Friday, January 30, 2009

My Questionnaire

I though tonight was going to be a really good night. Australia is playing South Africa in the cricket and its the semi finals of the Australian Open so lots of good TV. They both turned out to be crap. We are losing the cricket and I'm sick of tennis, so here I am answering a questionnaire thing. Its a what would you do survey, hope you enjoy.

1.) What would you do if you were in a corner and a snake was staring you down?
I would definitely move to the blue corner because obviously there are snakes in the red corner.

2.) If you were standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower?
I would look left then right then left again for mimes.

3.) If you were on the moon?
If I was on the moon I wouldn't be so hot. I would also weigh a lot less than I do now, but would still be just as hungry.

4.) If you were a contestant on American Idol?
I would be very embarrassed because one, I cant sing very well and two because I was on American Idol and that's nothing to be proud of. (sorry kelly clarkson, no capitals for you!)

5.) If you woke up naked in a park?
Now this one is not so silly because as most of my friends know I once left a house party which was 6 blocks from my house and managed to take a detour and pass out. I woke up on a lawn bowls green the next day with some old lady staring at me. I was very confused but still fully clothed. Maybe next time though.

6.) If you won 100 million dollars.
If I won that much money I buy everything I wanted and then invest the rest and try to help out the world through aid and charities with the money I could make off the original 100 million. I would definitely buy a Ferrari or three.

7.) If you had 500 kilograms of cheese.
If I had that much cheese I would be in heaven. I love cheese. I had a slice earlier and it was every bit as dairy as it should have been. Brilliant.

8.) If a blizzard dumped snow where you lived.
I would be incredibly surprised because its currently about 36 degree Celsius/100 Fahrenheit. On the other hand I would grab as much as I could and put it on the lawn because we have water restrictions and cannot water it and it needs a drink.

Well that's it now I have to find something else to type about. Byes

My Day Off

Yesterday was a scorcher. It was way to hot to work so we pulled the pin and didn't even bother doing anything. It was such a relief to not have to face the heat again. I spent most of the day inside enjoying the air conditioning and playing Wii but at around 2:00PM the power went out and I was back in the heat. Luckily it was only off for an hour but it still annoyed me.

It didn't cool down at all in the evening but the Lost Show were playing a gig at the Backpackers bar down at Glenelg so we headed out anyway. We got hotdogs and ice cream for tea and then got to the bar pretty early. It was just us and a few of the band guys which was great to hang out because they haven't played a show in a while and I hadn't seen the guitarist, Dan, since new years eve. The bar had their air con on but it was dismal and still around the 30 degrees inside which was pretty oppressive. As the crowd grew it got hotter but the show was awesome which made it all worth while. I really hope they start playing more gigs because they have been slack lately. Damn they are good live though.

After a couple of beers and all that heat we retired early and headed home around the 11pm mark. it was great to get back to an air conditioned car and house and yes I slept like a log.

I'm disappointed because today is the Big Day Out music festival and I'm not going. The line up this year was pretty average and I just couldn't justify the $135 for a ticket. Its always such a great day though so I am disappointed. Hopefully next years line up is better and I will be back into it. Anyway I'm off to go be hot some more. Byes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Hot Oz Day

How good was the weekend? The weekend was really good! The weekend was excellent actually there was sun, beers, beach and a kiddies paddle pool to dip our feet in. Saturday was weird for me because the girl and I went to the wedding of one of her school friends. He is a pastor and she is very religious so as you can imagine the wedding was very traditional and very stiff. Not a lot of emotion or excitement. The only light moment was when one of the bridesmaids stumbled due to dizziness. It was definitely the only highlight. It was what the wanted and it was very them so it was enjoyable for them but not the way I would like to tie the knot. We rushed away from the wedding and onto the Highway for Nicole and Hannahs going away party. They are heading over to the UK to do some working/touring. I swear half my friends are over in the UK at the moment. I'm getting lonely back here at home! We had dinner with Tilney and Luke beforehand which was cool because they had just gotten back from their trip to Thailand. We got all the stories including a ping pong ball show and a monkey drinking Coke. Tilney didn't get a tan so I paid her out about it too.

The girl and I started Sunday with lunch at Ikea. Its really odd I know but we love going down there and having something to eat. Its so Swedish. We looked at a house but I wasn'treally a fan and then we drove down to the Moana beach for a beach day with her work friends. It was so hot so we jumped straight in the water. The waves were quite big though and after an hour we were very sick of being hammered by them. After our dip we got pizza from a place on the beachfront and chatted with all her people. It was incredible pizza and a good way to spend a Sunday.

Monday was a public holliday for Australia day and they also play the Triple J Hottest 100 which is a competition held by one of our radio stations of the best 100 songs from the past year. We always party somewhere but this year we went to Nicoles place. It was a small crowd but it was a good group of my close friends. Nicole had blown up a kiddie pool and filled it with water and ice so we all sat round in a circle with our feet in the pool drinking beer, listening to the radio and chatting. Even though it was crazy hot it was such an awesome day. We even had a water fight!

Every day this week has been over 40 degree's celcius and its not going to cool down until Monday next week which will be 38! Lol. Work has been hell and we have only really been working half days. When we drove back from our job down south the temperature gauge on the truck which is accurate read 48. Thats nuts! Hopefully it cools down tonight so we can sleep. Ciao.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Sub-free-way

I was thinking today, if you were an Albino, would it be racist to call a Caucasian person darky? Apart from that today was great for a Monday. It was warm today, very warm, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was about 35 degrees Celsius. Perfect weather for working out side.

The weekend was great too actually. We looked at a couple of houses on Saturday but didn't see anything that was remotely close to what we want and then headed up to Steve's house for a bit of a party. There were a few people there and it was all pretty chilled which was good after new years and all that jazz. The highlight, oddly enough, was a trip to Subway at 12:30am. A couple of us were hungry so we went down and ordered some subs. The order was, one 6 inch chicken fillet, one 6 inch BMT and another footlong chicken fillet. As well as the subway were got two snickers, a twirl bar and a box of pizza shapes. We walked away with all footlong subs somehow, all the chocolates and the crackers for $8.95!?!?! The guy working behind the counter was a retard and did something badly wrong. We were pretty happy about it but im sure he wasn't when he realised. Not a bad meal for $8.95!

Its meant to really heat up this week with tomorrow being mid 40's. It makes work a bit difficult and the work definitely gets finished slower than usual but its not too bad. Byes.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My New Everything

Its a new year so I thought I would change things up a bit. New colours, new stuff and a photo of ME! This year there will be more too! I added a followers gadget so if you are a blogger user please add me and FOLLOW! Lol. The first person to follow this blog may (or may not) get a free flatscreen TV.

Let me know what you think of the new colors and follow, hehe. I might even link you back.

My New Year

Well how was everyone's new years? It feels like the start of every other year but I think this year will be a major one in my life. We will soon see though, I'm sure before I know it, it will be 2010 already.

Our new years eve was eventful to say the least. The party we went to was a bad taste dress up party so everyone's costumes where hilarious. I went as death, which was very toned down from what I was going to go as but still good. We got there early and help set up and had some food before the rest of the people got there and then the night started. We played a heap of drinking games early including a game of Russian roulette but with shots of Vodka and Whiskey. Then came a raucous game of Goon of fortune which got us right in the mood.

The night kinda stopped about there because all of a sudden the girl started to feel really funny and then she went down hill. It was really crazy, she was fine one minute and then the next she was freaking out. She was really sketchy and couldn't focus on anyone or stay still. It was horrible. I spent from about 10:30 till 4am looking after her.

We still cant work out what happened but we think somehow she got drugged or had a reaction to something. It was a horrible thing to see her like that and not a great way to spend a new years. The only saving grace was my loyal friends who helped me out and came inside and chilled with me even though the party was outside.

The girl was ok the next day. She felt a bit funny but nothing too bad. She can't remember anything from the party which is the worst. It wasn't a bad night but just not the way I wanted to spend new years.

The next day we headed up to Wallaroo with her family like we did last year. They go up every year and take their boat out fishing. I'm not a huge fishing fan and I don't eat fish but one day a year is cool with me so I go along. Her family are pretty funny so there is always a bit of entertainment. We went out from 7am till 4pm and managed to catch 80 crabs, 70 garfish, a handful of tommy ruff and a couple salmon, so not a bad days fishing.

We got back last weekend and it has been work work work for me since then. I'm back working down south so a lot of driving each day. I did 240 kilometers on wednesday just driving to work and back. Crazy really. I will be glad when this job is all finished.

Apart from all of that we went and saw Twilight last night. The girl has been reading the books and is obsessed with them so she made me go. I didn't mind because vampire movies are normally pretty decent. I didn't mind it either. It was a bit slow and a bit lovey but overall not a bad movie. There are four books so hopefully they make four movies so I don't have to read them, lol.

Well thats about it and a PHOT OF ME WITH JESUS!!! Bit of an update really and lots of paragraphs, good on me though. Bye now.