Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Slowness

Ok so yes I did promise pictures but I have been working from sun up till sun set and its hard to take photos of something when its dark so hopefully pictures tomorrow. Sorry but another quick post and I'm off to bed. Love you all. Bye now.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My 100th!!!! Plus Exciting News In My World

Oh My God. I cant believe I have posted on this weird thing 100 times. That's just crazy. This has to be a short post because I'm just about ready for bed. Work has been crazy and I have been running around all week and its only Tuesday. On another front I have some very exciting news but you will have to wait till tomorrow to hear and see what I have done.
Have fun, Bye now.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Big Weekend Minus Photos!

So that's pretty much what happened. It was a pretty eventful weekend but I didn't really take any photos. Quite dumb really.

Friday night started when the girl headed off for a trial period at her new job. She found out straight away that she had the job which was great. I headed down the bay to meet up with Sam. We had planned to see a band called Poetikool Justice at the Jetty Bar but Sam read the flyer wrong and it was the next night, lol. We chilled out with Nicole and had a few beers anyway before we headed over to the Dublin Pub to meet up with Hoggot, Elise and their cousin Marco. On our way in we ran into Steve and Ben which was cool because I hadn't seen them for a while. We chilled out some more and had a few gin and tonics. We soon got bored of the Dublin so Steve, Ben and I decided to head off home. While walking back to our cars we walked past the backpackers hostel which is down the bay. There is a bar underneath the hostel and it is normally pretty busy. I have walked past it a thousand times but never actually headed in there so we headed in. There was a jazz band playing and a heap of couches. It was pretty relaxed and actually pretty cool. We had a drink and then it was home time.

Saturday started pretty late with a phone call from the girl. She came around to watch the footy before heading to work again. It was a good game but tragedy struck and we lost. It was the preliminary final so we missed out on being in the grand final. Its ok there is always next year. The girl left for work and I headed down the bay again to actually see Poetikool Justice. I got down to the Jetty Bar and ended up meeting up with a heap of people because it was a friend of mines girlfriends birthday. It was awesome to hang out with a different group of people and it with Poetikool playing it made it a awesome night. After the band we headed back to the backpackers hostel again but it was super quiet so it was off to the Holdy to meet up with more people. There was a line up of about 6 people which took way to long to get in, lol. It was good though because I got to hang out with more people I don't see al that often and it was a very decent night. The girl and I finally got home around 2ish and crashed pretty much straight away.

This morning the girl and I were both a bit sluggish because apparently when you drink alcohol you get hung over or something. The plan was to get out of bed but it took longer than expected. Once we were up we headed out to one of the girls friends places so I could meet some of her friends and get the 20 questions from one of her very close friends mums. It went pretty well and we ended up having a few drinks and a pretty good time. The girl and I headed back to mine for tea after meeting everyone but nothing was planned so we just went out. I ate too much as usual and still feel a little sick.

Tomorrow is another working week so I'm sure there will be a few posts. Have fun. Bye now.

Friday, September 22, 2006

My Day To Day

Well yesterday was pretty full on. Work was crazy! We poured a driveway and I worked way to hard in the morning. We didn't stop to get breakfast till 12:30 so I was so hungry I ate a hamburger with the lot, a hotdog with the lot and then $2.80 worth of chips, lol. The afternoon was pretty relaxed as we just cleaned up and headed back to the yard. It was a good day in the end but it was tough.

After work I came home, showered and relaxed before the girl came round and we had tea. We both had to play netball and neither of us were in the mood for it. We won which was good but it made both of us very tired because the game didn't start till 9pm.

I didn't work today because my old man went out to the race track at Mallala to drive a V8 supercar. It was bad because the money would have been nice but it was good because I slept in till 11. Good on me. Bye now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Biggest Post About Melbourne Ever

This is it. The Melbourne trip. I had a great time and it was so good to spend a few days having fun with good friends. You can either read all of this or just look at the photos, lol.

Well we made it to the airport with about 30 minutes till our plane boarded so we decided to head to the Coopers Ale House which is the bar inside the airport. After watching some planes come and go and downing a few beers we boarded our plane. We had a few more drinks on the plane so we were ready to go once we landed.

Celeste picked us up and it was so good to see her smiling face again because it had been 6 months since last time we were in Melbourne. We rushed back to hers and headed straight into town. The first stop was The College Lawn. We couldn't find any college or lawn but we drank anyway. The footy was playing in the background and we kept getting glares when we cheered for the non Melbourne team.

Celeste and some of her friends soon tired of the College Lawn so we headed to a place called the Blue Bar. They served long necks which are 750ml bottles so I had one of those and chilled out on some couches. After all the drinks and the jetlag from the 50 minute flight we were tired so headed home and crashed.

Saturday started quite late and we decided that lunch was the go so we headed down to St Kilda to eat at a Italian place on the main street. The food was great but we ended up ordering way too much. I had the terrible idea that a jagerbomb would help us so we had a couple in a very dingy pub just down from the restaurant. After food and drink nothing is better than walking along the beach so we waddled down and took in some sea breeze.

The idea on the way back was that we needed some alcohol for the trip. We stopped off at a bottlo and bought some beer and different assortments of drinks. We ended up drinking a fair bit on the 25 minute ride home and were a bit tipsy by the time we got back.

Celeste is the proud owner of a pinball machine so after watching the footy on TV and eating way too much pizza again Calvin, Layno and I stayed up and played pinball till the wee hours of the morning while the girl, Celeste and Hoggot all got a good nights sleep. It seems slightly sad that three blokes would sit at someone's house and drink and drink and drink and play pinball till six in the morning but it was just what I wanted. It gave me a chance to hang out with Calvin and Layno which I hadn't done for a while because of my work, their work and Calvin going to uni. It was pretty lame but it was a good night in the end. I ended up with the Highest score so I took a photo.

The three of us were awoken Sunday morning by the three who had slept the night before after 5 hours sleep. I felt ok but was still a little drunk and very sleepy. The plan was to have Mexican for lunch and then head to the zoo. It was going fine till I had a beer at Montezumas. This made me feel terrible and it wasn't till I choked down my second beer that I started to feel ok again.

We headed off to the zoo which was an odd thing for me because I hadn't been to a zoo since I was in year 3 at school. It was fun to see all the animals but I was still feeling terrible and was starting to get even sleepier. A nap was the next plan but it ended up with us watching back to the future 3 until we were all hungry enough to decide on a place for tea.

We made a quick stop off at the Melbourne observation deck to take in the beautiful skyline. I visited the lookout deck last time I was in Melbourne but it was during the day and I have to say the lights were spectacular.

Italian food was on the plate again so we headed to Ligon Street which is the main street for Italian restaurants. The food was good and the ice cream after was even better. On the way home their was another call for drinks and the night started off again.

Back at Celestes again we watched some TV then decided on drinking games. I felt so bloated from all the beer from the last two nights so Layno and I decided to get gin for gin and tonics. They went down well but it didn't take long before we all became a bit lazy. There was a few more games of pinball and then it was time for bed.

Celeste and Adam had shopped on Saturday and bought food for a picnic so we made the easy decision of going on a picnic in the botanical gardens. The grass was wet so we ended up sitting on plastic bags which made it a weird experience.

Last time I was in Melbourne Layno and I had come over for the F1 racing. We had a day to ourselves when Celeste had to go to work so we walked around the main CBD. We discovered a cool bowling alley so we decided to take everyone there this time. I did really well in the first round and won but didn't fare too well in the second and bowled forty something.

We packed all our gear back into our bags and realized we couldn't take any of the alcohol that we had bought the previous day back with us. So with an hour till we had to leave for the airport we drank half a bottle of gin, a couple Jim beam and cokes and way too much beer... Between three of us. By the time we made it to the airport, Calvin, Layno and I were drunk again. We made it through all the security checks and had 15 minutes before boarding which left us just enough time for a beer at the bar.

The flight home saw another three drinks, a very funny flight and the end to a great trip. I got home, did nothing and then crashed.

I woke up this morning for work feeling pretty average. I was tired, maybe hung over and not real happy about work. We poured a small concrete pad and then headed out to pick up our new excavator. Its a bit bigger than we thought and only just fit in the back of our truck. On the way home we were just about to pass under a bridge when my dad looked at me and said, wow, I hope we have enough clearance. The bridge was 4.2 meters high. We made it. Back at the yard we decided to see how high the boom was sticking out of the back of the truck. It measured in at 4.1 meters!!!! Ten centimeters was way to close! At least now we know, lol.

That's it! I'm going to bed now. Bye

Monday, September 18, 2006

My, Oh My.

I'm back, I made it. I'm way to drunk to blog, and yes that is another story so you will have to wait until tomorrow for more words and even some pictures. Bye now.

Friday, September 15, 2006

My Up Up And Away

Ok so tomorrow is my birthday and im not all that excited but it will be cool to be 20. I'm flying to Melbourne tonight with Layno, the girl, Hoggot and Calvin to meet up with Celeste. It should be an awesome weekend and I am sure I will have a million photos to post when I get back. Just a short post because I haven't had a shower or packed yet and we are leaving in an hour, lol. Bye now.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My First Day Back.

Its weird how different routines affect you and how easily you can, in a way, become lazy. I worked hard last week and then had the weekend, Monday and Tuesday off because I didn't have any work and my parents were away so I couldn't work with my dad. This morning after having 4 days off I was quit surprised at how dopey I was in the morning. I'm not a morning person but normally it doesn't bother me and within a few minutes I'm up and ready to go but this morning I was groggy for a good half hour.

Work was pretty good. We just finished some things off and made some gear up for a job we are starting next week so I finished pretty early and am about to head to the Kentish Pub for a chicken Parmy with the boys.

Another highlight was that I received a few of the concert tickets that I have bought lately in the mail. I'm seeing Karnivool, Rise Against and Raised Fist in September and October so it should be a good few months.

I'm also still on 25peeps so keep clicking this link and this one to and click on my photo on the main page. Cheers

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Bath

I had a bath today. It was weird. The last time I had a bath was after footy practice when I was in year 7. That was a good 7 years ago and honestly I haven't missed them.

I stayed at the girls house last night and we chilled out and watched Die Hard which was pretty cool since I hadn't seen that movie for so long. We woke up this morning and she had the idea that we should have a bath since I wasn't working and we had plenty of time to relax. I said yes and that was that. I was nipple deep in bubbles and a little hot but that was ok. It was still pretty enjoyable.

After our bath I headed off to clean my house a little before my parents got back from Tasmania. They had been down there for the last 5 days for my mums birthday and I had to pick them up from the airport. They didn't buy me anything so I guess that was there way of telling me to grow up. They unpacked and we headed out for tea for mums birthday I brought the girl and my sister brought her new boyfriend Tristan. He is a bit of a dude so we get along pretty well so it was a good night in the end. Now I'm sitting like a pregnant women waiting for my body to digest all the food I just ate.
That's all for now. Bye.

Monday, September 11, 2006

My Memory

Well today is September 11, 2006. It is five years ago that the trade centre attacks took place and it still feels like yesterday that I was watching it all happen on TV with the sickest feeling in my stomach. It was such a surreal moment and looking back probably the worst moment in my life. At the time I had relatives living in New York and a cousin working in the pentagon so the images that were being broadcast to me and the feeling of not know if the people I loved were ok was a moment I will never forget. They say moments like these get burnt into your mind and this one was. Its one of my most vivid memories but not for any of the right reasons.

Five years later and so much has changed. The world in a way is in turmoil and there is no solution in sight. The western world keeps engaging in these wars on terrorism but nothing has changed. Only our opinion is changing. We are judging people and their cultures because of the actions of a few extremists and a wave of racism seems to be spreading. I do not know the answer to the problem our world is currently facing but the solution is definitely not hate.

I hope everyone takes a moment to remember how 9/11 affected them, then I hope you go on with your daily life because even though some things in this world have changed we should never live in fear.

My 25 Peeps

Ok guys I made it onto 25 peeps is a battle of the blogs and I need you all to please click on my link and then click on my photo on the 25 peeps homepage. If you do I will love you all forever.
Here's the link, click away.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Shower

I have a habit of having incredibly long showers. Its not that I ever get that dirty at work or anything its just I have a habit of doing a lot of thinking in the shower. Its my little place of thought. This morning I had a long shower.

Yesterday was a very relaxing day. I got up late ad just chilled out with the girl while watching the footy. The crows won by 30 points which made me happy and I wasn't all that stressed because Cat was listening to the game in Malaysia and telling me the score in updates because it wasn't live on TV. It was actually quite weird that my friend who is a few thousand kilometers away was giving me updates on a game that was happening only a few kilometers away. After the footy the plan was to go and watch Hoggot's sister band play at the Gov. I was slightly enthused with this idea but after sitting at Hoggots for a while I had lost a most of my interest. We got to the Gov at about 10pm just in time to see them play. I don't mind their music so I enjoyed seeing them for the last time because this was their last gig. After the gig we hung around for a bit and then decided to head to the Hope Inn which is where Hoggot works during the week. When we got there me and the girl had a bit of a fight about something stupid so it made the night a bit weird. We sorted it out but we are still walking on egg shells a bit. It was a weird night because different events made me realize different things about me and about the people who I hang out with. People change and I think I have changed a bit too. This morning I had a long shower.

Friday, September 08, 2006

My Working Days

For the last two days I have been working for a guy who does steel constructions. I bored a heap of holes for him earlier in the week and he asked my if I wanted to help there later on in the week because he needed someone with concrete experience. I said yes because I'm always looking for work but looking back now I wish I had of said no.

He has about 6 guys who work for him and I'm sorry but they barely have a brain between them. He hired me as a supervisor to tell his guys what to do so that the poles would be in the right place and at the right angles. In the end it was just me and 3 of the guys. One was quite helpful but the other two were more of a hindrance than a help. It was a weird thing being the boss of to guys in their 50s and one guys around my age when I'm only 19. The problem was that these guys did not care if the work got done or if it was right because they were just working for someone else. I had to tell them to do every exact thing and it got very annoying in the end. I ended up doing most of the work because the guys either didn't know what to do or didn't really want to. I have to admit it was a pretty crappy job but they didn't make it any easier.

I finished putting all of the steel posts in this afternoon and let me tell you I was so glad to be finished with that job. Every now and then you get shitty jobs. This one was pretty bad but I got it done and I learnt a few things about being a supervisor style person. Another week down and the weekend is on my mind. Bye now.

My Ups and Downs

Well this week has definitely been a weird one. It started off with the passing of Steve Erwin and just then I found out that one of Australia's most successful racing drivers, Peter Brock, was killed in a rally accident. Peter Brock is famous for winning 9 Bathurst 1000's in his career. Winning 9 Bathurst 1000's is like winning 9 Indy 500's and is truly an amazing feat. Peter Brock was one of my childhood idols and I even met him a few times at different races at Phillip Island when me and my family used to go there. His death came as quite a big surprise and I'm sure his life will be celebrated over the next few days. Another legend passes.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My 87th

Well this is my 87th post and I thought would post some statistics about my blog.

So far I have written 18536 words on this baby which I think is crazy. That's almost a book.

As I said I have posted 87 posts and all but 3 have started with my.

This blog is called the spud blog because that was a nickname for me that was made up by one of my friends. The name came about because I have scares on my legs from back in the day when I used to rides BMX's and she thought my legs looked like potatoes, hence spud.

My posts all start with My because nearly every name of every episode of the TV show Scrubs starts with My. I am a huge fan of the show and so I thought I would incorporate that into my blog.

Well that's all the facts and figures for now. Have fun.

My Big Chat

Last night I ended up chatting to my friend in Malaysia on MSN for a few hours. Its really weird because I used to be on MSN talking to people just about everyday when I was at school but the moment I finished I stop using it. I think I have probably been on MSN ten times in the two and a bit years since I have left school. Its weird how things change.

Today was an exciting day for a few reasons. Firstly my parents bought another house. It is on a large block so we are going to demolish it and build a warehouse on it, much like the others they own. Secondly me and my old man where looking at buying a 5 tonne excavator because we need something a bit bigger than the 3.3 tonne one we have now. We had looked around for a few but bought one today. He told me that he is still going to keep the 3.3 but the new 5 tonne one will be the one that I operate so that is pretty cool.
That's it for now. Have fun.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My 3 Broken Pipes

Today was another day and I earned another dollar. I did manage to break three pipes along the way though. I was working at a high school and my job was to bore 60 holes for a fence. It was going pretty well until I started boring holes near one of the buildings. The head builder had told me that nothing was buried anywhere near where I was digging. After about the 3rd hole I hit a storm water pipe, then later I hit a sewer pipe and then finally I hit a 2 inch gas main which was pretty dangerous but all good because I only just nicked it. It ended up being a pretty tedious day but its ok because I'm doing something different tomorrow.
Just a quick post cause god I'm tired. Have fun now.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Our Steve Erwin

Well today is the day that one of Australia's most famous icons lost his life. Steve Erwin was a loud crazy character and Australia was lucky to call him our own. He did amazing things for wildlife conservation in this country and he was truly a great human being. He died doing what he loved so that is probably the best way he could go. Good on ya mate.

My Bye Bye Pom Pom

Well today was another day at work. It was boring because I had to make some brackets for a job and I ended up drilling a million holes in different pieces of steel and that was pretty much my day. A friend of mine has had some English girls staying with him and so they have been hanging out with us a far bit. They leave tomorrow so tonight was their farewell. So fair well guys, I hope you had fun and I hope you didn't get too sick of all our English joke.
Pip Pip Cheery O.

My Pimpin

Well Saturday night was awesome. I ended up getting absolutely cut and having an awesome time at Bridies party. Thanks Brides, Happy birthday gorgeous. The night started with everyone coming to my house before we all caught a taxi to the party. The taxi showed up 25 minutes early and I wasn't even home at that stage so it made it interesting. The taxi guy didn't seem to mind waiting and was really nice to us in the end. It was crazy to see how all out some people went with there costumes. Mine was pretty bad but I still look bloody fantastic so its all good, lol.

The girl quit her job during the day on Friday so I got to hang out with her all weekend and at the party Saturday night which was great too.

Sunday I woke up feeling terrible and not so bad at the same time. It was weird. After I moved around a bit I was ok but for the first few hours I was very slow. Sunday really consisted of me just sitting on the couch with the girl watching footy and motor racing. I told her she loved it but I don't think she bought it.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Haircut

Today started with me and the girl heading down to the cafe at the end of my road to have breakfast with her mum and sister. It was really sunny and I was very squinty. I had to leave early to go and get a haircut and I felt rude but I couldn't do much about it. My hair is pretty short and when it gets cut its gets shorter... Sometimes. It looks ok so I'm happy. I get my hair cut at a pretty trendy sort of place and I think it is hilarious that everyone who works there is skinny and gorgeous and the girl who cuts my hair is the only fat ugly one, lol. I don't have anything against fat ugly girls I just think it is funny. She is really nice so that's all good.

I had to go shopping with the girl after I had my haircut and it was a challenge because I hate shopping for myself let alone waiting for someone else. I finally bought some hayfever tablets so I'm not so sneezey anymore. While I was shopping with the girl I popped in to see Steve and Rhys because they both work in that same store. We chatted about tonight because we are all heading to the same 21st. It is a pimps and hoes party so if I get drunk enough there may be some photos of me in my pimp suit and the girl dressed as a school girl. Interesting I know.
Well that's it for now. More as it happens.

Friday, September 01, 2006

My Poll

Ok so as I said I'm a bit bored so here is another thing to amuse me. Check it.

The best thing about the spud blog is...?
The awesome content.
The super cool dotted back ground.
Construction photos.
The world counter thingy.
Free polls from


Today is a pretty lazy day for me. I'm not working today because I have a million things to do but at the moment I'm wasting time on the computer. I got bored and took one of those online IQ tests. Try it its pretty interesting.
Here is what I got.

Congratulations, Phil!
Your IQ score is 135
Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas.

I think that kind of describes me. Let me know what you think.
Bye now.