Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Eclipse

There is an eclipse on tonight at around 7:30 and I'm going to watch it. I missed the last one because it happened at like 4am so tonight I'm going to make use of the planets and watch it.

The weekend was good. We hit the Dublin on Friday night to welcome home some friends who had vacated Australia and toured Europe for six weeks. It was good to catch up with them and their crowd because I hadn't really seen them for six weeks oddly enough. I was pretty spent so I didnt hang around for long but it was still a good night at the Dub Dub.

Saturday night the girl and I started at Calvins before heading into town for a 21st. The 21st was for a friend of mine from school. It was a huge catch up session with people from school and I even got to hand out a heap of invitations for my 21st. If you didn't get one at Kathryns 21st dont dismay yours is on its way.

This week has been pretty relaxed at work. We have been working up in the hills at Sterling and the whether has been incredible for a change. I dont know what work has install for me for the rest of the week but this weekend will be good with a heap more birthdays and fun fun...ness. Bye byes.

Friday, August 24, 2007

My Friday Band

I am so glad the working week is over. The weather has been beautiful all week and work has been good but I'm so glad its the weekend. Work today dragged. We poured a small concrete slab but forgot half of our finishing tools so I finished a bit and then sat around while dad finished the rest. It wasn't very exciting.

Today band is Raw Ether. They played with The Lost Show last weekend and I have been cranking them since. As I said before they remind me of the Queens of the Stone Age but a bit more ballsy. They have a really good style and are playing a few gigs in the next month or so.

This weekend I have a few different things going on. I have a 21st Saturday night which will be good because its a different crowd. I have finally organized my 21st but still need to send invites out so that another job for the weekend. Anyway gotta go to a welcome back party. Should be good. Bye now.

My Lost Post

Alright so last night Blogger died for some reason and I couldn't post so I missed out on my band Wednesday but I will make up for it today with an up and coming band, The Lost Show. The members of this band include friends from my school days and ex-band members. They are an incredible live act and are really starting to build a following.

I have seen them play all but one of their gigs and every time they sound better. They have plans to get a EP out sometime in October and I was told they had recorded the drum and some of the guitar tracks so that sounds like it is really coming along. If you ever can, get to one of their gigs because you will not be disappointed. Check them out, The Lost Show.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My New Want

Yesterday was an awesome day. Holden released the new model VE ute. I own a VE sedan but now really want a ute. They look amazing! It has been a much anticipated unveiling and they did not disappoint. The ute comes in a lime green which on any other car would look ridiculous but I think it is damn hot. I also cant wait to see it in the orange like my car. Here is a nice video.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Band Week, Day Two

Alright so todays band is something different. They are a local Adelaide band called Poetikool Justice. They have a funky ska sound and are recording a new album at the moment. I have seen them play live a few times at different venues and they always get the crowd fired up and dancing around. They combine horns with punk music as well as hip hop style lyrics to come up with an awesome sound.

Its been a while since I have seen them play but with their cd coming out soon I'm sure they will be playing even more gigs than they normally do. If you get the chance definitely go see them play live because its an experience.

I read an article today about how scientists think that in 50 years the redhead gene may die out. There are approximately 2% of the population who are ginger nuts and that number is dropping fast. I think this is quite funny because someone has actually studied this. I the world needs red nuts so lets try and bread them, lol.

Bye now.

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Band Week

Alright well I'm keen on a heap of different bands at the moment so this week is going to be my band week. Its mainly going to be people I know but there will be some other random bands in there too.

Todays band is a mate of mine, Harry's, new band. They are called Sidewalks and they have just recorded a few songs that are up on myspace at the moment. They are planning to start gigging soon and if Harry's prior form is anything to go by they will be incredible live. They are cranking an Indie sound and have two great songs already.

I went to school with Harry who is the drummer for the Sidewalks. He was two years below me and I even got the chance to play a gig with him back in the day. He was playing guitar in his old band and I was playing bass in my old band. I can see this band going pretty far because they have an awesome sound. The word will be spread when they start gigging.

Get onto these guys and have a listen and let me know what you think. Sidewalks

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Gig Nights

This week has been a good week for gigs. Tuesday night the girl and I headed out to see my friend Cholas and his band Ibis play in a battle of the bands competition that was held at my old uni. It was the first time we had heard them live and they were very good. The other bands in the comp were odd. There were a few guys who studied different instruments that came out and jammed. It was a very odd combination of music and at one stage there was just two bass players and a drummer. It was a good night though.

Last night I invited Hoggot, Layno and the lovely Tilney to join the girl and I for tea before we headed out for the night. We made a lot of pasta and then headed down to the Seacliff to see a friend of ours from school. She is moving up to Ceduna to live and work with her boyfriend so it was a bit of a farewell. It was good to see her because I haven't seen her a lot since I left school.

After we said our goodbyes we drove into town to see the boys from The Lost Show play at Enigma. They sounded incredible. It was the best show they have ever played and it was good to see a pretty decent crowd there as well. They played with three other bands but the highlight of the three were a band called Raw Ether. The Lost Show boys always put on an intense show but because Enigma bar is a smaller sort of venue it made it so much more intimate. The show went off and I was very happy we went. Everyone got into it.

It was a really good night because it was chilled out and I was out with all of my mates. I used to head to gigs just about every weekend and last night made me remember how much fun it was. I cant wait for the next Lost Show gig and hopefully I will see you there. Bye now.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My 4.0

The girl and I went to see Die Hard 4.0 on Thursday night and although it was an incredible movie and the special effects were awesome, I was a little disappointed because it didn't really follow on like the other Die Hard movies. Don't get me wrong it was really quite good but it just didn't feel like a Die Hard movie. Oh well.

Last night the girl and I were double booked so we headed out to tea in North Adelaide with a few of her friends and then Headed up to Susi's house to hang out with her Mum and Sister. Susi and Telf left for England almost two months ago and it was good to head up and just hand out at her place. It was weird because she wasn't there but it was still cool to have a few drinks and chill out with her sister Kate and boyfriend Matt. We got a phone call from the girls about halfway through the night and that was definitely a highlight. I have messaged the girls and few time since they have been over there but last night was the first time I have talked to them on the phone and it was so good to hear how much they are enjoying everything. They are working in a castle which sounds pretty awesome.

Tonight we are heading to a farewell and then out to see The Lost Show play a gig in town. Should be an awesome night. Bye now.

Monday, August 13, 2007

My Practise

In my line of work the first thing you learn is how to look busy. You learn that as soon as you arrive on the job site you walk around and point at everything. If you are pointing and measuring people wont realize you are talking about where to go for lunch. The busier you look, the less you have to do. If you have your hands in your pockets you are definitely not busy. If you have a shovel or any type of tool in your hand then people think you are doing something or at least about to. Its actually quite easy to convince people you are busy. I'm not lazy and I do work hard, but when I'm not working hard at least I look like I am.

Haha, bye now.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Nail Of A Time

Work this week has been pretty boring. I have been working by myself a lot so its pretty uneventful. The most annoying highlight would have to be where I was loading a heap of timber and rubbish into the back of out truck when I stepped on a nail that went through my boot and through the webbing of my second and third toes. After a lot of swearing and yelling I got back to work and finished loading the rubbish into the truck. I had to get into the back of the truck to push some stray pieces of timber back in and while I was walking around in the back I stood on the same nail. This time it went through the webbing of my third and forth toes. I was not very happy.

The week was pretty quiet, I hit the bay with Tilney and Had Mexican and ice cream like usual. I managed to honk my horn and scare the crap out of her so that was pretty funny. The next night Cat and I hit the Bay for Mexican and I got some weird looks at Montezuma's because I was there two nights in a row with different people. It was damn good Mexican both nights though.

I had planned to go out Friday night but got home and watched some TV before falling asleep on the couch and waking up at about 8:30. After I made tea I decided it was just about bed time so I watched the footy and crashed.

Last night no one really had plans so I thought we could chill at mine and have a few beers and watch the footy but we ended up doing that up at Sam's house. It was a very relaxing night and it was good because I didn't spend any money. After the snow and everything else I really need to save my money for the next few months so if I go on a spending spree again tell me to become a hermit or something.

Bye now

Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Fight Night

Work last week was quite boring towards the end. The job we are on at the moment involves us demolishing part of a house and removing everything outside to clear the block. Its been a slow process so far because of the whether and its starting to get tedious.

I couldn't wait for the weekend to come because I had a few things planned. Friday night I planned for everyone to go to the Highway Bar. I had never been there before and I had heard it was really nice after they had done it up so I thought it would be a great place to chill out and have a few beers. We watched the footy and laughed about everything. One of the highlights of the night was hearing Cat point out that an old ladies G-string was showing. The funny part was that she called it a G Banger and I had never heard her say something like that before. Made me chuckle.

Saturday I had planned to do some work at one of our yards but couldn't be bothered and just washed and cleaned my car. It was absolutely filthy and looked awesome after I had cleaned it. The girl washed her car too and after we were done we headed down the bay to do some shopping before heading to her house to get ready for the night.

We got ready at the girls house and waited for the taxi to take us to the Edinburgh Hotel for Ben's 21st. I put my new jeans on that I had bought earlier and decided that I looked damn good. The taxi showed up and we got in and headed off. Its was an interesting drive because even though it was raining quite heavily the taxi driver drove most of the way with his windscreen wipers turned off. I couldn't see anything out of the windscreen so I don't really know how we got there without crashing but we did.

We walked into the Edinburgh and everyone was there, we drank beer and chatted about everything. It was a showdown weekend with the Crows playing Port Adelaide. We were all watching the game quite intently but luckily the Crows won in the end. We drank some more and then decided to head into town for a few more beers. Thats where the night got interesting.

Ben had organized a mini bus to take us into town when the Ed closed so we all headed out the front and as soon as a mini bus arrived we all jumped in. Another group of people came up and started saying it was there bus. In the end it was there mini bus so we started to get off. One of the other guys thought it was his duty to make a scene and started abusing us and saying that they had won the bus and we were all losers. It was annoying but none of us really took any notice of him, until he said something to the girl. It was nothing major and at least he didn't swear at her but it annoyed me so I turned around and had a go at him. I wasn't looking to start a fight but I just said to him to get on the bus and not to say rude comments to my girlfriend. While I was chatting to him he turned and said something quite rude to another mate of mines girlfriend. Thats where it started.

Steve, the girls boyfriend through the first punch and hit the guy a few times and it just escalated from there. I threw a few punches and but got hit in the face and in the back of the head but it wasn't anything too bad. The other group realized they had picked the wrong people to deal with and got on the bus and left. After our little dust up we too got in taxi's and headed into town.

We got into town and had a drink at the Bar on Gouger but the girl had to work today and I was pretty stuffed so we headed off and were home by about 2am. Today the girl left for work and I continued to sleep till 12. The day was pretty lazy and we just chilled out at hers before coming to mine. This week is busy already so it should be fun. Bye now.