Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Big Day Come Late

Its the Big Day Out tomorrow in Adelaide and I didn't have a ticket until today. Massive Woot. If you dont know what the Big Day Out is and you live in Australia then come out from your mushroom but if you live everywhere else then it is a huge music festival thats goes all day long and is reasonably nuts. This year the headlining bands are Rage Against the Machine, Silverchair, Bjork and Brand New. There are loads of other bands and a heap of Australian bands playing so its going to be an awesome day.

I had planned on buying a ticket ages ago because it normally sells out but I never got around to it and by the time I did, they were sold out. But yesterday I heard from Layno that a mate of his had a spare and it was mine. The girl got a ticket today from another friend so we are Big Day Outing it tomorrow. There is a big group of us going so it should be an awesome day.

Some of my best memories from the last few years have been Big Day Out days. I remember the first one I went too with Sam and Hoggot and I remember the last one I went to which was two years ago. Slipknot played that year as well as John Butler and it was an incredible day.

I cant wait till tomorrow and I cant wait to see Rage Against the Machine, Karnivool and Brand New. I just hope I don't get sunburnt like I do every year. I will take buckets of photo's so I will share them with everyone at a later date. Going to be awesome, might see you there.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Exercise

The girl and I have been exercising lately and its been good. I do weights every now and then but not enough and I want to start really exercising to try and get a little bit fitter. Its hard though because after work most nights the last thing I want to do is go for a run. The girl and I have been going for walks along the beach and things like that and I am going to start riding again. Just to do a few kilometers a night for something to do.

This week is going to be a weird hectic one again. With the public holiday Monday I'm out of whack already and I'm sure that will follow through till the end of the week. This weekend is going to be hectic as well. It starts a run of about two months where the girl and I have a 21st birthday every weekend. Its good to catch up at 21st's with everyone but after about the 7th one you just want to chill out at a house party for one weekend.

Tomorrow night I put the word out to everyone and we decided on a Kentish night so It's chicken parmy's here we come. Woot.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Ride

A few years ago Steve and I used to go for rides every now and then. With life being busy and us being lazy we hadn't ridden for over two years so it was about time we went for a role. We invited another mate, Dan to come along and after meeting at mine we were off. We rode down the beach front to the Brighton train station to catch a train into town. There wasn't a train for 25 minutes so we rode a bit further down the line to the Hove station to pass the time.

We caught the train into town and grabbed a few donuts for sustenance before heading down the Torrens river. We rode and rode and rode and eventually ended up at Henley where we rode back down the beach front through Glenelg and back to mine. It was such a great ride and it reignited our interest in riding. Along the way we saw a few fish, a huge cod that was about half a meter long and a group of goldfish that were about the same. It was weird to see a huge orange fish in the murky waters of the Torrens.

We stopped a few times along the way to stop and do jumps that other people had built. There was a great table top jump that me and Dan cranked and both managed to clear. Doing those few jumps also reignited our old days of dirt jumping and riding skate parks a bowls. On our way back to Glenelg we stopped at the West Beach skate park and cranked some dirt jumps and watched some of the skaters riding the half pipe. It was such a beautiful day and such a great ride. I definitely think it will become a more regular thing. The only problem is that for all of last night and today my ass has been killing me from my bike seat. My legs aren't sore at all its just my ass. I guess thats what you get when you ride 30 or 40 kilometers on a BMX bike. Oh well it was still awesome.

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Week

Damn this week has gone so fast but dragged at the same time. We bought a new tipper trailer so after work each night we have been working on that to get it ready to be sand blasted and painted so after work every day at 4:30ish we head to our workshop and do a few more hours work. Its been a long week actually.

I'm tired and I don't really know why. Really tired. I guess I have been working hardish and my sleeping hasn't been the best but damn I'm tired. I bought two lottery tickets and in the end won on one of them but I only won $13.15 so its nothing to really rant and rave on the internet about.

Tonight the girl was working a late shift so I headed out and had dinner with Tilney and her boyfriend Luke. We had a good old chat and some Mexican food and it was a good night. I'm tired so I wasn't in the mood for much else.

This weekend is the Australia day weekend so I have a bit on here and there but mainly a relaxing weekend with maybe the holiday Monday off work which will be nice. Woot woot!

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Life

I'm going to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow. I always think I should but never get around to buying one. I know it is one in six and a half million chance of me winning but I think I should just to see what happens. I might win ten million or I might win zero dollars along with zero cents but hopefully I win something. I may even end up being Australia's next multi multi hundredaire!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Farm Weekend

Its was a great weekend. Very relaxing. We lost the cricket which sucked but a few Aussies won in the tennis so that was good. The girl and I didn't do a lot. We just cruised along at the farm watching TV and playing Super Nintendo. We went for a few walks around a saw a few different groups of Kangaroos. There is a kangaroo living by itself right up near the house which is weird because they normally live in family groups. It sleeps in a grove of trees at the side of the house.

We went in to Victor Harbor Saturday afternoon to have a look around and to enjoy the drive there. We walked through the shops and I bought a can of Dr Pepper which is going down nicely right now. I have always been a fan of Dr Pepper and Cherry Coke and all those drinks but they are incredibly hard to find in Australia so its only odd little candy stores that ever have them.

There is a little carnival show that happens in Victor Harbor on the weekends so we walked through there and played one of the shooting side shows. The girl got four out of five and I got zero. Her father was a Commonwealth Games shooter so I blamed it on that. I have only shot a gun a few times so I guess my aim was a little off.

We got home tonight and relaxed a bit more and watched a little more tennis before watching Million Dollar Baby. I have to say that it was one of the saddest movies I have ever seen. It was fantastic and the storyline was incredible but it was sad, so sad. Such an amazing and unpredictable ending. I enjoyed it though. I think I might have to put an Adam Sandler movie on to cheer up though.

I put some scenery shots of the farm up on the Spud Photo Blog so check them. Byes

Friday, January 18, 2008

My Out

Thats it, I'm leaving. The girl and I decided to head down to the farm. Some people might say, another holiday? But I saw woot woot. This has been such a long week and its going to be soo good to just head down there and relax. Its going to be a big TV watching weekend I think. The cricket is into its fourth day in Perth and the tennis is in full swing so there will be plenty to not do.

I also bought a heap of old games for the super Nintendo on eBay so I will take them down and give them a whirl. Should be an awesome weekend. See you all Sunday.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Tough Tough Week

Its only Thursday but I feel like I'm one hundred. This week has been soo soo hard at work. I have been getting the space around a house ready to be paved and landscaped and its been tough. I have only been able to do some of the work with our machines and then the rest was all by hand. I dug a storm water trench half way round the house and then leveled the back yard all by hand. Every normal day at work I do physical things but this week has been constant for 4 days so far and I'm tired.

I have been staying at the girls house all this week and for some reason her internet isn't working which has made it a bit hard to post this week but I'm back. I don't know what other plans I have for the weekend so I think the girl and I will head down to my families farm/shack. Should be good to relax.

I put up a few random photos on the Spud Photo Blog so check it.

My Tune

Life, how good is life.

The music has been good lately. Its plays during the day and it sings out at night. Every morning I wake up to her little tune and I never get sick of hearing it. The days have been long and work has been tough, but the music has been good. The music has been really good.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Am Legend

The other night the girl and I went to see the new Will Smith movie, I Am Legend. It has been advertised a lot on TV and in the papers but the ads only showed small non crucial snippets of the movie and it was really hard to work out what the movie was actually about. In the end it was a great movie but definitely not a normal one.

The main weird thing about the movie is that for 75% of the movie the only character is Will Smiths character and there isn't a lot of talking. You spend the whole time in an intense concentration, trying to work out what is going to happen next. You barely notice the lack of dialog.

At the end of the movie I was almost confused whether I liked it or not but I have decided now that it was good. Some people I have talked to loved it and some thought it was a crappy zombie movie but I enjoyed it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Worry

Its weird how no matter how long or short it is a holiday is a holiday and no matter how short or long the holiday is, its always hard to go back to work. The last two days have been a struggle. Monday I had no interest at all and today was just as bad but for a different reason. The girl has had bad head aches and migraines ever since I have known her but lately they have been terrible. She has been missing a lot of work and hasn't been able to do a lot lately. Today she went to the doctor to find out what could be done. She had a CT scan to make sure there wasn't a tumor in her brain or something major but luckily that came up negative. It was very very stressful today waiting for the test and test results and I am so relieved everything is ok. She has been given some stronger pain killers and a preventative medicine so that when she feels a migraine coming on she can take it and it will relieve the pain. I hope it makes her life easier because its been a struggle lately for her.

I also put a heap of photos up on the Spud Photo Blog of my trip to Wallaroo and of a job we did today which involved moving a 20 tonne press, so check them out. Woot. Byes.

Monday, January 07, 2008

My Fishing Trip

The girl and I had planned to head up to Wallaroo Friday night after I finished work but I managed to take Friday off so in the morning the girl raced out to get her boat license and then we headed up at about midday.

For some reason I woke up Friday morning feeling terrible and felt average for most of the drive up. Wallaroo is two hours north of Adelaide and it took most of the drive and a hotdog from a place called tuckertime to make me feel better. It was a good drive though. The girl and I just chatted and listened to music.

We found the street the house was on using the girls phone which has a GPS built into it and arrived at about 2:30pm. We unpacked our gear and I got introduced to everyone and then we headed out to see the town. We went for a walk down the huge jetty and then saw a bit of the town and then grabbed some food and beer. Where we were staying was right on the marina and it was a beautiful spot. We ate tea and had drinks and chatted to everyone before hitting the sack around 12.

Saturday morning started really early to get ready to go out on the boat. I woke feeling dreadful again but soon felt better once I ate a ham and cheese toastie and then it was into the boat and off off and away. We headed out of the marina and up the coast for a ways before stopping and drifting for squid. I hadn't done a lot of fishing before so this was just about my first time. I didn't really know what I was doing but managed to catch, reel in and then lose my first squid. I caught one a short while after which made up for it. Then the day slowed down a bit. In the first hour we caught more than the whole rest of the day. The girl felt a bit sick because of the way we were drifting so we headed further out to sea and anchored so we could fish for Gar and I got bored. We didn't really catch any and it was starting to get really hot and I was losing interest. We motored out even further and spent an hour fishing for Whiting which we did not catch and by the time they agreed on coming in I was very ready to hit land. I didn't get sea sick at all which was good but I did get quite bored when we weren't catching anything. We got back to the marina at about 1:30pm and I showered and had lunch to refresh.

The girl and her dad went out in the afternoon for a few hours to catch crabs but I decided not too because I had lost interest a bit and it had gotten a bit rough so I didn't want to risk getting sick. They caught a few fish and a few crabs so they did alright without me. That night everyone was pretty tired from fishing so after eating quite late we crashed and watch Gladiator on TV.

Sunday, again started pretty early. The girls dad and uncle had planned to take us quite far down the peninsula to fish but the seas were quite rough so we split up. Her uncle went out with some of his fishing mates and the girl, the girls dad and I went just out of the marina to look for Gar and Whiting. It was pretty rough but not unbearable and to my surprise I didn't feel ill at all throughout the day. One thing was different though. About three minutes after the first cast, we caught a fish and that continued all day. We caught about 25 Gar, 1 Whiting and 2 squid before it got too rough and we had to head in a bit before midday. At that stage I actually didn't want to come in so it was a bit of a turn around from the day before. The fishing was good and I caught most of the Gar which was cool. The highlight was when the girls dad had a line in for Whiting but was helping the girl and I bait and untangle our lines. He wasn't paying attention to his line until the girl noticed it wiggling. He reeled it up to find a Whiting attached to the hook and a squid attached to the Whiting. The squid slipped off as soon as it hit the air but after throwing in a few squid jags we got it in the boat and it was a monster. It had eaten a bit of the Whitings head but I was told it was still ok.

We relaxed in the afternoon and the girl took a nap and then so did I. We left to head home at around 6 and were home by 8:30 after stopping for subway. I had a really good weekend, I was a bit nervous on how I would go being on a fishing trip when I don't eat fish, but I had a really good time. I got to know the girls dad a lot better and got to know her uncle Andy as well which was great. She has a good family and they were very welcoming. I am looking forward to heading up next year.

I will post some more photos over on the Spud Photo Blog tomorrow. Byes

Thursday, January 03, 2008

My First Week

This week, after new years eve and a day off has been hot and long. Its weird how having a day off in the middle of the week, especially when you are ridiculously hung over for it, can make the rest of the week crap. Its been a good start to the year so far and I have to say things are going well, so far.

We have had a big concrete pour on the go and have put down about 200 square meters in the last two days. We did a crossover and a water table which is the entrance to the block Wednesday and then the majority of the carpark today. We cant finish it until next week because they have cranes coming in to move some machines and they cannot drive over the fresh concrete so we have a half finished job at the moment. It has been a good job but the heat and long days have been a struggle. I still am lost when it come to what day it has been because as far as I am concerned there have been two Mondays this week. Weird.

After work tomorrow the girl and I are heading up to Wallaroo to spend time with her Dad, Aunties and Uncles to go fishing and relax in a house they have all rented. Its going to be a bit weird and a bit like there Christmas get together because I don't know a lot of them and most I don't know well. Its good though because its another holiday, lol, and I really do need to get to know her dads side of the family more. I will see how I go with the fishing side because I'm not a big fan of fish but oh well. Anything once.

I'm sure I will take a mountain of photos so I will throw a few of those up when I get back and conjure up some words in the form of sentences or writing or what ever I seem to do on here. Byes

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My 2007

Happy New Year all. Welcome to 2008! I hope everyone is feeling as seedy and crap as I do.

Last night was a good night though. I finished work early yesterday and was so damn happy about it. It was soo so hot and I was in the full sun for most of the morning and afternoon. I came home and relaxed before having tea and heading up to Bridies with Layno. We had to hunt down a few bags of ice on the way up and after stopping at 5 places finally found somewhere that wasn't sold out.

Upon arriving at Bridies we played goon of fortune which is something I haven't done since I was about 16. Its where you hang a bag of cheap wine from a clothes line and spin it round. Whoever the bag stops on has to drink. It was hilarious and a good start to the night.

We drank and talked crap and cruised along after goon of fortune and then decided to play some beer pong which is what you have to do on new years. The girl got there at about 11pm after she finished work a bit early so that was a bonus.

We brought the new year in with cheers a even a bit of dancing and then jumped in the pool to cool off. It was so hot last night and it was so good to have the pool and spa as a refuge. After a few more drinks a swarm of bees moved in and terrorized us for a while. It got a bit crazy and most people got bitten but it was all pretty funny.

I saw the sun coming up before crashing on Bridies floor next to the girl. It was a good night.