me a pair of Travis Barker (of Blink 182 fame) signature Globe shoes and I have to say that they are awesome!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Age

Isn't it funny when all of a sudden you feel older than you used too. After a conversation with Layno last night I realized that I have matured a lot with out even noticing. These days I and everyone around me are a lot calmer. I remember back in the day when we used to go out every night of the weekend every weekend and now a days its only every couple of weeks. We have gotten a lot classier and don't drink cheap drinks before going out or scam lifts of people or get free drinks from people we know so we spend a lot more money these days but I think we have slowed down. I still love going out and having huge nights but these days I love chilling with a small crowd at someones house. I guess it just comes with age and working full time that you have to slow down a bit. I definitely don't drink as much as I used to but that is by choice I think. I still know people who get completely paro all the time and Its weird but I don't really know how they can do it. I have my moments of coarse but I think I am quite calm compared to my younger days. Who thought 21 was old.

My Weekend Review

This whole weekend has been pretty relaxing and boring but it has been good. I have needed a weekend off after last weekend and this last week. Friday night I had organized to go bowling with everyone but only Cat was keen and in the end we didn't go because it was way to much effort, lol. Instead the girl and I just chilled out and watched Jurassic Park 2 and then hit the hay early.

Friday was the girls mums birthday so when we all got up Saturday morning we headed up to Harndorf to have scones with jam and cream from a place that they go to all the time. The scones were really tasty but I was starving and after eating all that sugary jam and cream and drinking a huge iced chocolate I felt very light headed and pretty average. We got home and I had a lie down for about an hour. It sucked because when ever I sleep during the day it always makes me feeling shithouse.

Once I was up and about I downed a Red Bull and the girl and I drove to my house to spend the afternoon. We watched Jurassic Park 3 and then picked up Layno and headed up to Sam's house for a bit of a Shindig.

It was a very very mellow party compared to some of the previous efforts we have had at Sam's place. Back in the days when Sam, Steve, Susi and I were in a band we got terribly drunk at Sam's. One night involved us throwing a banana and hand fulls of butter through a fan. It sprayed everywhere outside and to this day they are still finding chunks of banana. That same night we walked around the neighborhood and nearly got beaten up by one of Sam's neighbours who just happens to be an ex kick boxing champion who was very angry. A damn good night though. Last night as I said didn't quite have the shenanigans of that night but it was still a good chilled out night. The girl, Layno and I left quite early because the girl had to get up early this morning for work. I wasn't that fussed about leaving early and Layno wasn't either.

For some reason I woke up early this morning. I woke up just before the girls alarm went off at 5:50am and then was wide awake at 8:45. I got up and watched some TV but couldn't find anything good on. I watched Video Hits for a while but every song they played was terrible. I feel like an old guy saying this but I don't like a lot of the new music these days, lol, got to go put my teeth back in now. I bummed around a bit more and made some killer Nachos and have been watching the V8 Supercars and now the Indy cars since then. Another relaxing day but hey its all good.

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Financial Review

In the next few years I plan to buy a house and at the moment the housing market is a bit iffy. Interest rates are rising and so are housing costs so I have a feeling the housing market is going to come down. For the last 10 years in Adelaide the median house price has risen about 11 percent each year. If it doesn't slow down it's going to make it very hard to buy a house or block of land but hopefully it does slow. With the coming election and the almost certainty that Labor will win I do believe interest rates will rise again as they normally do under a Labor government but I don't know how long it will take or if this will affect the price of the type of house I want to buy.

This week has been tough. I worked by myself and with another bloke and it has really worn me out. It was hot on Wednesday and Thursday and it was the first warmer days that we have had. Its amazing how much the heat can take out of you. Even just a few degrees can make an easy job a struggle. Wednesday Benny and I had to steal up a foundation that we poured today. Benny was born in Tuscany in Italy. He has been in Australia for 50 years but his English still isn't that great. He is an incredibly interesting bloke and even though he is 68, he can still work just as hard, if not harder than I can. Wednesday was a long day and I finished late and got stuck in rush hour traffic which sucked. I was bored so I took some photos of random things and cars.

Monday, October 15, 2007

My Drug Bust

Today was non stop! I worked really hard in the morning to get the footings that we dug on Friday ready to be white ant treated by 9am. After that Dad and I put plastic down and waited for the reinforcing steel to arrive. It was meant to be there by about 10 but didn't arrive till 12 so we had to finish all the other little jobs. We brought all the steel in and then headed off to get another job ready at Glenelg.

When we got to the job we realized straight away that something was going on because there was three marked cop cars and 3 unmarked cop cars all parked around the house next door to the house we were working on. We walked down to see what was up and were told that it was a drug bust. The news crews were all there and they told us they had found 30 marijuana plants and a mountain of hydroponics equipment and cash. It was an odd thing to see but also pretty cool. I was so incredible disappointed because I couldn't take photo's because the battery on my phone had completely died. Damn phone! I heard on the news later that there were several other drug busts around the state and they arrested a few people. Pretty crazy.

My Big Weekend

It was all go this weekend. It started Friday morning with work being absolutely crazy. We had to dig a whole footing for an addition in one day so we could get it inspected Friday afternoon and we were flat out all day. I got home at about 5:30 and was pretty stuffed. The girl, Calvin, Kosta, Callum and his girlfriend Bubba came to mine while I was still in the shower and after I got ready in a hurry, had a few beers while the girl got ready we headed down to the Backpackers where I was having my party.

Once there we headed out to get Subway and Wendy's hotdogs before heading back. I conned everyone into blowing up balloons and hanging streamers while I pretty much did nothing. After that it started to get busy. People came in dribs and drabs but after a while there was a pretty good crowd.

The highlights of the night were the first hour with everyone there, doing Jagerbombs and really just the rest of the night. The low lights were me nearly getting into a fight with some weirdo, the shot that the girls behind the bar gave me which was Taquilla and black Sambuca and the slight mix up of the bar tab at the end. I was a bit disappointed because with about an hour left to go in the night there was a huge slab of the tab left and when I went to talk to the boss at the end he told me it was all gone. Now we didn't really drink that much in the last hour because everyone was quite drunk so I think I got stooged a bit but I didn't really care all that much.

Saturday morning, even though I didn't have to work, I felt terrible. Very seedy. The girl and I just hung out at mine and at more Subway and watched the Moto GP qualifying which was on at Phillip Island and then headed to hers to get ready and head out for Blakes 21st.

When we got to Blakes it became apparent that everyone was feeling a bit average after mine. I felt terrible because even Blake was hung over and it was his 21st. The girl and I too it pretty easy drinks wise and felt ok. On the stroke of midnight the girl did a shot for her 22nd birthday and then we made our way off. We stopped by at the London Tavern on the way home to see some of my mates and the girls friends. The girl used to work at the Tav and knows most of the people who work there, and I just talked to Calvin.

Sunday morning didn't start until about 11 and the girl and I just bummed around all day. We made bacon and eggs for breakfast before going out and buying some more fish for her fish tank. We headed home after that to watch the Moto GP race, which Australia's Casey Stoner won, and then just chilled out for the rest of the night. It was a fine end to the weekend because after all that partying we needed a relaxing day.

My 250th

This is my 250th post on this here blog so I'm going to make it a useless one.
Woot woot.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Kentish Night

Well its that time of the week again. The dudes and dudettes are hitting the Kentish tonight and then heading back to watch The Chaser and Summer Heights High. If you don't know what either of these two TV shows are then Google them now. Do it.

I dont know about this week. It has been pretty good but average at the same time. Work has been a bit odd too. Dad and I have been fighting a lot this week which has given me the shits but I guess I have to expect that when I work with my old man. I ate an orange today that I picked off a tree at one of the jobs I was on and it was the best god damn orange I have ever had so I guess there is always upsides to life.

Friday night as I have said before is my 21st party so tomorrow night I have to head down and organize it all and hand more money over, lol. It should be an awesome night though and if you are not coming then you should rethink! Bye now.

Monday, October 08, 2007

My 1000 Let Down

The biggest race of the year, the Bathurst 1000 was last weekend and a bloody Ford won. It was a pretty average race apart from the last 12 laps where the rain came in and it was really god to watch but a bloody ford won. It pretty much ruined my weekend.

The weekend was good. Friday night the girl and I just chilled out at hers and watched Transformers and played video games, so cool. Saturday night we headed out to the Edinburgh Hotel Kellie's 21st. Kellie went to school with me in high school and she is an absolute crack up. It was a good night with a good crowd and fun was had. The ride home was long but we got subway and that really hit the spot at 1 am.

I don't know whats going on this week. I'm a bit lost at the moment with my weeks. I kind of fall into them and before I know it they are over. I think there are plans to hit the Kentish and maybe something Thursday night but I'm not sure. The one thing I'm positive on is that the weekend is going to be massive. Its my 21st party Friday night and then a good friend Blake's 21st party the Saturday night. Going to be a bit slow Sunday. Cant wait tho.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Freebie Tea

Last night I did the usual and got tea at Montezuma's with Cat. It was different last night because two awesome things happened. The first came when the waiter came up to us and said that since we come in there so often she would shout us drinks. We were over joyed and ordered a round of Cokes. The girl sort of laughed and then said she had something more adventurous in mind. I got a Millers Beer and Cat got a Malibo and pineapple. It was the best thing ever.

Tea was awesome as usual and afterwards we decided to head down to get coffee. My friend Sophie was working so we ended up paying nothing for two large coffees. Life is good when you don't pay for things. I have made a decision to only eat places where I know people so as to not pay full price for anything anymore, lol. Bye now.

My News

Just a quick post today with some dot points cause thats cool.

First up we have an accident that I had the other day. We were working around the side of a house and I was shoveling between the excavator and the wall of the house. Its not the right place to stand but I thought my dad had seen me. It turns out he didn't and he swung the boom round and squished me between the bucket and the wall. I was lucky and it only hit my leg and then I crashed into the wall. It could have been a lot worse. I had a shocking head ache but I was ok. It sucked at the time and I still have a huge bruise on my leg but its all good.

Second one is that I have a huge problem with my father and Macdonald's. He is obsessed! We stop there at least once a day maybe even twice. He likes it because they serve coffee in the Mccafe and then we can get a bite to eat as well. I am not a fan. I don't like the food at all and its soooo damn fatty. The coffee is good though. I don't know what to do because he is getting worse by the day. Oh well I will just have to be a fatty.

News over.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Grand Final

Last weekend was great. Not only was it a long weekend but the AFL grand final took place and I got drunk. The highlight of the day had to be when Port Adelaide got beaten by the biggest margin ever in a grand final and the lowlight was when a beer was knocked off of the table by the football and landed upside down in Tilney's lap. It would have been hilarious if it just happened to Tilney but at the time Tilney was sitting in my lap so we both got soaked. Pretty funny day in the end. We had to drown the sorrows of Adam and the other port fans so we all got quite toasted.

The rest of the weekend was very relaxed. I am low on money at the moment so the girl and I just chilled out for most of it. We headed out for Mexican food Sunday night and then had some people over to play poker. The girl started work at 7 Sunday morning so she crashed pretty early but we kicked on.

Yesterday was awesome. Nothing beats a public holiday and the fact that yesterday was such a nice day made it even better. The girl and I got up and went for a walk on the beach. We are both pretty pale so we both got a little burnt by the sun. We got back and ate a whole lot of ice cream that we had bought the night before and then proceeded to play Sim City 2000 for about 3 hours. For tea last night we made quite possible the best tasting Tacos ever and then hit Sim City again. Its not easy being this cool!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Hump Day

Hey, it's hump day today and I'm quite happy. This week has been good but it has dragged. I just drove from the girls house home to meet dad before we head off to a job. I thought I would get some typing in and do a morning blog. The week, as I said, has been a bit slow. Its been an odd week because yesterday was really hot and now today is rainy and gloomy.

Monday night the girl and I were a bit bored so we invited Tilney over for tea. It was good just to chill out but as usual we ate too much and all got sleepy. Tilney managed to forget her sunnies and because I'm awesome I dropped them off to her early the next morning. She was in the shower and I got quite a surprise when he dad answered the door in his dressing gown. Hilarious.

Yesterday annoyed me. I headed home and went to work. My old man bought a new ute so he was picking that up in the afternoon. We did some small jobs in the morning and then I had some time in the afternoon so I though I would tie up some odd jobs. A few months ago I received a statement telling me that I owed the government a bit of money from when I was at uni but I did not think it was correct because I had paid everything up front when I was there. I had called the tax department and sorted some of it out but I had to head into the uni to find out what the story was, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity.

I got into uni and it turns out that they had originally sent me an invoice for an amount which I paid in full, but it was the wrong amount. I ended up owing another 600 bucks which I had been paying interest on for the last two years. This really pissed me off because it has cost me money now because they couldn't send out the right invoice. I got back to the girls place and had to ring the taxation department again which took forever because I sat on hold for another 15 minutes, again. After a few dramas it was all paid and settled but it still annoyed me. After all the commotion the girl and I ate tacos that were goooooood, and everything is tip top again, haha.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Hot/Cold

Isn't it weird how people can be a hot or cold person. Im a hot person. Im always hot, I wear shorts all year round and even at night I normally dont get cold. I went to the snow earlier in the year and, to everyone is was withs amusement, I wore shorts some of the time. The girl on the other hand is a cold person. She has the heater on all the time and is always cold when we got out no matter what she is wearing. I think it is so funny and weird how different people can be.

This weekend was very relaxed. The girl and I just chilled at home Friday night and watched the footy and then some movies. The footy game was brilliant. A friend of mine plays for Collingwood and didn't get a lot of the ball in the first quarter but after that kicked two goals and had quite a good game. Collingwood lost and on Saturday Port Adelaide won so it will be a Port Adelaide vs. Geelong grand final. It should be an incredible game but I don't really know who I want to win yet.

The girl and I both worked Saturday morning. I finished work and had to head to mine to pick up some things. I finished everything I needed to do at the job I was on but didn't have a pair of tin snips to cut about a square inch of steel off that would have completed the job so I had to get them and stop off to finish on my way to the girls house. We chilled out for a bit and had lunch before getting ready and blinged up to go to Nicoles 21st. The theme was bling. I was in just suit pants with a nice shirt and tie. My bling though was two very large fake diamond earings. I looked hilarious and during the night we worked it out that I looked like Peter Andre. I felt dumb. We drank and had a merry time at the Edinburgh Hotel before heading into town at a club called Elektric. Everytime I have ever gone to Elektric I haven't managed to get in for some odd reason. We either get there and everyone we know has left or there is a huge line or we cant be bothered so this time our names were on the door. I was dissapointed. Apparently it was a quiet night and it wasn't really my scene. The girl and I were pretty stuffed so we had a few drinks and headed off. It was a pretty good night and I had a good time even though I didnt know that many of the people there. I dont know if I will be hitting Elektric again soon but oh well. Bye now.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Soreness

This week has been tough at work. My old man is away on holidays so I have been working by myself. Yesterday I worked hard. I had the crappy job of putting up a fence and so I had to dig the holes for the posts and concrete them in. Normally we use a hole borer on an excavator to dig the holes but because of the limited access on this job I had to dig them by hand and hot diggity was it a challenge. The worst part was that I had organised to have a game of squash with Hoggot last night. Luckily he was just as buggered from work so it was a pretty even game. We played for a few hours and then called it quits when neither of us could run any more. After squash I was definitely stuffed and cruised to the girl's house to have a shower and hit the hay.

This morning was a challenge too. I seriously didn't want to get out of bed and once I had I regretted it. I was sore all day. Squash is an awesome game but when you only play it once every few months it just about kills you.

The girl and I are heading out to the Kentish tonight with people to have a few drinks and tea. I can't remember the last time we went there so hopefully this resparks our ritual of eating there. Bye now.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My 21

Also, I'm 21. Go me!

My Trip and Being Back

Well it wasn't really a trip but it was awesome to get away. The girl and I left town Thursday night. We hit Maccas on the way down for some cheeseburgers because we were starving and didn't pack a lot of food. Once we got down there we cooked some packet pasta just to last us through till we shopped in the morning. It was such a relief to be out of town and relaxing by the open fire. We chilled out and watched TV that night and then crashed pretty early because we had both gotten up early for work that morning.

The weekend was very relaxed. We didn't do a lot. We just sat by the fire and watched TV, played video games on the old Super Nintendo and played monopoly. We shopped on the Friday and bought a heap of junkish food that we ate too much of all weekend but it was still awesome.

On Saturday nigh the two of us got quite drunk just for the hell of it and when the clock turned 12 we celebrated my 21st. We even lit sparklers. Very funny.

We woke up Sunday morning and decided to head back to town. There is now phone reception down there so I got a barrage of messages wishing me happy birthday which was nice and then we were back in town. Hoggot came round and dropped off one of my presents which made me laugh. For my 16th birthday I had a massive party at my house and Emma, a good friend of mine was coming round. She did not want to come without any sort of present so she grabbed a coffee mug that had written on it, Never Never Never Give up. It was such an odd present and from then on people always give me coffee mugs with weird slogans on them. Hoggot managed to find one that said, A tonne of fun, 21. I thought it was gold.

Sunday night we decided that going bowling and then down to the Dublin was an appropriate way to celebrate a 21st. So thats what we did.

Today I didn't go to work because well, I'm 21 now and I don't need reasons. I chilled out with the girl this morning before she went to work and then did a heap of odd jobs. For tea tonight Cat came round and we cooked enchiladas. They were awesome and for the first time in a long time we ate so much that we couldn't even fit desert in. Crazy town!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My 21

Well I'm definitely sick. I went to work today and poured a slab for a small extension by my self and it nearly killed me. I felt terrible all day.

The girl and I are heading down to my farm tonight until next week. It will be great to get away. When we return I will be 21! A few people are coming down to so it will be a whole lot of fun. Anyway I'm out of here. See you when I'm one year older!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My 11th

Well today is September 11th. It is always a weird day for me because today is also my mums birthday. Its a time for celebration but it also brings back memories of the attacks of six years ago. My mum was born in America and so I have family scattered all over the place over there. On that day six years ago one of my cousins had a job in the Pentagon but luckily was working for the government over seas at the time. It was a really tense day because we had trouble contacting our family over there. It still takes my breath away when I see that footage.

Six years on I don't know what to think about the many conflicts that have result directly and indirectly from those attacks. I think the world is still nervous and rightly so bu I think our anger has been taken out on the wrong people and in the wrong way. I don't think the war on Iraq is right but I do think that something needed to be done in that region. Weather this was the right thing to do or not I'm not sure. I think Afghanistan has suffered a lot in the last six years but I do believe it is a slightly better place because of the occupation. I hope that one day soon the outside world can stop interfering with the middle east but I don't really know how soon that day will be. I just hope things get better and then world can relax a bit.

My Sickle

Alright so I'm sick and it's sucking. I didn't work yesterday, well, I didn't really move yesterday. I woke up early because the girl left at 6:45 for her work and I felt fine and then when I got up for work I felt incredible nauseous. I felt pretty good after tea but just before the girl and I went to bed I started feeling nauseous again. This morning it was a lot of the same. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm pregnant but I'm a 20 year old male so I think the chances of that are pretty slim.

Oh well I guess I may as well go lie down some more and watch Transformers again, hehe. Bye now.

Monday, September 10, 2007

My Talkings

Isn't it funny that its so hard to make conversation with someone who you have never met and know nothing about but when it comes to old friends or the girl who I know everything about we can talk for hours. I don't think you ever know absolutely everything about a person and that amazes me. Ever day the girl and I talk for hours and I hear something new every day. The world is one crazy place.

My Village Time

Saturday night was a whole different kettle of plums. During the day Saturday my old man and I put new brake pads on the girls car and did some other stuff. I finished at about 1ish and came home to meet Tilney and the girl. We just chilled out at mine during the day and watched the footy.

When the night came, everyone came round to my house for tea and to get ready to head up to Steve's 21st. The party was a themed party with the theme being a rockstar or music icon. We had the idea to go as The Village people and because I work in construction I ended up being the worker and wore a reflective safety vest, my work boots and shorts and a big yellow hard hat. The best part of the night was the fact that I ruined ever photo that was taken near me because I came out as a big blur due to my vest. Very funny. It was a good night and as usual I got plastered.

Sunday morning came too quickly and I was feeling very seedy. The girl and I headed down to Glenelg to get take away food for breakfast which was a mistake and made me feel even worse. I ate two Hawaiian yiros and almost died after. We let our stomachs settle then went and got Tilney because she has left her car at mine the night before. She was a laugh and then the girl and I were bored again. We had been invited to Adams house to have tea with his parents so watched the Transformers movie to fill in time before we got ready and left for his house.

For tea Adams father, Ross, cooked crumbed chops. Now I have never really been a huge fan of lamb but I really enjoyed them. I ate about 8 and was quite satisfied. We ate and drank and ate and drank, as you do at Adams house and then headed home to chill out and wait for the F1's to start. The coverage did not come on until 1:30am so the girl and I decided to stay up and watch them. We lasted till 12 and then crashed, lol. good on us. Bye now.

My Family Event

Last Friday the whole birthday thing started. I had to go out for tea for my 21st with my family and some family friends that we have known for years. Its always boring when we go out with them because, well, they are boring people. They are very traditional and very strict where as my family are a little bit odd and a little bit crazy. Its funny because of the differences in the stories that come up but mainly it was boring. The girl and her mum came along too and kept me sane.

The Royal Adelaide Show started on Friday night and although it was really hard to get a park at the restaurant, we did get to watch the fireworks from our table which was nice. When we arrived a band were setting up called the Essential Rhythm Band and we all made the joke that Rhythm was essential but talent was optional and we were right. They had their moments but it was mainly bad covers, so, that was a little entertaining too.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Anoyance

Today I had two jobs to do. In the morning I had to pour a bathroom floor and then in the afternoon I had to get another job ready to be poured tomorrow. At the first job another guy was there to help me and I can safely say he was the most annoying person I have ever met. The guy was in his forties and for the whole time I was there spoke like Borat. It was terrible. I heard him say ever quote imaginable and ever two minutes he would come out with, "Is Nice", or "we have sexy time". It was so bad.

I cant believe anyone that age could be so childish and so annoying. He had no clue about anything to do with building so that made me chuckle too. Oh well, another day, another dollar and another hindrance.

I got a hair cut tonight as well. Its not too short and I have to say I look better than I did before. Good on me... byes.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My 21st Time

This weekend was another round of 21st. The girl and I watched the footy Friday night and were incredibly happy because the Crows won and made it into the finals. After the footy was finished we caught a lift with Adam into town to celebrate Erin's 21st birthday. We met everyone at the Belgium Beer bar and stayed for a few drinks. Adam, the girl and I were all pretty tired so we headed home early.

Saturday night followed the same plan. We hit the Dublin to watch the footy and celebrate Layno's birthday. There was a pretty big crowd and it turned out to be an awesome night. I saw a lot of different people and even had a few beers with my friends new boyfriend who I get along with surprisingly well. There was another 21st happening at the Dublin and about half way through the night they managed to start a fight just as I was walking through the group. I got pushed around a bit but didn't throw any punches so it was all good. A pretty eventful night in the end.

Photos: Lots of rocks in the quarry, 50km per hour... man, I built a retaining wall up at sterling out of huge two tonne rocks and
probably the ugliest car I have ever seen.