Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Dinner and Freakish Coincidence

Last night Cat and I did our usual and got Mexican for tea and cruised around the bay. It was really great to catch up because I hadn't seen her for almost a month and a lot had happened in that time. We had our usual from the menu but when I went to buy drinks I ordered a Miller Draught, like I normally do, but the girl handed me something different and said try that. So I did. Apparently Millers have brought out a new beer and it was damn good. It tasted a bit like a Corona but it was a bit fruity. So I had that and a few conversations and it was a good night.

After we had eaten and cruised down to get coffee we walked back down Jetty road to go to our cars and I saw a guy hop off a bus and straight away I recognized him. When we were on our holiday in Perth we went down to Fremantle for the day and saw some of the sights. We caught the train down there and then caught one of their free buses around. When we hopped on the free bus for the last time to get back to the train station there was a group of people on the bus who had mental disabilities. They had lanyards around their necks with passes to a convention and they were with minders. One of the guys was standing up and talking to the bus driver and a few of the passengers. He was telling everyone about what he had seen and all the things he had learnt. He had an incredible memory for facts, which some retarded or autistic people do, and recited all these facts about different places. While I was listening to him he stated, "we don't have things like this in Adelaide" it caught me by surprise but I didn't take much notice of the fact that he was from here. Then last night who was to hop of the bus but the same guy. We has wearing the same stripy shirt and the same kind of dorky hat. It was really weird. 3000 kilometers apart and I see the same guy. Weird.



mental person otherwise known as cat said...

burgle burgle.

Ancient Clown said...

Blessings Bro:

I'm not sure if "Retarded" is is the right term, unless applied to Government of course. All that aside, I was wondering if you've ever seen a movie called; "I LOVE(heart symbol) Huckabees".
If you haven't I highly recommend you check it out, as it is not only very funny, it begins with a "COINCIDENCE" similar to yours (seeing the same guy in different places) and how it relates on an existential level.
Have a great day my friend. If you get a few moments, please visit my other blog if you haven't heard the latest news about RCMP murdering a polish man at the Airport...and then lying about it, until "home video" revealed the TRUTH.
We must STAND together lest we fall seperately.
your humble servant,
ancient clown