Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Shitty to Sunshine

Today was horrible. It rained all day at work, I was freezing, soaking wet and then I got electrocuted. We were digging up a fire main that was leaking so the trench we had dug was full of water and needed to be pumped out. We have a little submersible pump that we always use but today somehow the water got into the motor and when I picked it up the safety switch didn't trip and I got zapped. It made me feel very lousy and I got a weird pain in my back. The shock took my day from bad to terrible. The worst part was as soon as we were finished and back at our yard the rain cleared and the sun came out. Blah.
Bye now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Big Win

So last Saturday night there was a Lotto draw worth 22 million. I thought hmmm that would be handy so for the first time in my life I bought a Lotto ticket. I didn't know what to buy so I ended up asking for "a ticket". The guy asked me what type and I just said "you know the multi one???" He gave me something and I paid him something and that was it really, I was just holding up the line after that. I was out Saturday night so I didn't check the numbers or anything but Sunday when I eventually woke up I went on the net and got the numbers and started checking them off on my ticket. To my surprise I actually won. I got three normal number and another one. I knew I hadn't won much but I knew I had won. So off I went to the newsagent to collect my money. I walked up to the counter expecting to become Adelaide's newest multi multi hundredaire but to my disappointment I only won 26 dollars. Oh well it all helps, 22 million would have been nicer though.

Tonight I got Mexican food and coffee with Cat and as usual we ate too much Mexican food and then had coffee to make us worse. We talked about weird things tonight like slutty friends and religion. A weird combo, but still good. I'm a bit sick so I'm going to sleep now. Bye bye.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Sleep In

So I didn't work today because the whether was terrible in the morning and then got a bit worse. It was weird because I got up and thought, na not a nice day and went back to sleep. Before I knew it it was 11:30 and I was still in bed. It was nice to sleep in though.

Last night the girl and I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and it was awesome, apart from the end. I really didn't like how it ended for some reason. The whole movie was great, it was action packed and not too hard to follow but the ending just didn't do it for me. I don't know why. I was going to blurt out everything that happens and ruin it for everyone but I thought I better not.

Anyway just a quick hello. Hello! And its bye bye time.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Gig

Friday night I saw Alexisonfire play at HQ. Its the third time I have seen them live and once again they were incredible. The two support bands were ok but nothing special but Alexisonfire were just incredible. They are such an intense live band. The highlight of the night was when the lead singer jumped off the second story of HQ into the crowd. It was such a good gig and that topped it off. After a two song encore I was absolutely rooted from being in the mosh for an hour and a half. The only gig I have been to that was more intense was the first show Alexis played here back in 2004. That first time they came to Adelaide I managed to meet them through a friend of a friend. That friend (Chad) got a few shout outs throughout the night which made everyone jealous.

After the gig even though we were all just about stuffed, we went out to the Belgium Beer Garden for a few drinks for Emma's birthday. It was a small crowd by the time we got there but it was good to see little Emma. Emma started school with me so I have known her since I can remember.

Last night we started at Tilney's house. She cooked the girl and I tea before we went out into town. The highlight of the night was the fact that Tilney forgot about the garlic bread we had put under the grill. When I opened the grill there were flames about a foot high coming off the bread. We did end up having garlic bread.

From Tilney's we headed to the Havi via Rhys and found out you can buy a bucket of five Hahn Super Dry's for $20 which was awesome. After a few of those we decided to go to some place called Electric. We got there to find a huge line. We waited for a little bit and just about froze. The night got worse after that. The girl and I had a fight about nothing and then decided to head home. It was a pretty average night in the end even though it started well.

Today started slow. The girl and I didn't get up till 1...ish and really haven't done much. Its just going to be a chill out day and we are just watching the footy. I'm stoaked because the F1's are on tonight so that should be good to watch too.

Bye now

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Excitement

Alright so tomorrow night I am going to go see Alexisonfre play at HQ and crap I'm excited about it. I have seen them every time they have played in Australia and tomorrow night is going to be another awesome show. They are incredible live and just about every song of theirs is my favorite. Should be nuts really. Bye now

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Soccer Night

So I got a phone call last night from my mate Beechy. He told me he had scored 8 free tickets to go see Adelaide United soccer team play. He asked me to come and of coarse I said yes because even though I don't really like soccer, its free.

So we rallied at the kentish and had a quick Parmy which was awesome and then headed to the stadium. We got there 5 minutes late and managed to miss the first goal! We hoped it wasn't the only goal for the match and were rewarded before half time with another. At half time we decided to get a couple of coffees and managed to miss the third goal of the game. We couldn't believe it, we had managed to miss 2 of the 3 goals. It was a really good night in the end and I will be keen next next time we get free tickets, haha.

After the game Hoggot and I headed down to the Jetty bar and then to the Dublin with a few friends for one of their last day at work parties. It was a bit boring so I didnt stay long. Im a good friend though.

Bye now

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Snotty Day

I worked all day in mud. In fact it was more like snot. It was horrible. It was cold, wet and I was freezing. Its days like today that I wish I had a desk job.

The weekend was hectic. I was rooted Friday night so didn't leave the house. Saturday night we headed out into town and it was a really good night. I met up with a lot of people I don't normally go out with and ended up at a place called Marble Bar which isn't really my scene but I had fun anyway.

Yesterday, even though I hadn't drunk all that much the night before, I felt terrible. I felt bad when I got up and then it just got worse. I had to go and see The Lost Show play at HQ so that made me perk up a bit and after that I slowly got better. We had tea at the Kentish and after an awesome parmy I felt fine and it was time for bed again, lol.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Moments

This morning made me realize something. Seeing the reflection of the sun rising over the hills took my breath away and made me glad I was there at that point in time. Its weird how you forget that the simple things can make you the happiest. I came home last night and the girl was sick. She didn't want me to catch it so she said I couldn't kiss her. I soon found another way to get the same closeness. The simple touch of our two noses meeting sent the same tingle down my spin that I get when our lips lock. It made the moment special because it was something different but it was still beautiful. Moments like that make me the happy person I am. Whether it be a sunrise, a nose kiss or the long comforting hug I shared with my best friend last night. Its all good.

Have fun.

My Mothers Day

Last Sunday was Mothers Day so the girl, the girls mum and I drove down to our farm to have lunch with my family. I bought my mum six different bottles of pinot grigio for mothers day so I was in the good books when we got down there. It was a beautiful day so the drive down was enjoyable. I have been doing that drive since I was five years old and there is something different every time. Its such a nice drive.

We did the usual walk around the property and then got our Mini Moke out of the shed and drove around for a bit. We saw the Kangaroos that live on our property and plenty of birds. Just as we were about to head up to the house for lunch, the girl and I drove through our bottom paddock and I saw an lump on the ground. At first I didn't realize what it was but then it dawned on me, it was an echidna! We have seen echidna's in the area but never on our property so it was amazing to learn that there is one living there. It was very scared at first and dug down into the ground but after a while it got up and roamed around us like we weren't even there. I have only ever seen a few echidna's in my life and this was the biggest one. He was quite a fatty.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Day of Digging

Last night I headed to Chalkers for the first time in a long time. We got the usual table and played a few games. The highlight of my night, believe it or not was sitting in Nicole's car before hand drinking cheap wine. I wasn't out to get drunk, although Nicole and Ashley were, I just had a laugh. It was a good catch up with everyone.

I was stuffed by about 10:30 because I had an incredibly early morning Friday. We are cutting a block up at Sterling and decided to hire a 12 tonne excavator. In the end we finished it all in one day where as with our backhoe it would have taken a couple of days so that was good because I didn't really want to be up there anyway. I sat on the machine for twelve hours on Friday and by the end of it I was very sick of digging. It was definitely a long working day Friday but it was good to get that much work done in one day. We ended up moving about 1000 tonne of soil so it was a lot.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Non Post

If animals could talk would they have pommy accents and go to the movies?

I love a few things at the moment. Happy.

Have fun.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Spidey Sense

So Friday night we headed to see Spiderman III. I hadn't seen the first two so i didn't really know what I was in for. I know there has been really big hype about it but I'm sorry, I thought it was crap. There was highlights, and I'm sure if I had seen the first two I would have been into it more but I just didn't think it was all that great.

After the movie the girl and I cruised on down to the Dublin to celebrate the 20th birthday of one of my friends from school. It was a good catch up and a few beers went down well.

Last night we had plans to have a hug one but it ended up being a very calm night. We had a few drinks here and there and it was really good on the whole.

The highlight of my weekend was a quote that was stated at the Dublin; "20 years old hey, its all down hill from here, just hair loss and prostate checks. I thought it was ridiculously funny and pretty much made my night. The down side is, I know that a couple of my friends are unhappy and that bothers me because they are very close to me. I hate seeing people unhappy and I will do anything possible to help them out. I hope everything works out. I will still be there smiling so everything will be alright k.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Wet and Windy Week

It's been a good week so far. Its been quite cold and windy but everything else has been good. I caught up with Tilney which was really good because we haven't hung out for a long time. We got coffee's and talked for about 2 hours. I also caught up with Cat last night. Cat, her friend Daina and I cooked pasta which was great and then we made Snickers milkshakes which were sooo good. All in all its been a good week. I'm going to be flat out this weekend as well so that should be fantastic too.

On an awesome note, I read an article about how and Australian man and a New Zealand man were selling lamb's that they had shaved to look like poodles for $1800 in Japan. The people had no idea that they weren't poodles and the two made a heap of money before they got caught. I thought it was hilarious because who would think to do that. Good on them.

Bye now