Monday, September 27, 2010

My Sporting Weekend

How bloody good was the AFL Grand Final draw!!!! I could not believe how crazy that was. For those of you who don't know or didn't see it the Australian Football League grand final was on the weekend and the two teams, St Kilda and Collingwood, drew! Its crazy I know. The other crazy thing is that in AFL there is no time on or extra time, a draw is a draw and so they come back next week and play again. Another game, another 100,000 people and another million BBQ's around the country. I really didn't want Collingwod to win so a draw was the perfect result for me. Hopefully this weekend the Saints get up.

The other incredible sporting event of the weekend was the Singapore F1 race. I have been a fan of the F1's for a long time and I am the first one to admit that a couple of years ago the sport became incredibly boring. The passing was limited and the racing was boring but this year has been one of the most exciting years in history. Last nights race in Singapore was no different. The race is held under lights which provides spectacular cinematography but the race, damn it was a good race. Too complicated to be written down through my little mind but all I can say is three different races all rolled into one by the end resulting in Webber and Hamilton colliding, Hamilton came off second best resulting in Webber's championship lead increasing. I hope the next race follows the seasons trend and is as great as this one.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Hospital Visit

Well this last week was a wealth of excitement all building up to a visit to the hospital! The weekend was damn fantastic. I did a cash job Saturday morning before heading home to set up for my birthday party that night. It started out as a small group of people and ended up with around 25 to 30 people outside all having a good time. Many of you were probably there. It was such a good night and there were so many great people. Some I have known for a life time and some I met that night. The best thing about having a party at your house is the last hour or so when most people have left and you get to hang out drunkenly with four or five good friends. I enjoyed it immensely.

Sunday was sluggish to get started, mainly due to the throbbing inside my head. Domi and I decided to go out and spend some of the spoils of my hard day at work the day before. We toured round to a few furniture stores to buy some bar stools for in our kitchen. It would have been quicker to find Where's Wally but after three hours we finally found two that we liked. We did a deal and were all ready to take them home when the lady said "we don't have any in stock so they will have to come from Melbourne, they will be here in 2 to 3 weeks!!!!! 2 to 3 bloody weeks! Melbourne in only an 8 hour drive, I will go get them myself for gods sake! Not very happy but I guess thats the way things are.

Before we knew it the working week was back again and it was Monday, or Tuesday or something. I laid more concrete and dug more holes. Tuesday night though I had an accident. My hand got crushed. At the time I didn't think it was too bad but the blood kept flowing and the swelling kept swelling. That night it didn't look to bad so I left it and decided I would go to work the next day and see how it felt. By Wednesday afternoon it was badly swollen and I could barely move any of my fingers. I got home and Domi told me straight away that we needed to go to the emergency. Fearing it was broken/infected I agreed and off we went.

I have had bad luck in the past with breaking fingers and having them heal wrong so we went down and sat in the emergency room. We sat and waited and sat and waited and then were moved into another room where we sat and waited.  Finally after nearly 5 hours of waiting, 4 x-rays, 2 cokes and a packet of M&M's I was given the all clear. Nothing serious was broken but I had a nasty infection in one of my knuckles and that had caused a lot of the swelling. I was given a big box of pills and we were out the door. Thank god.

Its still pretty sore today and movement is very very limited but at least nothing is broken.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Turning 20-old

Well I know you all have been waiting months for this day to come around and its finally here. I'm now officially 24! I know its ridiculously exciting and but please refrain from making a scene like you did last year at my 23rd.

In all seriousness turning 24 is a bit like turning 20, your not a teenager any more and it's not your 21st its just another birthday. I spent the day toiling away at work and it was just another day. This evening Domi cooked me chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and feta, wrapped in prosciutto as well as a grilled Hallourmi cheese salad. It was incredible. Not a bad way to turn 24 actually.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My House Lukewarming

Last week was really varied with work. I did a whole range of things. One day I bored holes in the ground, which I later concreted and then sat a transportable building on, I also dug a hole in solid rock for a small pumping station to go in. It was a tedious job because even with our rock breaker I was only able to dig down in 200mmm layers. Very slow when you have to dig 1.8 meters deep! It was a bit of an odd week too because its almost starting to warm up but the rain is still being a pain.

The weekend was good. Really good. Domi and I hung out Friday night and were both pretty stuffed so watched the Aussie rules football finals as well as on of the first American NFL Games for the season. I really enjoy watching the NFL, its brings back all kinds of good memories from my times in America. All I needed was a Dr Pepper and half a dozen of my loud relatives around me and I would feel like I was back there.

Saturday as usual was spent tidying up the house. I worked meticulously outside on the lawns and the gardens and by the end of the day the whole place looked great. I was going to take photos but as usual forgot. I planted some plants out in the front garden and even though I thought they were weeds they have now grown, greened and flowered... bonus!

Good good friends of ours, Steve and Bridie just moved into their new home so we were off round there Saturday night for a first look and a early small house warming (lukewarm). We ate pizza drank and got very merry. The girl and I both felt horrible the next day but it was definitely worth it. There was some hilarious photos taken of the girls on the make shift dance floor.

We started Sunday really ridiculously slowly and drug ourselves out of bed to watch the movie U571. After that the day picked up a little. We shopped at Marion for a present for my mum for her Birthday, Domi finished some of her paintings and I watched a lot of TV.

We had dinner with my family that night for my mums birthday and the food was fantastic but the first beer lasted me most of the night. Bloody hang over. I'm getting to old to drink this much.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

My Laugh

There is no way you cannot laugh at this! Awesome.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Chili Night

Last night I decided had to be curry night. I had an average day at work so I thought I would make a green curry to lighten my mood a little. It turned out to be one of my better efforts, curry wise and I felt great after. The only problem I have with chili and any spicy food is that it makes me sleepy. I really don't know why it happens but any time I eat spicy food its almost like taking a sleeping tablet. I'm fine when I eat it but about an hour later its sleep time. I read somewhere that chili in particular clears your sinuses which allows you to sleep better but I can't for the life of me work out why when I eat it I fall asleep. I made it to 9:00pm last night which was pretty good but the day I had was hardly strenuous so I definitely wasn't tired from that. I guess its just my bodies excuse for being lazy.

So I guess that's my scientific conclusion for the morning, chili+me=lazy!

Friday, September 03, 2010

My Horridness

Today was horrible. Shit in fact. It rained solidly all day long and I was soaked from about 10am onwards. I was working for a Plumbing company digging a hole for a pump station and inlet and out let pipes so couldn't just leave when the weather turned sour. The guys I was working with didn't want to be there either so the mood was gloomy. We finally finished at 2pm and by that time I was soaked through to my jocks. Everything I was wearing or near was soaking wet. Not the most enjoyable day.

I got home and Domi being Domi had chicken noodle soup waiting for me. I just don't know how I put up with her sometimes. I showered, souped and everything was all better, well, except the weather. Its still violent and shit outside but at least there is beer and footy and warmth inside. Enjoy the storm ladies and gents.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My Weary Mind

Well I should write about something exciting or something interesting but I'm just not going to. I'm tired and right now I just want to type these words for a while before I head off to bed. Today was like any other day except it was the first day of spring. It wasn't a nice day though and outside now, its raining, raining really heavily actually. So to you Spring, not what I was expecting. No warm weather and no hay fever which was awesome actually. Anyway I'm off to bed for a date with Beverly Hills Cop and Domi. Byes

My Diversity

Yesterday was a day of dirt and dump trucks at work and then arts and crafts at home. We dug a sewer trench that was about 120 meters long which involved moving a hell of a lot of soil out and then a hell of a lot of quarry material back in. It wasn't the most exciting job but hey it was work. That photo was taken in the quarry where they cart raw materials around with those articulated dump trucks.

After work I arrived home to find my beautiful fiance Domi painting some paintings for our home. We shopped on the weekend for paints and canvas' so she could do some painting during the week. She is doing a couple different styles for different rooms in our house but also doing a couple for us to give Steve and Bridie when they move into their new home. This first one she has done is a bit abstract and is going into our study. I have to say, its looking good baby. Can't wait to see the rest of your works of art!