Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Big Sneeze

This morning I woke up feeling pretty average. My nose was a bit runny and my head was all stuffed up. I thought to myself, I know this feeling, Bloody hayfever! I searched my medicine cabinet thingy but I had run out of the anti hayfever tablets that I normally take so I had to tough it out. I was pretty fine once I got going but I had this feeling that I was going to sneeze. This sneezey feeling lasted till 4pm this afternoon when I finally sneezed, all over my arm. It was lovely and I even contemplated taking a photo and posting it on this old blog.

It was 26 today so it was great to be outside. I didn't think much of the heat but it was enough for me to get sun burnt. Nothing bad I'm just a light shade of pink. I'm one of those people who can pass a bright light and get a bit of a burn. It sucks though because I never really seem to tan. I'm permanently pale. Damn should have called my blog that. Stupid potatoes.

Last night me and the girl watched Underworld and I have to say for a vampire movie it was pretty good. I fell asleep a few times cause I was rooted from work but I don't think I missed anything too important cause I liked it anyway.
Bye now.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Something Year Old Friends

Its weird that when you have a group of friends, birthdays seem to gather around only a few months. Last night was Steves birthday, Thursday is Layno's birthday and mine is in a few weeks. Its weird but great at the same time because its a good excuse to go out. Last night we headed to the Ed for a few drinks for Steve and I stayed out way too late and I was so tired this morning. It was one of those mornings where 30 seconds more sleep sounded like a weeks vacation. Once I was up and about I was ok but I thought I was going to die for a little bit. Today was the usual really, nothing too exciting happened and not a very interesting job to take photos of so I guess you guys just have to put up with text. I'm going to have an early one tonight and head to bed soon so I guess that's it for a while guys. Bye now.

My Big 1000

Well today my counter says 1000. That is pretty cool. Its not accurate because I added it a month or two after I started posting on this crazy internet but it is still pretty damn cool. This is my 76 post so I'm looking forward to seeing the counter pass 2000. Thanks everyone who comes here and thank you to the people who comment. Talk later k. Bye now.

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Sunday Sunday

Well Sunday was The girl and I's 4 month anniversary. She bought me footy tickets as a present so we woke up Sunday and headed to AAMI Stadium for the game. The game was the Adelaide Crows Vs. Port Power. I go for the Crows but unfortunately we lost. I blamed The girl but she said she had nothing to do with it. Even though we lost it was a good game but we were unlucky because the Crows suffered some bad injuries. One players knee bent to the side and there was a head clash between a Port and Crow player which left the Crows player with a broken jaw and a lights out attitude.

After the game we headed home and relaxed for a bit. We started talking about how comfortable you can get with someone after only 4 months. We also talked about how our relationship didn't feel as new anymore and it was getting pretty smooth. It was at this point that I broke up with her and immediately asked her out again so that we were a new couple again. Technically today is our one day anniversary. I hope we make 4 months.

After our chat and we decided that we should definitely get Chinese food for tea. We headed down to the Precious Pearl which has to make the best Chinese food in the area and bought way too much food. We ate and ate and ate and then felt terrible. It took longer than we thought so we ended up late when we meet Calvin, Anouska, Helen, Layno and Hoggot for bowling. I still think bowling is nerdy but its fun so who cares. I did well in the first game but in the second game I bowled a gentleman's 64.

After the joys of bowling I decided to spend some money. I had the idea a few weeks ago to head to Melbourne for my birthday. I have a good friend in Melbourne and if anything it is just a good excuse to go and see her but we will say its all for my birthday because, well, I'm awesome. I bought the tickets for Hoggot, Calvin, Layno, the girl and I so now I'm broke. Well technically my credit card is broken. Its all ok though because the weekend will be crazy house.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Picture Qualities

Ok admit its beautiful. I took this driving home the other night. Its a picture of the sunset above the Brighton Jetty. I love it. Have fun.

My Weeks End.

Ok so my working week is finally over, phew. It definitely has been a long one, and I'm glad its over. I have only got one day as a weekend so I'm going to have to make it a good one. Tonight looks promising too, with people coming round to my house in about 30 before we head down to the bay. There are drinks to be had and the night is young. Tomorrow is the girl and my 4 month anniversary and she bought me tickets to the footy. It should be a great game because its the two Adelaide teams against each other so that's something too look forward to as well. I bought her tickets to Melbourne to celebrate my birthday but don't tell her, lol.

Well work has been crazy so I thought I would let everyone know what I have been doing since Wednesday.

Wednesday started early as always when we are pouring concrete. It was bitterly cold so I wasn't completely happy to be outside but it soon got warmer as the day went on. We got the concrete in pretty easily and it wasn't hat hard a day. The first photo is just after we had filled the beams and the second photo is of my dad (on the right) and the two Italian concreters we use, Benny and David.

We do a lot of work for different factory's around Adelaide, some of the jobs are good some are terrible. Thursday was terrible. The factory we were working at is called Fiberlogic. They make high pressure pipes out of fiberglass, using a special method that was developed only a few years ago. I would go into detail but it would bore people more than these pictures, lol. When they make the pipes they have to be cut and have grooves put in them and they use water as a lubricant. All of the waste water and fiberglass is put into pits where it settles but the pits are too big so the process does not completely work. Our job was to dig out 35000 litres of fiberglass slop. It had the consistency of honey and it made me itchy as hell!!! Below is a picture of some of the pipes at the back of the factory.Friday, Saturday

For Friday and today we did another factory job. We had to put a pit in for a new machine at a tooling company. They make plastic injection dies for companies all over the world. The pit we put in was tiny and only took two days all up to dig out, poor the base and poor the walls. Below is a picture of the steel that we put into one of the pits we did last year. It was 3 metres deep opposed to the 40cm one we poured today.
Well that was another huge picture post. I hope you guys like these. If not tell me I'm crap and I will stop, lol. Well have a great weekend and I'm sure I will see you soon. Bye now.

Friday, August 25, 2006

My Lazy Lazy Blogging

Wow is been a long time since I have posted, sorry guys I have been flat out with work and life really. I'm just posting a quick reply now but I will do a big picture post of the jobs I have been doing lately cause a few people seemed to like that. Anyway its Friday night and I'm going to head into town for a while for a girl I went to school with's birthday. I have to work early in the morning so I wont be out too late.
Well just a quickie. Have fun.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Job

Ok so at the end of last week and the start of this week I started a job and have pretty much finished by my self. I don't mind working by myself because I seem to get a fair bit done when there are no distractions. I thought I would post some photos of how the last few days have panned out at the job at 33 Park Terrace.

The first two days I spent digging trenches and the final result can be seen. The block is lower than the house so the trenches only had to be 200mm into the natural ground so the digging was quite easy.

Monday started with me waiting for a bloke to come and spray the ground to repel white ants. After he was done I put some plastic down to get it ready for steel.

I then cut my arm on some steel.

Monday I got all the beams steeled up and then spent about an hour in traffic driving home.

Today was another big day. I started early and put all the waffle pods in before putting double mesh on the whole site. The waffle pods are Styrofoam blocks that we use instead of putting rubble back into a job because all the dirt and rubble had to be taken out and brought in by wheel barrow. With the addition of two layers of mesh it makes the whole mass of concrete free standing. This takes all of the load off of the waffle pods so they are only used when the concrete is wet and are just lost form work once the job is finished.

Well that's about it really. That was Thursday, Friday, Monday and today. We poor concrete tomorrow so stay posted for a picture of that. Exciting I know.
Well take it easy guys. Bye now.

My World

Well since I have been posting photos lately I thought I would take some photos of my world... Meaning my room. First up is my desk and computer where all this blogging magic is written down... on keyboard. Notice the super cool periodic table that is

The next one is my cd collection. I have too many cds and I have wasted too much money on cds, but I love music so I keep buying them. They are all my favourite so good on me for having good taste. There is also a lot of cluttered things on my desk and they have tended to live there for a few years now.

The last photo is my room. Its very boyish, I know, but hey I'm only 19 and I like cars. I also have black curtains which is odd because in no way am I goth. I have a million photos and a million posters. I ran out of space on the walls so I started sticking posters on the roof but stopped when they kept falling on me in my sleep.
Bye now

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Big Night Out.... Again

It started out the same as my nights have been starting lately with me thinking to myself that I didn't feel like a big night. My mind soon changed after I had a few beers.

We started the night by heading to my mate Joffie's 21st. I meet Joff a long time ago when we used to skate at Cumberland skate park. The party was a bit weird because his friends were a bit different but it was ok. We didn't stay long and then headed into town to meet everyone.

We got into town and headed to the London Tavern, which is where the girl works, and met up with Calvin and his friends and Tilney, Elyse and there friends. The girl was feeding me drinks for free so I was having a pretty good time. The highlight of the Tav was when we stole a both from too fat girls by sitting down with them until they got uncomfortable and left. It was an odd thing to do but we wanted to sit down.

After the Tav we headed to the Balcony Bar which I had never been to and still haven't because we couldn't get in so we headed on over to the Oxford to see our mate Smithy and have a few drinks. I have never been a huge fan of the Oxford but I had fun. We met up with Luke towards the end of the night so it was good to see him again.

The night ended with Layno and I getting pizza revolution and then driving home. Layno drove and I was a shell of a man because of the alcohol someone put in me. I got home and was still hungry so I decided to make pasta and woke everyone else up in the house in the process. Good on me.

Well that was the night.
Bye now

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My New Phone + Camera = Picture Post!

That's right guys you have to suffer through my 21st century slide show. I will make it quick though.Well I started the night by picking Layno and Tilney up and we headed to KFC for a quick bite to eat.
We then headed to AAMI Stadium and spent some time in traffic.
The game was good and a mate of mine that went to school with us kicked 3 goals which was great to see and made the game pretty interesting.I then took a photo of Tilney and Layno. Then we headed home!
Bye now.

Friday, August 18, 2006

My Phone

So I managed to break my phone. Somehow I got water into the base of it and it corroded. The phone worked perfectly but I couldn't charge it because all the terminals were rooted so it made it hard to use it on a daily basis. So last night on the way home from wok I went to Marion and got another phone. My contract still had 3 months left on it but somehow I conned the guy into not worrying about that and he just let me start another contract. So now I have a nice new spiffy phone that in a few months will probably be ruined due to all the dirt and junk that gets in them from work. The new phone has a better camera so that means more photos... Yay.

So last night after getting my new phone I rushed home to have a shower before playing netball. The game was full on and afterwards I was pretty much rooted. The girl, Sam and I all came back to my house after the game so I could have another shower and then we headed to the Ed for a few beers with some people. It was a pretty quiet night at the Ed because it was a Thursday but I wasn't up for a big one so we just chilled in the beer garden and had a few brews.

This morning I woke up to find that my old phone had completely died. I had been using it still because it had battery power and my new one wasn't charged yet but for some reason my old one had just died. I couldn't turn it on at all no matter what I did. I was incredibly pissed off because I hadn't copied my numbers or anything like that off of it so I was not a happy chappy. I had a shower and headed to the phone store I went to last night and the dude helped me get all my stuff off my old phone onto my new one so now everything is peachy in the phone world.

After my phone troubles I headed down to Montezumas for some Mexican food. I took the first picture on my new phone of Mexican food so I thought that was pretty cool, lol.

Tonight I am heading to the footy to see Port Adelaide and Collingwood play. I have a friend who plays for Collingwood but I really don't like either team so I don't really know why I'm going. Should be pretty fun though.

I need to post more often so I don't end up with these 20000 word essays of posts. Good on me though.
That's it for now. Have fun.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Flash Back

Today I had a flash back of something my friend Sam and I used to do around each other. We started, for some reason, to count things in half dozens, even when it was ridiculous. Someone would ask how many beers were in the fridge and we would say, ah 7 half dozens. It was a weird fad but apparently it stuck because today I was asked how many steel pins I had brought with me to a job and I replied with, ah 5 half dozens. I received a stunned look but then nothing was said. It made me remember that stupid fad we had though and it made me laugh a bit. It will catch on one day just you watch.

I will finish this bad boy off with some of today's headlines that I think are important.
The Maori Queen of New Zealand died today after 40 years of reign as queen. She will be mourned by the New Zealand nation and it means the end of an era for a large proportion of the New Zealand population.
On a lighter side, congratulations to a Nascar fan who while the winning driver of a race celebrated his win with his team, the fan jumped in the car and took it for a ride around the track. I think it is hilarious and applaud the bloke for having the balls to steal a Nascar.
That's it, bye now.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Quick One

Well today was average. I felt sick and it was busy so the day dragged while seemingly flying past. This is just a quick post to say that Rhys smells and Cat is so much cooler than me.
Sorry but I'm tired and heading to be. That's all for now.
Bye bye.

Monday, August 14, 2006

My Phone Pics

Ok so I finally bought a thing that allows me to take the memory card out of my phone and put the pictures and thing onto my computer so I'm going to start putting phone photos up on here. The pictures will be pretty average quality but I'm not exactly posting wallpapers for your desktop so good on me anyway. I haven't really taken any pictures of anything lately so here are some old ones.The front of my car, I know very boring.
A photo of the girl walking into the sunset at the end of my street.
And finally, a trench I dug the other day, lol.
Bye now.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Weekend Review

Well it was another big one and I'm feeling it today. Work Friday was long and pretty boring but it was just another day and I was glad when I finally got home. The plan was to go out for Elises birthday but after a shower I was pretty keen for bed so I decided that I was only going to have a few drinks and come home early. That plan seemed good at the time but it didn't last long. Tilney picked me up and we headed down the bay to grab some tea before meeting up with everyone at the Dublin Pub. Tea consisted of pasta and a pizza that was incredibly good. By the time we headed down to the Dublin everyone was in the mood for a few drinks and it looked like it was going to be a pretty good night. Layno and I started off with a long island ice tea and the night just picked up after that. There was a lot of laughs and at about 12 somehow a fight broke out between one of Elises friends, friends and another random guy. We were upstairs at the Dublin and at that stage it was our group of about 35 people and only a couple others that we didn't know. Two guys walked in and pushed through our group of friends and nothing much was said until they decided to leave and pushed through again. Something was said and one of the guys turned around and punched the member of our group and bolted out leaving his friend to deal with us. After his friend received a few punches and was on the floor for a while the bouncers broke it all up. We talked to all the bar staff about it to clear things up because we are regulars and they know we wouldn't try and cause trouble like this. They were pretty chilled out about it and knew that it was the other two guys fault. We left soon after and headed over to the grand.

By this time I was pretty drunk and Layno and I were still downing the drinks pretty fast. We meet up with a lot of other friends at the grand and the night got even better. It was weird being at the Grand without Cat but I was too drunk for it to worry me. After a few more drinks that we didn't need to Grand was closing and the idea of heading back to Elises was bouncing around between all of us. Somehow Layno and I lost everyone, tried to get a ride home in a random group of peoples mini van and then ended up catching a taxi home with some guy. The guy was drunker than we were and got out between Layno and my houses which was weird considering he wanted to go to Hove which is about 5km from my house. Good on him though., and that was Friday.

I woke up Saturday afternoon feeling terrible and the afternoon slowed down after that. The girl came round and made me get out of bed and go get subway with her so that made me feel a bit better. We chilled out and watched some TV before having a quickie in the shower before she headed to work.

The plan was to crank it at my house Saturday night because we were all feeling pretty bad and we needed a quiet night. We ended up at Emma's house with a few people before they headed into town and Hoggot, Layno, Elyse. Tilney and I headed here for hotdogs and then to Hoggots to do nothing and watch Scrubs. It was definitely a quiet night but I was so hung over I didn't care.

The girl got home from work this morning at 7am so I woke up and let her in. I finally got out of bed at 11 and she followed me later at about 12. She is cooking a lamb roast for my parents tonight so that's keeping her busy all day while I watch the motor racing and football. I'm not real happy because the Crows lost and Skaife got knocked out in the first and third races. Oh well you cant win all the time.

Well this is probably the biggest post I have ever written but it was a big weekend so it deserves a big post.
Have fun now. Bye.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My First Video Post

Ok so this is absolutely gold.

My Lesson In Hose Ethics

Some days at work I do things that a normal person really wouldn't have any idea how to do. Some days I do things that a monkey could do. Today I hosed a pile of dirt for about 3 hours. You see when compacting rubble for a sub base (the base that you poor concrete floors on, eg factory floors) the rubble needs to be quite wet before you compact it. That was my quite boring job for the day, to water and compact 65 tonne of rubble over about 250 square metres.

There are different stages of watering rubble. The first stage is when the rocks in the rubble get a shine to them because the top sand has been washed off, the second stage is when water pools a tiny bit then seeps into the soil underneath and the third stage is when the whole area is soaked. Optimum compaction can be obtained when the rubble is between the second and third stage. Now that you guys know that, you can pretty much do what I did for 3 hours today. You could also train a 5 year old to do it. After my exciting job of watering I began rolling the base. That is the tricky part because most people cant drive a 6 tonne roller and that's why I get paid the big bucks, lol.

So after my exciting day of riding in trucks, flattening rubble, watering rubble and then rolling it, I have to go back and do another 350 square metres tomorrow. It might be boring some times but at least I'm out side in the fresh air and nearly every day is different. Who would want an office job!

Tonight I'm cruising around and playing netball with school friends and hanging out with the girl. Tomorrow night is Elyse's birthday at the Dublin Pub so that should be a great night out. More then.
Bye now.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Brake Failure

I cant stop. I have fallen into this life and now I cant stop.
My life as of late has been 100% flat out. Every minute of the day I'm busy and when I finally stop my eyes are shut and I'm asleep. I have been blogging in the 15 minute gaps that I have between getting home from work, showering and going out. Last night it was tea with the girls family, tonight its tea at the kentish then who knows what, tomorrow night its netball and then Friday night its drinks for Elyses birthday, Saturday night who know what will happen. I'm loving it though. I hate sitting in the same place for too long. It annoys the girl because she is a movie person and likes lazing around at night and watching movies or TV, I have to be out though. When I'm sitting doing nothing I feel like I'm wasting time. I cant stop now, there is always something to be done.
Bye now.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Sunday Drive

So today was a weird day. It started off being a Sunday for me at 6:30am. I woke up and headed off to work. It was weird though because I drove me and my boss (dad) to work in my car. I don't normally do that and I haven't worked on a Sunday for a couple months.

Our job for the day was to repair some bitumen in a driveway for a factory that was closed today. It went pretty well and I didn't burn myself on the 95 degree Celsius bitumen like I normally do. I did accidentally melt my right boot a bit though which was different.

After we finished work at 12 and I had the longest shower ever and still managed to smell like oil when I got out I pretty much lazed around for the rest of the day. I cleared all my uni books and papers out of my room so I can actually walk around and then that was my day really.

I received some photos of the resort Cat is living at and they were absolutely breath taking. I'm talking to her on MSN at the moment and its great to just chill out and have a conversation with her because when we talk on the phone it is always a bit rushed because of how expensive it is. I also had a bit of a chat to Rhys today and we spoke of the troubles in the middle east.

Well that's all for now, have fun.

My Upbeat Update

Well I actually added a photo of me! I chucked it over there to the right and I also put it in my profile. I also created a Myspace page today so check that out if you want. Its pretty boring and it pretty much just links back to this page but I needed one to view bands videos and things like that so there ya go.
Bye now.

Friday, August 04, 2006

My Inappropriate Nickname

The other day I found out very violently that Fish Stick is not an appropriate nickname for ones girlfriend. In my defense she was eating fish pizza at the time but I learnt that this is no excuse. I honestly think there was 1.5 seconds between me finishing the word stick and her punching me in the chest. All in good fun though.

Lately I haven't stop listening to Alexisonfire's new cd but today for some reason I have been listening to a lot of Quiet Companies songs. Those two links are there myspace pages so go check them out if you haven't heard either band before. They are definitely opposite ends of the scale but very good tunes none the less.

Well bye now.

My Swedish Day

So today after finding out I don't have to work again me and the girl woke up at 11am. I was starving so I made an awesome pizza and she ate the crusts as usual. We had nothing planned so we decided to head down to Ikea because neither of us had been there since it had opened a few months ago.

Adelaide is small and only a few months ago our first Ikea store opened. There are other stores in the rest of Australia but only recently in Adelaide. I had visited an Ikea store in America years ago and the girl had been to a few in Sweden when she was there at the start of the year so it wasn't anything incredibly exciting but we had nothing else to do so it was fun.

We walked in and thought we should definitely grab one of their bags to put items in because we might want to buy something. We walked and walked and walked but didn't really see anything that we had to have so we pretty much just carried this very large and very annoying bag around the store the whole time. It wasn't until we got to the cash registers that the girl finally found something she wanted, some tea candles for her mum. So after carrying that dumb bag around the whole store we found something to buy with 10 meters left in the store. It was a fun few hours though.

After our little day trip we got home and the girl had to leave for work and I chilled out. I drank two red bulls and then had to sit around for a while because I felt sick. I'm ok now though because I had some risotto, lol, and I'm awesome.
Bye now

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Con Artist Of A Girlfriend

Well today I got conned. Many people may find it weird but I have never owned a pair of jeans. Today the girl conned me into buying a pair. They are not as trendy as some but they are pretty fancy. This is such a huge thing I may even post a photo of me wearing them.

In the next few days I am definitely going to try and post some photos of me and just everything because so far I have been way to lazy to take any or put them on here.
Bye now.

My Lazy Summer Days

I didn't have to work today which was a nice surprise this morning. I woke at 7am and realized I didn't have to work so I slept till 12:30 which was odd since I wasn't all that tired last night, lol. So I got up and stumbled around for a bit before I worked out what I wanted to eat. I decided on soup so I brewed up an awesome tomato and anything that was in the fridge concoction. It was pretty good in the end but it had too many olives in it. I managed to burn my tongue with the first sip so I really couldn't taste it that well but I'm sure it was good. Now I'm just chilling out drinking coffee and being on the net. I feel very nerdy but then I remember I'm a construction worker and its all ok again.

Today I feel I'm going to be doing a lot of waiting. I'm waiting for a call from Malaysia because Cat said she would be phoning son. I'm also waiting for the girl to come round so we can go shopping and I'm sure I will be waiting while she tries on clothes ;). Tonight I have to play mixed netball with friends from school so I will have to wait for that because its not till 9:10. Waiting is ok though because it means something is happening.
Have fun, Bye now.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Tradition

When we all started uni at the start of this year it became a tradition that every Wednesday night we would head to a little dingy pub in North Adelaide called the Kentish. Since we had exams and then holidays and now I am working and the other boys have been doing different things lately we have been missing our Wednesday night meals. This week we thought we would change our tradition and head to the Kentish for chicken parmigianas on Tuesday night. As I said before the Kentish is a tiny little pub on a back street but they have maybe the best chicken parmigianas around. It was a quick meal last night but it was good to catch up with Calvin who I hadn't seen much of lately and it was a very good meal. I was really surprised but I even found a picture of the Kentish so you guys can all have a look.

I am trying to get two posts a day happening but I haven't been home a lot lately so its not really going to plan but I should be posting a bit more soon.
Bye now.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Financial Advice

The other day I read an article about how the Chinese government had discovered they had some how lost 4.83 billion dollars. It was later discussed that the government worked out that the money was stolen and misused by its employees. So I know that the Chinese government has trillions and trillions of dollars and probably millions of employees and I can hear you saying well Phil this is getting boring wrap it up but here is the thing that made me laugh, it was found that the 4.83 billion dollars had been stolen and misused by 250 employees! Now, seriously, people steal pens from work and things like that but 4.83 billion dollars, come on. It also made me laugh that it took the government months to work out who stole the money. I would have thought it would have been pretty obvious by the 250 employees living in mansions and driving $500,000 Mercedes Benz's. So to those 250 Chinese government workers, I hope you lived it up because that sure is one huge scam you nearly pulled off.
Bye now.