Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Spaz

My girlfriend is a loser. Cute but a loser. I just made her lick the left over sour stuff from a packet of sour skittles and it was hilarious. It was a very funny sight.

This week work has been a lot of the usual but its still been good. Yesterday I didn't do a lot but still accomplished a few things so thats all I can ask for. I headed out to tea with Cat last night and for the first time in a while we kind of did something different. We got Mexican, which is the usual but last night we got it from a different place. After tea we hit the Pancake Kitchen and felt incredibly full after. We laughed a lot at a girl who we both thought was oddly shaped. We later learnt she was pregnant. After tea we went to check out her new house that she is moving into in a week. After our excursion I dropped her off and went to chill out with the girl. We just had a good chat and then fell asleep. I was extra tired because I had eaten so much.

Today was a lot like yesterday but still good. We had a easy job in the afternoon which involved me rolling and compacting a block on the other side of town. It only took me about an hour so it was easy money.

Bye bye.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Start To Stop

Alright so I got back from the snow and it was all go. Work flew by this week and I really didn't even know what day it was all week. Everything was a jumble. I got to Friday and the girl and I got a chance to head down the farm so we packed and left about fifteen minutes later.

It was so good to get away crank up the wood fire and just relax for a few days. We got down there late Friday night and pretty much crashed and went to bed as soon as we got there. We were up late Saturday morning and didn't have any food so we headed into Yankalilla to buy some groceries. We bought mainly rubbish food and a paper. I paid for everything and then left the paper on the counter. We didn't realize till we got back to the farm so I headed back out and tried to buy one from the Inman Valley store but it was closed. On the way I bought some flowers from a stall on the side of the road, damn I'm a good boyfriend. We stuffed around for most of the day and then decided at about 5pm we felt like toasted marshmallows so we headed back into Yankalilla to buy some, we bought a paper again too. Saturday night we just watched movies and the footy and then went to bed pretty early. Doing nothing really takes it out of you.

Today followed the mood of the weekend, we had a late start and then slowed down. We had cocktail frankfurts for lunch, watched the footy then drove home. I let the girl drive my car home and she loved it. She thought she was pretty cool in my big orange beast. It was quite funny. I think this week will be a good week. I'm a bit more with it now that I know what day it is and whats going on.

That all for now. Bye byes.

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Cold Trip

The snow was absolutely awesome. I wasn't that sure about how much snow there would be or how good the accommodation was going to be but in the end everything was incredible. The whole point of the trip was to celebrate Andre, a friend I went to school withs birthday. We definitely celebrated and it was a great way to enjoy your 21st.

It all started Sunday last week. I finished packing that morning and headed up to meet Calvin at his place. The girl dropped me off so I said goodbye to her and waited for Beachy to arrive. We mucked around for a little bit then packed the car and headed up the freeway. We took the turn off to Lamaroo, which is where Andre lives and drove for about two hours on a road that was almost completely straight. We arrived and straight away had a few beers, played a few games of pool and just relaxed. We hit the hay pretty early because we had a lot of driving and an early start the next day.

Monday started early and pretty well but went all down hill from there. We left Andre's and started driving along the highway out of Lamaroo. We had only been driving for about an hour and all of a sudden we rounded a turn and there was a cop car with its lights on waiting for us. Apparently we were doing 124 in a 100 zone. So that wasn't a very good birthday present for Andre but we moved on. We stopped at a town called Tooleybuc for breakfast and to stretch our legs. We all got out and Andre dug around in the tray of the ute to try and find his camera. What we didn't know at the time is that he left the tarp off and a bag of ski gear fell out when we left Tooleybuc. We all bought food in Tooleybuc and in the end Beachy bought too much because after eating a hamburger with the lot, a chicken role and a carton of milk he felt car sick.

We left Tooleybuc and drove for about three hours to a town called Deniliquin. Most of the time spent was listening to music, sleeping and trying to make Beachy throw up. We developed a game where when someone fell asleep a person would count to three quietly and the rest of us would scream. The one who was asleep would wake up to everyone screaming and our car parked in front of a tree or off the side of the road. It didn't get old, even after the sixth time in three hours. We stopped again to get some fuel and stretch our legs. I got out and realized the tarp was up and then that the ski gear was gone and that sucked. We had two pairs of ski pants, two ski jackets, two pairs of gloves and some goggles in a plastic bag and it had fallen out when we drove off from Tooleybuc. There was a lot of gear and it was all borrowed from Andre's parents so we decided to head back to Tooleybuc to try and find it. We drove for another three hours back to find that there was nothing along the way. We played the screaming game a few more times but it wasn't very exciting.

After a six hour round trip we barely made it back to Deniliquin. The fuel light had come on when we were still about 50km out from the township so we were just waiting for the day to get worse and for us to run out of fuel. We stopped at the same fuel station and filled up again. I had to pay because Andre didn't want to go in twice in one day, lol. We had planned to be in the snow after about nine or ten hours but had already been driving for nine and still had five or six hours of driving left. We got our act together and kept driving. We stopped to buy groceries and had a quick bite to eat and then kept driving. We finally arrived at Falls Creek at about 11pm. We were only seven hours late.

At Falls Creek you cannot drive to your accommodation but park your car down the mountain a bit and then get a lift up in OverSnow vehicles which are big tracked vans. We walked into the OverSnow terminal and met up with Cheez a guy we went to school with. He had just moved there to work, so we talked for a bit and then decided to catch up later in the week for drinks. We caught an OverSnow lift up to our apartment and met the two other people we were staying with, unpacked our bags and then thought about where we were going to party. We drank a lot of beer in the apartment and then decided to head out to the closest pub. It was about 2am so it was closed. We headed back to play drinking games and then crashed to bed at about 4am.

The first day of our snow trip started slowly. We got up at about 7:30am feeling very tired and very hung over. We had heard people over talking the night before about how a blizzard was coming in and there could be very heavy snow fall over the next few days. We woke up to light snow fall at the bottom of the hill but incredibly heavy snow fall and high speed winds at the top of the mountain. Beachy, Chelsey and I had organised to take lessons in the first couple of days so we could learn how to snow board. I had boarded once before but thought I taking a lesson or two couldn't hurt. We got up to the top and could barely stand up in the wind. The lesson went really well and our instructor was an absolute champ. The weather got even worse and because I was getting pretty good on the snow board I decided to do a few runs. The first one was a challenge but I made it down. On the third run I got completely whited out. I couldn't see anything around me that could tell me where I was or how fast I was going. I ended up stopping and falling over because I though I was going really fast and was trying to stop. I got to the bottom and realized it was a good time to call it a day and headed back to the unit.
That night we hit the piss again and then headed to the pub that we tried the night before. It was actually open this time but not very busy at all. We met up with two other guys who we went to school and had a few beers with them.

Wednesday we didn't feel quite as bad as we did the day before but we were still very tired and hung over. The snow was incredibly powdery and it was sunny with blue sky's so everyone was happy to be awake and hitting the slopes. I hit some runs in the morning and then headed to my second lesson. I was level three and Chelse and Beach were level two so I couldn't hang out with them. My instructor was different and he was terrible. All he said the whole time was "follow me, don't fall down" and then he would ski down a run. It was kinda boring but we did a lot of blue runs which are intermediate and I had only been down beginner runs before that. In the afternoon I did a few more blue runs and then did some runs with Calvin and Andre. We got very very drunk that night and managed to annoy the neighbours in the other units. Beachy went to bed early so we bothered him and then finally crashed.

Thursday was very sunny and nice at the bottom of the hill but up on the slopes it was fiercely windy. We had agreed to meet at about 12 for lunch so I headed out in the morning to do a few runs before heading back to the unit. I did a few blue runs and then a few green before taking a run which went back to our unit. As I was coming down I got a bit confident and went up a bank to be a bit tricky. My back edge got caught and I went over the front of the board. I fell from the top of the bank onto the flat of the run and landed badly on my shoulder and head. It hurt, badly, and I was really dazed. I laid there for a while and then got up and boarded back to the unit. That's were It ends really because I don't remember what happened after that. I got back to the unit and laid down in the foyer because I couldn't get in the room because I didn't have a key. When everyone else came back and let me in I felt terrible, looked terrible and didn't remember getting down the hill to the unit. I got inside and laid down again but couldn't remember what I did with my board, boots or gloves. Luckily I had just left them in the hallway. I took it easy for a few hours and decided to do one more run for the day. From our unit we just snowboarded down a slope and we were at the lifts. I made it down the slope ok but once up the lift and on my way down a run I felt terrible. I did make it down but nearly threw up at the bottom. After that effort I chilled out on the couch for a bit and then got ready for the night.

It was a huge night. Cheez came round and we played drinking games before heading out to the same pub as usual. It was an awesome night even though I only had a few beers because of my concussion. We got to bed at about 4am again and I knew it was going to be a challenge getting up the next morning.

Cheez crashed at ours so he could come boarding with us all day Friday. We awoke to blue skies and sun. It made us forget our hang overs and forget how tired we were. We all boarded up and hit the slopes. It was an absolutely perfect day. I boarded in the morning with Calvin and Cheez and did a heap of blue runs. We cruised back in for a quick lunch and realized we had blown the microwave up the night before. We ate cold spaghetti and cold baked beans and then hit the slopes again. Calvin cruised out with Andre to do some jumps and rails but I wasn't that advanced yet so I stayed with Cheez and one of his friends. It was still perfect on the slopes and we did endless runs on powdery snow. It was weird because there was no one on the snow. All day it had been quiet and the afternoon was even better. We had perfect snow and no one was on it. It couldn't have been any better.

That night was our last one so we had to drink and eat everything that was left. We did well too. We were stuffed but still managed to finish all the booze.

Saturday was always going to be a long day. We woke up early to hit the slopes as soon as we could. It was another perfect day. Lots of snow over night, lots of powder on the runs and not too many people. We boarded till 1pm then had lunch and caught an OverSnow down to the car. We were very happy that the ute started because on the way up we were too late to put alpine diesel in the fuel and didn't have a huge amount of antifreeze in the radiator. We had half a carton of crap beer left and as I walked out of the OverSnow terminal some girls asked me were I got it from. I then proceeded to sell it to them for 20 bucks. I didn't think about it too much and then after realized they were on a school trip and probably shouldn't have been drinking alcohol.... my bad. We loaded the car and set off.

We drove and drove and drove and drove and eventually got to Andre's house. Andre and Chelsey fell asleep after about 2 hours of them driving so Calvin and I drove the rest. We took it in turns and by the end had the air conditioner on and the music cranked just to keep us awake. Calvin hit a rabbit which was weird because we were going through fog at the time and it came out of no where. About two hours out of Lamaroo we stopped and bought a heap of Red Bull and lollies to try and perk us up. It worked slightly but it made us over confident.

We got to Andre's at 1:30am and we thought, yea we can make the two and a half hour drive back to Adelaide. It was hell. On the road out of Lamaroo we felt terrible. We had to constantly talk so we wouldn't fall asleep. We managed to hit two dead Kangaroo's! One was in the middle of the road and the other one, well, we just hit its leg. It was gross. We really didn't have the best reaction times. We made it to the freeway and were on our way back to civilization. We felt like death and finally made it back to Calvins at 4am. I was dead and could barely walk. The girl came and picked my up which was so incredible. I waved good bye to a shell of a man called Calvin and then headed home where I fell asleep before I was even in bed.

Sunday consisted of me being awake for about three hours. I was absolutely stuffed. I was so sore from snowboarding and being cold in the car and not sleeping. I dropped all my rental snow gear off and then fell asleep again. It was a good day really.

Work Monday was a wake up call. I was still tired and still sore and I managed to get sick so that didn't help either. I made it through though but it made me want to be back in the snow. I had such an awesome time up there. It was soo so much better than I ever could have imagined and even though I did knock myself out I had an awesome cold drunken time.

Biggest post ever! Awesome. Bye now.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Snow Go

I leave for the snow tomorrow and I really haven't packed anything. I should get around to that but at the moment I'm here. This week has been pretty good. I haven't really been that busy but I've seen people and haven't spent that much money so thats a good thing.

Thursday night I stopped in at Cat's house to make Mexican. I bought the wraps and she bought the chicken. It was the first time we had made enchiladas and they were damn good. We chilled out and watched TV and then had a good chat as usual. It was a really good night and I even got to know her new short term room mate.

This weekend has been pretty quiet because I'm trying to not spend any money before I head up to the snow. Today the girl and I just cruised around organizing all my gear, food and of coarse alcohol. I'm actually quite excited and I think it will be an awesome week. I will take a heap of photos and post them up on here when I get back. Well bye for now, be back next weekend.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Tilney Time

Last night I caught up with my good friend Tilney. We cooked tea at her house and talked about all the goings on of the last couple of weeks. Tilney and I started in school together and so have known each other from almost forever. We have a bit of a bond and every time we catch up its always good. We have our chats and talk about everything thats going with our friends and lives. Its always good to see her and we really don't catch up enough but its hard because we are both as busy as each other. Last night was cool. We made an awesome pasta sauce using taco meat and then decided to head on down to the bay to get some ice cream.

We had just walked out the door when Ashley, a friend of ours jumped out of her car and scared the crap out of both of us. Ashley had experienced some drama's a bit earlier and was in need of a cheer up so we dragged her along too. The ice cream was awesome and we laughed a fair bit so I think we made Ashley feel better. I had a good time too.

After tea, chatting and ice cream I headed to the girls house. When I got there I learnt that her water had been shut off. Apparently a pipe had burst in a unit two doors down and so everyone's water had to be shut off until they fixed it in the morning. It was really weird not having any water but we got by.

This morning I got up and just had enough water to make my morning coffee and I was away. The day was going ok until I got squirted by a fire hose. My whole back and the back of my legs was drenched so I was not very happy. It wasn't too cold today so I didn't suffer too much but it still sucked. After that the day picked up again and everything was cool.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Terrific Transformers

Last week was pretty average at work because of the weather. It rained on and off and there were gale force winds which made it almost unbearable at times. Its weird to say but I'm almost sick of the cold. I normally love the cold weather because I'm always hot. Summer normally bothers me because I get too hot and cant sleep but this winter hasn't been all that nice.

Friday night everyone and I headed on down to Montezuma's for Mexican. It was weird because for the first time ever we had to wait for ages for our food and it wasn't quite as good as usual. The restaurant was packed and they were flat out so I guess I will let them off this time. Hopefully it is back to normal next time we head down there. The best quote from Mexican night came from Hoggot he stated "Family can be fickle but food will never judge you". We all laughed and then kind of agreed with him.

After the Mexican we met up with a few people down at the Dublin Pub for a few drinks. As usual for me a few drinks turned into a lot and I got pretty drunk. It was a god night in the end. We had a few at the Dublin and then headed over to the Backpackers Hostel Bar to have a few more drinks. It was a good night because there were a few people there who I hadn't seen for a long time and another person that I have lost touch with. I spoke to an old friend of mine Friday night and It brought back a lot of memories of a friendship I once had. A friendship I no longer have. It bothers me that we don't see eye to eye any more but after speaking the other night I don't think there are any hostile feelings. I do miss that friendship but I don't think is much to save it these days.

Saturday started slowly because I felt pretty terrible. The girl and I headed to Marion to do some shopping and I rented some snow gear. Oh yea, by the way I'm off to the snow in a week. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing but I leave next Sunday to head up to the snow. I have been to the snow before with my parents but it was years ago. This time its going to be a bit of a blokes trip so that will be awesome. I cant wait and I have almost organized all of my gear.

Saturday night was going to be hectic. The girl and I had three 21st's to go to, a 20th and a going away. We did pretty well and made it to all of them but the going away. The first 21st we went to I didn't know anyone but ended up seeing a girl I went to school with. We never really talked at school but it was still good to catch up and see what she was up to these days. After that we headed down to the Bay for Elyse's 20th which we only stopped by quickly. It was still good to see her and the girls because it's been a while and we used to be quite close. It was then on to another of the girls friends who was turning 21. I knew a few people at this one and it was a bit of a laugh. It was my turn for a 21st and we headed to meet Rhys and the gang at Elektric Circus. The only problem was that it was 12:30amand the line up was huge. We couldn't get in through the VIP line because that was huge to so we ended up just heading home. I felt terrible because I couldn't hang out with Rhys and have a few beers but there wasn't much that we could do. The girl and I headed home and crashed pretty quickly.

Today was going to be a good day no matter what. We had spoken about going to see the new Transformers movie Friday night and I organized a few people to come see it with us today. In the end half the people were either too tired, too hung over or still drunk so it ended up being the girl, Layno and myself. It didn't matter though because we were seeing Transformers. It was incredible. I cannot speak highly enough of this movie and if you haven't seen it then go see it because it blew us away. Even if you know nothing about the old Transformer cartoons you will still love this movie. The special effects were absolutely incredible and the story line never slowed down. It was very easy to follow but wasn't too dumbed down. The best part of the movie apart from it being incredibly insane was the fact that it lead onto a second movie. Should be awesome.

All in all it was a good weekend. This week is going to be crazy but also slow because I can't wait to head off to the snow. I already have a million things to do this week so there will be more typing about that soon. Bye now.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Stormy Storm

Last night the dudes and I headed out to the Ed for drinks for Helen's farewell. We met Helen through Calvin and she has stayed in Adelaide one time before. She is a champion so it was really good to have her back in rAdelaide. I'm really sick of all these farewells but I think last night was the last one for a while. I felt bad because I couldn't get out of work to go and farewell Helen from the airport. It was sad, again, to say goodbye to a friend but I hope I will see her again soon.

I had a huge day yesterday. I dug a trench through a creek bed to create a deeper gorge to stop it from over flowing into some adjacent housing. I dug and dug and dug and dug. I dug all day and then I dug into the night until, even with the lights switched on on the excavator I couldn't see what I was doing. All up the trench was about 400 meters long so it wasn't bad for one days work.

When we got home last night, from the Ed, the girl and I started to play a game of Monopoly and I am in the process of beating her now. She is watching House so we are playing in the ad breaks..... and I'm back.

Today was a pretty good day. I poured a bathroom floor, cleaned up some rubble that I took out of the bathroom and then cleaned up some other rubbish. It was pretty windy this morning but not too bad but by about four this afternoon it had turned horrible. Tonight there are extreme wind warnings because there is a monstrous storm front coming in over the gulf. Apart from the wind, rain, hail and thunder, its quite a nice night here in my room.

I don't really have that much planned for tomorrow night but I'm thinking of cranking Mexican Friday night with the everyones. We have a few things to celebrate so it should be good. Let me know if you're down. Bye bye.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

My Big Nights

This weekend I drank a bit more than I normally do. Friday night we hit the 21st and then down to the Dublin for drinks for Elise's going away. It was good and I had a few drinks and an awesome yiros from Souvlaki Brothers. I know this is going to sounds weird but it was the first time I have ever bought a yiros. I have had bites of other peoples but never actually bought and eaten my own. How crazy.

Last night was big too. We started off at a 21st and ended up in town with a few people. There were a few dramas at the Havi but things kinda worked themselves out. We met back up with the group from the 21st but left pretty quickly to get a frozen pizza from a convenience store and headed home to cook and eat it.

Today was my day off and I had plans to do a million things. None of them got done. I got up late, watched the footy and did a lot of fuck all. I didn't manage to wash my car or head down the bay or do anything I had planned. Tonight should be good because the F1's are on in France so the girl and I are going to stay up and watch them. I'm excited, she isn't as much. Don't know why?

Bye now.