Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Hot Hot Heat

We have rather cool whether so far this spring but the last week has been hot. Yesterday got up to about 36 and it really took it out of me. The heat just makes work so much harder.Everything you do takes it out of you. I didn't get sun burnt though so thats awesome.

We were supposed to do a quick easy job yesterday but it turned out to be a bit of a challenge. We were told there were a few concrete pads that needed to be taken up and it wouldn't be that hard but when we got there we realized it was going to be a challenge. There was about 60 square metres of concrete to be taken up and we didn't have out rock breaker with us. It ended up taking us all day and it was a bit of a challenge because there were pits and huge 500mm thick pads that had to be taken out.

After I got home and re cooperated a bit the girl and I headed to the Edinburgh Hotel for a few drinks with one of her friends from Melbourne who is over for the weekend. It was still very hot and we only stayed for an hour and a bit before stopping off at my friend Kristen's house before heading home.

Tonight, as usual, we are double booked. We are starting off at the Edinburgh Hotel again. Its dinner and drinks for the girls work Christmas party. It should be pretty good but I don't know many people so thats hard but oh well. After the Christmas party its down near my house for a mate of mines 21st. Its just around the corner from mine so I think we will probably walk home in the warmth.

Photo's: A soakage trench that we dug during the week, It was 2 meters wide, 9 meters long and 4.5 meters deep. A big hole! The new HSV Maloo ute, I want one.

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