Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Holiday Again

Well we are off again. The family, the gir and I are heading down to Phillip Island to watch the V8 Supercars. Its a track that Holdens normally do well at so hopefully they win. We are staying a night in Balarat and then staying on the island. I cant wait. See you when I get back.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Massive Election

Friday was a massive day. I had a really early start and a huge day. We had to lift one of our excavators into a job because there was no other way of getting it in and the footings that needed to be dug would have killed us if we had to do it by hand. Getting the excavator in was easy but getting the dirt out was the challenge. In the end I wheel barrowed 12.5 tonne of soil out through the house and let me tell you by the end I was beyond tired. On the last few trips my legs and arms and everything were very shaky.

I finished up at about 5 after working a good 11 hours and came home to regain some sense of anything before heading out for two of my good friends going away party. I have known Emma since I started school and Rhys since year seven so its been a long time. We started at Emma's house before trekking it to the Highway Hotel to meet up with Rhys and everyone else. I drank and talked to everyone and Drank and it was good. The night ended up down at the Dublin pub. I started a huge fight about pineapple with Matt and Az and even got the new bar tender girl involved but it was all pretty funny. Made it home at about 3 and was very very ready to sleep or die I wasn't quite sure.

I did wake up the next day but I wasn't that happy about it. By the time I actually knew what was going on it was 12 and I still felt terrible. A little bit hung over and very exhausted. It didn't do a lot for most of the day. The girl had to work early and finished at about 3:30pm so when she got home we made lunch and then went down and voted. We had big plans of hitting town but after we had tea and got dressed both changed our minds and just relaxed. We watched a bit of the election coverage but as you can imagine it wasn't very exciting. In the end Kevin Rudd won which isn't what I wanted because under a Labor government interest rates always seem to rise and I want to buy a house in the next few years but oh well there is not much you can do about it. The girl crashed pretty early but I stayed up and watched a movie called the Lost Battalion which was a really good movie in the end.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Dinner and Freakish Coincidence

Last night Cat and I did our usual and got Mexican for tea and cruised around the bay. It was really great to catch up because I hadn't seen her for almost a month and a lot had happened in that time. We had our usual from the menu but when I went to buy drinks I ordered a Miller Draught, like I normally do, but the girl handed me something different and said try that. So I did. Apparently Millers have brought out a new beer and it was damn good. It tasted a bit like a Corona but it was a bit fruity. So I had that and a few conversations and it was a good night.

After we had eaten and cruised down to get coffee we walked back down Jetty road to go to our cars and I saw a guy hop off a bus and straight away I recognized him. When we were on our holiday in Perth we went down to Fremantle for the day and saw some of the sights. We caught the train down there and then caught one of their free buses around. When we hopped on the free bus for the last time to get back to the train station there was a group of people on the bus who had mental disabilities. They had lanyards around their necks with passes to a convention and they were with minders. One of the guys was standing up and talking to the bus driver and a few of the passengers. He was telling everyone about what he had seen and all the things he had learnt. He had an incredible memory for facts, which some retarded or autistic people do, and recited all these facts about different places. While I was listening to him he stated, "we don't have things like this in Adelaide" it caught me by surprise but I didn't take much notice of the fact that he was from here. Then last night who was to hop of the bus but the same guy. We has wearing the same stripy shirt and the same kind of dorky hat. It was really weird. 3000 kilometers apart and I see the same guy. Weird.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Double Booked Party Night

The girls Christmas party last night was pretty good. The food was fantastic. We started with pumpkin soup, then steak with all sorts of sides and then a chocolate pudding. It was weird because I didn't know anyone but we sat with another couple and the guy was the biggest goobie I have ever met but still cool so it was fun. I drove so didn't really drink anything and no one on our table but the girl and the goobie guy were drinking so they both got pretty toasted. It was funny.

We stayed there pretty late before heading down near my house to hit my mate Ringy's 21st. I felt really bad when we left because I could tell the girl didn't want to leave but I would have felt terrible if I missed Ringy's 21st. We got there and everyone was pretty chilled out. A few people dancing but most people were outside sitting down. We only stayed for about an hour before it finished and then I gave Hoggot, Sam and Nicole a lift back to Hoggots before the girl and I went home. Dave, I mate from school was there and it was good to catch up with him because I hadn't seen him since we finished school and it was just a good night.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Hot Hot Heat

We have rather cool whether so far this spring but the last week has been hot. Yesterday got up to about 36 and it really took it out of me. The heat just makes work so much harder.Everything you do takes it out of you. I didn't get sun burnt though so thats awesome.

We were supposed to do a quick easy job yesterday but it turned out to be a bit of a challenge. We were told there were a few concrete pads that needed to be taken up and it wouldn't be that hard but when we got there we realized it was going to be a challenge. There was about 60 square metres of concrete to be taken up and we didn't have out rock breaker with us. It ended up taking us all day and it was a bit of a challenge because there were pits and huge 500mm thick pads that had to be taken out.

After I got home and re cooperated a bit the girl and I headed to the Edinburgh Hotel for a few drinks with one of her friends from Melbourne who is over for the weekend. It was still very hot and we only stayed for an hour and a bit before stopping off at my friend Kristen's house before heading home.

Tonight, as usual, we are double booked. We are starting off at the Edinburgh Hotel again. Its dinner and drinks for the girls work Christmas party. It should be pretty good but I don't know many people so thats hard but oh well. After the Christmas party its down near my house for a mate of mines 21st. Its just around the corner from mine so I think we will probably walk home in the warmth.

Photo's: A soakage trench that we dug during the week, It was 2 meters wide, 9 meters long and 4.5 meters deep. A big hole! The new HSV Maloo ute, I want one.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Dentality

This week has been hot so far. I think every day has been above 30 which is tough because I'm really not used to the heat.

Today was a long day. We are staying at the girls house this week because her mum has gone away and someone needs to look after the cats and the house so I was up early so I could make it to the job at Brighton on time. At 3:30 however I had to go to the dentist. Now I know some people are incredibly freaked about going to the dentist but it doesn't really bother me. Its not the most pleasant thing but its not too bad. I only have one little starting of a cavity so thats good. I have to get in done in a few weeks but I shouldn't need an anesthetic which makes it a lot better.

I had coffee with Tilney tonight before heading to the girls house and she has had some good news in the way of relationships lately so thats really good. I'm happy. Bye now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Long Week

This week, after being on holiday was a struggle. I worked really hard. I mean really hard. It nearly killed me. We got a job and the work doubled and then doubled again we thought we would be there for about a week and now we have about 4 weeks work.

I made it though. I made it through the week.

The girl and I washed our cars yesterday and both managed to get fried. I still didn't manage to get rid of my sock tan though.

Saturday night we headed to Hoggot's house to chill out. We drank a few beers and just talked crap for a long time. I didn't leave till 6am which was way too late and I was stuffed but it was so weird to watch the sun coming up while sitting outside Hoggot's drinking beer because I hadn't done that for a long time. It had bee too long and I enjoyed it.

Today was just a blur as I cant remember what I was awake or asleep for but oh well. Work tomorrow and I'm not really looking forward to it. Meh, its got to be done. Bye now.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Red Bull Holliday

Thursday was the day. I had waited all week and it had been a long week but the girl and I were finally flying out to Perth. I had to work in the morning because we had a big concrete pour on but I finished at about 1 and damn was I happy to be out of there. It had rained all morning and I was soaked and the concrete wasn't looking too good either but in the end it turned out ok. I rushed home and did some last minute packing before heading to the airport with the girl.

We got to the airport a little early so we could get some lunch and buy some magazines and stuff for the flight. We boarded the plane and we were off. We were flying on a brand new Boeing 737 that had tv screens in the seats. They announced over the loud speaker that the tv's had not been working very well so instead of paying for it everyone could have the service for free. We were pretty excited about that and started surfing the channels but in the end it didn't work at all for the whole flight. It sucked but it was kind of funny.

We landed and got straight into a taxi and headed to the hotel. The first thing I noticed about Perth is that it is a very clean and nice city. It is a lot like Adelaide but just a bit bigger. We got to the hotel and checked in. We had a little suit and in the end we didn't get a balcony which we were very disappointed about but soon got over it. We headed straight out of the hotel and looked around. A lot of the shops were closing because it was getting late so we bought some food to have in the hotel and grabbed a coffee and then headed back to the room. It is so weird walking through a city that you have never seen before. Its a weird type of lost. You know where you are going but you don't know anything about how to get there or whats on the way.

On our short walk around the streets we saw a place that we wanted to have tea at. We were very under dressed because we didn't realize just how classy the restaurant was but we sat out side and I don't think anyone noticed :) The food was excellent. the company was even better and the girl and I just had a really good time. We ate and ate and ate and drank and drank and drank and then when we went to leave we paid and paid and paid, lol. It was ok because we had a few courses but we still parted with a couple hundred dollars. It was fun though.

We got up early Friday morning and headed to the Perth train station to catch a train up to the Aquarium. We had about a half our before the train got there so we did a bit more looking around before catching the train. The whole train was empty which was a bit weird but the trip was quick and we were there before we knew it. We caught a bus from the train station to the Aquarium and for some reason didn't pay anything?

The Aquarium was situated on a huge marina that had hundreds of boats mored there. There was a shopping center on the marina so the girl and I had Subway for breakfast before walking around to go in the Aquarium. The girl and I toured the Sydney aquarium at the start of the year and that was amazing but this one was even better. The exhibits were incredible and we got there just in time to see them feeding the seals. We spent a good 2 hours looking around before busing and training it back to Perth. We had planned to go down to Fremantle in the afternoon but ran out of time. We decided instead to head to the Perth Mint. I know that touring a mint doesn't sound like the most exciting thing but it was actually quite good. They melted a whole gold bullion down and then re-molded it and I nearly got thrown out because even though they said absolutely no photography I took a photo of the girl holding a gold bar on my phone and in about 4 seconds two security guards came up to me and asked me if I was taking photo's. I told them I was just checking a message and then kinda ran away.

Our hotel was situated above a bar called the Hula Bula bar so we decided on going there for a few drinks before we went for tea. We had bought some beer the day before so we had a few in the room and after having a couple at the bar the girl and I barely made it to the restaurant after stopping half way for more drinks. The bar was a crazy tribal Fijian styled bar with huge cocktails and the restaurant was a Swedish styled buffet called Miss Maud's.

After eating more than we should of we headed back and crashed because we had another huge day ahead of us.

Saturday started early again and we were up and away before I even really woke up. We had a quick bite to eat at a place called Dome which is a coffee chain over there and then caught a taxi to the Perth Zoo.

I have been to a lot of Zoo's around Australia and its always a bit odd going to a zoo in your own country because there is always tourist sections with kangaroos and all the Australian animals and thats not that exciting for me because with the farm I have grown up with seeing those animals all the time. I still enjoy seeing them but you just don't want to spend hours watching them. The Perth zoo had a huge Australian section that we cruised through. It was cool to see and there were a lot of birds which were great. The Zoo had a wide range of animals and the only problem was that because we were there so early a lot of the animals were still asleep but it was still enjoyable.

We cruised from the zoo to have a quick look at the Red Bull Air Race qualifications but only stayed for about a half hour because we had a whole day of it Sunday and we were both starving. We grabbed Subway and chilled in the room before walking around the Hay street mall so the girl could do some shopping.

It was a bit poor but Saturday night the girl and I did nothing. We chilled in the room and watched movies on TV. It was a bit of a waste because we were in another city but we were both absolutely stuffed and it really was what we wanted to do. The V8 supercars were racing in Bahrain so we stayed up to watch some of that and then we slept like logs.

Another early morning Sunday and we caught a taxi over to the other side of the Swan River to get a good spot for the race. We were early so we got a great spot right on the water front in front of a huge screen. The whole day was amazing, absolutely amazing. It was like watching a F1 car in the air. It was about 30 degrees so the girl and I drank about 12 bottles of water each and about 6 cans of Red Bull and even though we sat in the sun for about 6 hours we only just got burnt which is pretty good considering how pale we both are. It was such a great day and I really think we might do it again next year.

We headed back to the hotel to grab our bags because when we got there on Thursday we were told they had double booked our room so we were staying in another one of their hotels for Sunday night. We didn't really mind and they threw in breakfast and a bottle of wine so it was all good. We showered and recouperated in the new room before heading back to Miss Maud's for tea again. We ate and ate and ate again and then we headed out to the Burswood Casino. It was in a huge entertainment complex and it was really nice. The Adelaide Casino is nice but very small but the Perth Casino was much larger. We cruised around and saw everything and gambled a little but didn't want to lose too much money. It was a really nice way to finished such a great day and when we finally made it back to the room I felt like I was going to die. So we slept.

Our last day came way too quickly and having to contemplate packing everything up and heading home was way to hard so we caught the train down to Fremantle and toured around for the day. Fremantle is a lot like a suburb we have in South Australia called Port Adelaide. We saw all the sites including the Maritime Museum where Australia II, which won the Americas cup, is located. We saw a really cool candy store and watched them make hard candy and then trained it back to Perth to get our bags and before we knew it we were back in Adelaide. It was a bit surreal being back and god I wasn't looking forward to work the next day but it had to be done. It was such a great trip and I really didn't want to come back. I think we might go again next year.