Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Anna Molly

Ok so Incubus' last CD was terrible in my eyes and I just got an earfull of their new CD and new single "Anna Molly". Its not the same as their old tunes but its pretty damn good. Check it out. Anna Molly

My Week, Till Thursday

This week has been crazy again. They aren't slowing down for some reason.

Monday... Well I don't remember what I did Monday cause I'm tired so just let it go. Tuesday saw me make a trip to The Ed. for Patrice and Hoggots birthday. It was a pretty good night because there was a large crowd there and its always good to catch up with everyone. Last night I headed down to the bay for Hoggots birthday tea with his family. We dined at a really nice Japanese restaurant and I quite enjoyed the food which for me is odd because I don't eat fish and am not normally a fan of Japanese food. Work has been flat out. I worked over 70 hours last week and I have worked about 45 so far this week. The early mornings have been killing me because I have been going out too late at night but hey what can you do. Here's our panel progress.

From this.

To This. We are pouring the 11th panel tomorrow.

Have fun now.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Addiction

Years ago a few friends of mine where into it. They used to go through a few packs a day. After only a short while I was hooked. Its been nearly five years now and I have only just kicked the habit.

It all started in year nine when Rhys, Dale and I were in the same class, 9.1. They had been chewing chewy for a while but I was new to the scene. I got started off on Extra. For me its always been mint. Now some people have strayed over the years and been on spearmint but I have stayed true to mint. In my later years I started chewing Eclipse because they are crunchy at the start.

When I was at school I used to chewy through two packs a day and the same goes for when I was at uni. For some reason now that I'm working I hardly seem to have any. In the last couple of weeks I haven't even gone through one pack which for me is amazing. From living with chewy in my mouth to none at all is pretty much like quitting smoking.

We all have our addictions, mines just different ok.

The gray kid +Tony Pierce at busblog +Alexisonfire

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Accident

This week has been full on. I have been working 12 hour days all week as we are trying to get as much work done as possible because we are a bit behind at the moment. I was working by myself today and it made the day even hard. My dad and I were just packing up at the end of the day and I managed to fall out of the casting bed. I went to step out onto a crate and it moved and I ended up falling flat on my back. The bed is only about a meter high but hot damn it hurt. I laid on the ground for about 5 minutes trying to get my breath back. After that I said fuck it and we headed home.

I also got burnt from welding. Its a tough life, lol.
(The photo is the casting bed I fell off.)

Monday on the other hand was a good day. I have been sick for the last few months and the doctor finally ordered a blood test. I went and had it done the Wednesday before, which was a challenge because I hate needles. The weirdest part about the whole experience was that the nurse held my hand to make it better. I felt like saying "lady I'm 20 this is just weird", but I didn't.

So I got the results Monday and for once in my life I was glad to have failed a test. The doctor told me I have had glandular fever but I am now over it which is good. He also told me some other interesting things. Apparently I have an incredibly high hemoglobin level, he said it is almost twice the level a normal person has. Hemoglobin is the protein that's carries oxygen in your red blood cells. He also told me I have very high iron levels as well which is another good thing. I'm not super man because I can walk but I'm still pretty damn good.

Well that's it. Bye now.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Good Pour

Friday night Layno and I headed into to Gouger Street to see some of the cars from the Classic Adelaide Rally. We ate at Hogs Breath which is where the girl works now and it was an incredible meal. The cars from the Rally where also very impressive and it had Layno and I wishing and wanting. There were a few 1950's Porsches and plenty of Ferrari's as well as some old Holdens and a priceless Lamborgini Contach which made us stare. My favourite was the white HSV model of my new car which filled me with envy.

Saturday we poured another of the wall panels for the warehouse we are building and it went 100% better than the first one we poured. We finished it easily and had enough time to get set up for Monday without having to work Sunday which I was happy about.

After working all day Saturday in the 30+ heat I was tired but still keen to do something so a few of us; Layno, Hoggot, Susi, Sam and the girl, headed to a friends of ours from school's house party. It was nothing too thrilling but it was great t see some of the people I hadn't seen for a while. We left early to head up to Sams house.

Sams house over the years has been a rarely visited spot for our group. That said the few times a year that we do head up there it normally ends up in a massive piss up with much fun had by all. Last night wasn't so much a piss up as I was driving but it was great to be up there again.

I thought it would be good to head to the best Mexican restaurant in Adelaide tonight, Montezumas, so I am. Bye now

Friday, November 17, 2006

My Week

This week has been flat out and I'm buggered. We have started pouring panels for the walls of a warehouse we are building and the job has been a bit of a mess so far. We are still in the planning and test faze of some of the panels so its taking more time than it should and this week has been a bit of a struggle.

The boys and I headed to the Kentish this week which was a first for quiet some time and it was really good to catch up with Calvin and Smith because I hadn't seen them for a few weeks. I haven't really been out all that much though because I have been working long hours and I have been tired.

A few major things have happened though ad that is that Cat got a tattoo and its Tilney's last exam tomorrow so cool and well done.

Tonight I'm heading into the restaurant that the girl works at to have tea with Layno and then to look at some of the cars that are competing in the Classic Adelaide Rally so that should be good. I'm working all weekend which is a drag but the money will be nice so yay.
By now.

Monday, November 13, 2006

My Thunderstruck

We had rain on the weekend which was actually an odd thing. It hasn't really rained here since the very start of our winter so over 6 months ago and it was weird to see and hear heavy rain. The rain came with an incredible thunder and lightening storm which was brilliant to watch. Most things on the landscape look a bit worse for wear so I hope this will green them up a bit.

The weekend was pretty mundane because I worked Saturday and was pretty tired and lethargic so the highlight was definitely hanging out with the boys at calvins and playing poker. It ended pretty late and I ended up coming third so I lost money but it was still a great night.

I'm still sick so I'm going to head to the doctor tomorrow. I have had tonsillitis symptoms for the last three months so I have a feeling I may have glandular fever but I don't think there is much they can do for that so I will just have to keep doing what I'm doing.
Have fun.
My Bliss, My Nirvana

God bless Kurt Cobain, God bless Dave Grohl and who the hell cares about the other guy, lol.

Friday, November 10, 2006

My Last

This is my all time favourite comedian, Mitch Heberg. Enjoy

My Foamy Fingers

I used a gap filler today to fill some gaps and now I have grey sticky stuff on my hands. I have washed them a few times now and it still wont come off.

Today was a long tough day. It was hot too and I got a little burnt. Damn this pale Swedish skin of mine. All in all its been a long week and I still have a day to go. I'm heading out for a bit tonight but because of the early start tomorrow it will definitely be a quiet one.

Today is Friday so its the last day of comedy videos. I hope you all enjoyed them.

Have fun. Bye now.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Big Day

Im bushed, lol, bushed. Well I am, so just a quick post. Here is Arj Barker. Enjoy

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My More Comedy

Demetri Martin Stand Up on Rove Live

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Lazy Day

Well today ended up being not what I expected it to be. Every few months we have a job where we have to clean out a few pits at a company called Fibrelogic. They make fibreglass pipes and when they cut them all the residue flows into these few pits. Its a chit job really because it make you so itchy but we change them so its ok. Today didn't go as planned.

We hired a large bilge pump to pump the sludge out and it died on the first pump. The rest of the day pretty much consisted of us sitting around and getting paid. You see the job is on charge up so even if we couldn't work we still get paid. Too easy I say. Money for nothing.

Have fun, bye now.
My Comedy Tuesday.

Here's Carl Barron on Rove Live. enjoy.

Monday, November 06, 2006

My Comedy Week

This week I have decided to post a different video each day of a comedian I like. Its really because I have been spending some time on youtube tonight but still, good on me.

Today was a weird day because I worked by myself and I haven't done that for a while. It was actually quite boring but I got the job done so its A ok.

I had a weird dream the other night. It had a normal beginning but ended up with me fighting with another guy about the fact that I had webbed feet and hands and could swim very well where as he had gills and could breathe under water but could not swim very well. It was an odd thing to wake up after such an odd dream but it was ok cause I was warm and cozy.

Just a few sentences. Bye now.
My Comedy Post

This guy is different. I thought it was gold. Noel Fielding

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Almost Girlfriend.

Its weird how other people perceive your relationships with people. I have a friend, Tilney, and we are very close. We hang out a lot and sometimes do things couples do. She has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend so there is nothing behind it but we do find ourselves on dates sometimes.

I started with the two of us heading to an Italian restaurant down at the Bay which we now call our first date, hehe. On Friday night we had out second date. I headed round to save her from another friend and her date for the night. I picked her up and we decided to have gelati. We headed into the store and asked if we could get a cup of gelati. The attendant asked if we would like a cone and I said it would be weird if we shared a cone. The girl found it hilarious which ended up a bit weird. We then decided to walk down the jetty an enjoy our banana, coffee and chocolate gelati... very romantic. In a way its kinda cool having one and a half girlfriends but don't tell either of them, lol.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My... Urgh

I'm stuffed. The last few days at work have been long and tough. I worked 13 hours yesterday and today I feel like I'm going to die. Its weird how much one day of work can take it out of you. I can barely lift my arms.

On a lighter note I ate 4 KFC Zinger burgers last night and it was good. Tonight people are heading over to mine because the rest of my family have gone down to my shack for the weekend. We will kick it here before probably heading down to the bay for a few drinks. woooord.

Bye now.