Sunday, December 09, 2007

My Awake

I'm awake and I shouldn't be. I felt terrible before at about 7:00pm so I lied down in bed and fell asleep. I woke up about a half hour ago and now I'm awake. I have to be up early tomorrow for a 250 square meter concrete pour and I can't sleep. Not good.

This weekend was pretty lazy. Friday night the girl and I double dated with Cat and her boyfriend Sean and Montezumas. We had plans to go into town after for an Indie night but after all that Mexican food we headed home and fell asleep. Saturday night we hit the Backpackers bar down the day for a guy I went to school withs 21st. It was a huge school reunion really and there were quite a few people there who I hadn't seen since school. Its always good to have nights like that. We weren't up for a huge one so caught a lift home with Tilney and Luke and then the girl and I chilled out and watched a bit of Transformers.



Whoa Pink! said...

I'm glad I met someone whose Fridays are just as boring and plain as mine...

Mexican food got you asleep? Maybe that explains why I am always sleepy. I can't live without my tortillas.

Charlie dog said...

Thanks for dropping by when you couldn't sleep, you're right it's a pretty cool lizard as lizards go!