Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Massive Election

Friday was a massive day. I had a really early start and a huge day. We had to lift one of our excavators into a job because there was no other way of getting it in and the footings that needed to be dug would have killed us if we had to do it by hand. Getting the excavator in was easy but getting the dirt out was the challenge. In the end I wheel barrowed 12.5 tonne of soil out through the house and let me tell you by the end I was beyond tired. On the last few trips my legs and arms and everything were very shaky.

I finished up at about 5 after working a good 11 hours and came home to regain some sense of anything before heading out for two of my good friends going away party. I have known Emma since I started school and Rhys since year seven so its been a long time. We started at Emma's house before trekking it to the Highway Hotel to meet up with Rhys and everyone else. I drank and talked to everyone and Drank and it was good. The night ended up down at the Dublin pub. I started a huge fight about pineapple with Matt and Az and even got the new bar tender girl involved but it was all pretty funny. Made it home at about 3 and was very very ready to sleep or die I wasn't quite sure.

I did wake up the next day but I wasn't that happy about it. By the time I actually knew what was going on it was 12 and I still felt terrible. A little bit hung over and very exhausted. It didn't do a lot for most of the day. The girl had to work early and finished at about 3:30pm so when she got home we made lunch and then went down and voted. We had big plans of hitting town but after we had tea and got dressed both changed our minds and just relaxed. We watched a bit of the election coverage but as you can imagine it wasn't very exciting. In the end Kevin Rudd won which isn't what I wanted because under a Labor government interest rates always seem to rise and I want to buy a house in the next few years but oh well there is not much you can do about it. The girl crashed pretty early but I stayed up and watched a movie called the Lost Battalion which was a really good movie in the end.

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Elaine said...

12.5 tonne!!!!!!!! oh I cannot even comprehend how you survived :(