Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Post Post

Sometimes I think this blog becomes a bit of a burden to write in. Sometimes I think about something to write about all day and once I'm home and on the computer nothing will come out. Some days its all to easy and blogging seems as exciting as it did all those years ago when I started. I'm definitely not going to stop. I do enjoy it. Even if no one ever reads it or no one leaves another comment. I think I will always write something down on here.

My aim this year was to post more than I did last year and I think I will do the same this year. Call it a new years resolution if you will but its a good way to provoke motivation. I don't know if the post have been interesting but hey they are there so read them if you want. After all, I am doing this for me. Byes

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Wii Moments

One of the best presents I got for Christmas this year was the new Donkey Kong game on Wii. My lovely fiance Domi gave it to me and it has nearly been over played already, lol. It brings me back to my childhood playing Super Nintendo at my parents shack. The new game is very similar to the old, except for enhanced graphics and things like that. Its harder too, or maybe I have lost my nack? Awesome game though. You can borrow it sometime.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Late Christmas

Well Merry Christmas world. I know its a bit late for a Christmas message but I have been busy. In fact the last two weeks have been down right hectic. We have been ridiculously busy at work and have about 4 weeks work to do between now and the first week in January. Domi and I have been running all over town seeing bands play, seeing friends and having general fun and Christmas has been in the middle of it all.

Our red and green season started with dinner at my parents Christmas Eve. It was a food bonanza with everything from meat pie floaters for entree to a chocolate fountain for desert. We rushed away from mum and dads to catch up with some of our friends for a drink or two and exchanging of gifts. It was then up early the next morning for Christmas day brunch at our house with my family and Domi's family. Then a short nap in the afternoon and off again to Domi's mums place. She cooked tea for us Christmas night and it was a beautiful but extremely heavy meal. Damn I slept well last night.

I hope you all have had a hectic but fun Christmas. I can't wait for the new year to come. This last year has seemed to have flown by in a blur. Even though it has been a good year, it has had its ups and downs and I'm ready for a new start. bring on January.


Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Photo Sessions

 First up, mainly because its hilarious, my cat sleeping on my filling system.
 This is a shot I took of my ute inside a shed. Its blue.
 I went to work, I sat on an excavator and I knocked a tree down. That is all.
 Domi and I went for a walk around our are and we say this. I named it "Little truck on pile of dirt".
And finally this is our new dining room table and awesome Shag rug. Check it.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My Life on the Road

Some days are diamonds and some days are definitely duds. Lately I have had a couple of dud days. One day last week all I did was drive. I drove a fully loaded truck and trailer from a job site, to the dump, to the quarry and then back to the job and then repeated the loop. I managed to clock up 220km. Now that might not seem like much because in 8 hours you can drive to Melbourne but I did all that driving around town doing no more than 60kmph. Too much driving in something that weighs in at 45 tonne!

One thing I did notice while I was driving was that there is a fine line between the right age for a kid to have his face painted and a kid who is slightly to old and looks like a creep.

The weekend was a good one and a great break from the working week. I spent some great time with certain people who I haven't seen enough lately and also realized that spending time with certain people can really make you realize that you don't see certain people enough. Good times.

Well its this week again and I'm off and running. I poured a piece of concrete curb yesterday that was 45 meters long and it nearly killed me. Way to much work for one day.