Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Fifth Year Of Happiness

Today, five years ago, Domi and I started our relationship. It has been an incredible five years with many highs and lows, with many of the lows outside of our control, but they have been the best five years of my life. We have accomplished so much together and I am so incredibly lucky to have her. I honestly can't believe it has been five years, it only seems like yesterday that we were both living at our parents places driving across town to see each other at night. I think we both knew from the start that our relationship was serious and I cant wait for next year when I get to call her my wife. Happy anniversary my angel. You always have been and always will be, the love of my life.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Pizza Feast

Last night on a spur of the moment decision, Domi and I decided to make pizza's for tea. We used to make them all the time when we first moved into our place but haven't for what seems like forever. Damn they were good to. After making all the dough and everything, over eating like crazy and washing up, both Domi and I were in bed by 9PM. Haha, god we live a life of excitement.

At work we have been pouring tilt up concrete panels. Its basically where you pour concrete slabs in a pile and then tilt them up and use them for walls. Its no a bad job but its ridiculously tough on your body because it is a lot of work at awkward angles. So far we have poured three and only have about 20 to go... Blah.

Also here is a photo of some tight parking I did the other day in the truck. I had to back down the driveway of a house and even though you cant see it in the photo, the back of the tray of the truck is actually touching the brick wall of the house. A very tight spot.

Bye now.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My lazy Sunday

Right now I am doing just about my favorite thing to do on a Sunday. I'm sitting at home in front of our fire, eating cookies and drinking coffee, while watching the Formula One race in shanghai. It's turning out to be an amazing race with many different strategies mixing cars and teams up. I know it's a bit bogan but nothing beats watching motor sport on a Sunday.

We had a really great day yesterday down at Mclaren Vale for Susi's birthday. We drank wine and ate cheese out in the beautiful sunshine and it really made us realize how good life is. We left the Vale and headed back to Susi's for pizza and more booze. Even though I didn't drink that much last night and my head was very clear this morning it's still great to have a lazy Sunday. Hope you enjoy yours.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

My Time Travel

Sometimes I forget about this blog. I do. Its almost as if I travel forward in time and then all of a sudden I haven't written in here for weeks. It has actually been a full on couple of weeks. Work has been good then shit and then good and a bit shit but life has been awesome.  In the last few weeks we have seen some great live music, spent some awesome nights with good friends and also footy season is back so that's in the mix too.

After all this time I don't have that much to say which is odd but oh well. I have been enjoying myself lately because I have discovered a whole heap of new bands. There is nothing better than finding a new band to listen to after you have felt bored with your music collection. Here is a song. Enjoy