Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Hot/Cold

Isn't it weird how people can be a hot or cold person. Im a hot person. Im always hot, I wear shorts all year round and even at night I normally dont get cold. I went to the snow earlier in the year and, to everyone is was withs amusement, I wore shorts some of the time. The girl on the other hand is a cold person. She has the heater on all the time and is always cold when we got out no matter what she is wearing. I think it is so funny and weird how different people can be.

This weekend was very relaxed. The girl and I just chilled at home Friday night and watched the footy and then some movies. The footy game was brilliant. A friend of mine plays for Collingwood and didn't get a lot of the ball in the first quarter but after that kicked two goals and had quite a good game. Collingwood lost and on Saturday Port Adelaide won so it will be a Port Adelaide vs. Geelong grand final. It should be an incredible game but I don't really know who I want to win yet.

The girl and I both worked Saturday morning. I finished work and had to head to mine to pick up some things. I finished everything I needed to do at the job I was on but didn't have a pair of tin snips to cut about a square inch of steel off that would have completed the job so I had to get them and stop off to finish on my way to the girls house. We chilled out for a bit and had lunch before getting ready and blinged up to go to Nicoles 21st. The theme was bling. I was in just suit pants with a nice shirt and tie. My bling though was two very large fake diamond earings. I looked hilarious and during the night we worked it out that I looked like Peter Andre. I felt dumb. We drank and had a merry time at the Edinburgh Hotel before heading into town at a club called Elektric. Everytime I have ever gone to Elektric I haven't managed to get in for some odd reason. We either get there and everyone we know has left or there is a huge line or we cant be bothered so this time our names were on the door. I was dissapointed. Apparently it was a quiet night and it wasn't really my scene. The girl and I were pretty stuffed so we had a few drinks and headed off. It was a pretty good night and I had a good time even though I didnt know that many of the people there. I dont know if I will be hitting Elektric again soon but oh well. Bye now.

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