Monday, September 17, 2007

My Trip and Being Back

Well it wasn't really a trip but it was awesome to get away. The girl and I left town Thursday night. We hit Maccas on the way down for some cheeseburgers because we were starving and didn't pack a lot of food. Once we got down there we cooked some packet pasta just to last us through till we shopped in the morning. It was such a relief to be out of town and relaxing by the open fire. We chilled out and watched TV that night and then crashed pretty early because we had both gotten up early for work that morning.

The weekend was very relaxed. We didn't do a lot. We just sat by the fire and watched TV, played video games on the old Super Nintendo and played monopoly. We shopped on the Friday and bought a heap of junkish food that we ate too much of all weekend but it was still awesome.

On Saturday nigh the two of us got quite drunk just for the hell of it and when the clock turned 12 we celebrated my 21st. We even lit sparklers. Very funny.

We woke up Sunday morning and decided to head back to town. There is now phone reception down there so I got a barrage of messages wishing me happy birthday which was nice and then we were back in town. Hoggot came round and dropped off one of my presents which made me laugh. For my 16th birthday I had a massive party at my house and Emma, a good friend of mine was coming round. She did not want to come without any sort of present so she grabbed a coffee mug that had written on it, Never Never Never Give up. It was such an odd present and from then on people always give me coffee mugs with weird slogans on them. Hoggot managed to find one that said, A tonne of fun, 21. I thought it was gold.

Sunday night we decided that going bowling and then down to the Dublin was an appropriate way to celebrate a 21st. So thats what we did.

Today I didn't go to work because well, I'm 21 now and I don't need reasons. I chilled out with the girl this morning before she went to work and then did a heap of odd jobs. For tea tonight Cat came round and we cooked enchiladas. They were awesome and for the first time in a long time we ate so much that we couldn't even fit desert in. Crazy town!

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