Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Week Back

This week has been crazy. Every time I get back from holiday it takes me a few days before I catch myself and realize whats going on. This week has gone already and I have just caught my tail. Work has been flat out and the nights have been about the same. Last night we all caught up for tea at Cafe Primo. Smithy, a mate of ours is back in town for a few days so it was a good catch up session. Smithy has a very different was of perceiving situations and his recollections are always hilarious. It was good to see everyone as well because it had been a good week or two since I had seen Tilney and the guys. After tea the girl and I headed out to Unley Highschool to watch Tilney and her team play netball. They lost but it didn't matter.

Tonight, since it was Smithy's last night in town, we decided to head into town. They all started at the Havy and the girl and I went in for a drink before heading home. I have to get up early early tomorrow so we only stayed for a bit. This weekend is already booked out and then double booked but I cant wait because this week has been quick but also dragged. Byes


Elaine said...

Have fun :)

The Noel Show said...

Thanks for the comment.

I'm waiting for my winter break to start after finals. I want it to come sooner, but at the same time need time to finish my work. It's a catch 22, I'm afraid.