Friday, October 19, 2007

My Financial Review

In the next few years I plan to buy a house and at the moment the housing market is a bit iffy. Interest rates are rising and so are housing costs so I have a feeling the housing market is going to come down. For the last 10 years in Adelaide the median house price has risen about 11 percent each year. If it doesn't slow down it's going to make it very hard to buy a house or block of land but hopefully it does slow. With the coming election and the almost certainty that Labor will win I do believe interest rates will rise again as they normally do under a Labor government but I don't know how long it will take or if this will affect the price of the type of house I want to buy.

This week has been tough. I worked by myself and with another bloke and it has really worn me out. It was hot on Wednesday and Thursday and it was the first warmer days that we have had. Its amazing how much the heat can take out of you. Even just a few degrees can make an easy job a struggle. Wednesday Benny and I had to steal up a foundation that we poured today. Benny was born in Tuscany in Italy. He has been in Australia for 50 years but his English still isn't that great. He is an incredibly interesting bloke and even though he is 68, he can still work just as hard, if not harder than I can. Wednesday was a long day and I finished late and got stuck in rush hour traffic which sucked. I was bored so I took some photos of random things and cars.

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