Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Long Week

This week, after being on holiday was a struggle. I worked really hard. I mean really hard. It nearly killed me. We got a job and the work doubled and then doubled again we thought we would be there for about a week and now we have about 4 weeks work.

I made it though. I made it through the week.

The girl and I washed our cars yesterday and both managed to get fried. I still didn't manage to get rid of my sock tan though.

Saturday night we headed to Hoggot's house to chill out. We drank a few beers and just talked crap for a long time. I didn't leave till 6am which was way too late and I was stuffed but it was so weird to watch the sun coming up while sitting outside Hoggot's drinking beer because I hadn't done that for a long time. It had bee too long and I enjoyed it.

Today was just a blur as I cant remember what I was awake or asleep for but oh well. Work tomorrow and I'm not really looking forward to it. Meh, its got to be done. Bye now.


captain dribble said...

hey hey captain cool
u r my idol
love love xx

Spud said...

haha that is not true, In no way am I cool, lol

captain dribble said...

ok you're not. i lied!!!! hahahahah

Spud said...

Thats not funny :)