Monday, October 15, 2007

My Drug Bust

Today was non stop! I worked really hard in the morning to get the footings that we dug on Friday ready to be white ant treated by 9am. After that Dad and I put plastic down and waited for the reinforcing steel to arrive. It was meant to be there by about 10 but didn't arrive till 12 so we had to finish all the other little jobs. We brought all the steel in and then headed off to get another job ready at Glenelg.

When we got to the job we realized straight away that something was going on because there was three marked cop cars and 3 unmarked cop cars all parked around the house next door to the house we were working on. We walked down to see what was up and were told that it was a drug bust. The news crews were all there and they told us they had found 30 marijuana plants and a mountain of hydroponics equipment and cash. It was an odd thing to see but also pretty cool. I was so incredible disappointed because I couldn't take photo's because the battery on my phone had completely died. Damn phone! I heard on the news later that there were several other drug busts around the state and they arrested a few people. Pretty crazy.

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