Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Wii Buy

For the last few months the girl has been saying that she wants a Nintendo Wii so I finally gave in and bought her one on the weekend. Its kind of a Christmas present but also just because. I was unsure at how good it would be but I was wrong to doubt. Its the best thing ever. We got a heap of games, Mario Kart, Wii Sports, Mario Olympics, Sonic the Hedgehog and Wii Fit. They are all awesome but surprisingly Wii Fit is the best. Its awesome. I spent about two hours today doing yoga and balance excersises. It took me almost 25 minutes to walk across a tightrope between two buildings. I think my balance needs some work.

Apart from Wiiiiiing all weekend we went out last night to the Dublin Pub for Hoggot's 22nd birthday. There was a good crowd down there and we all had a bit of a laugh. I bought him a Malibo and pineapple because it was the girliest drink I could think of. The girl behind the bar couldn't find any mini umbrellas so she cut a strawberry into a love heart and I chuckled. The dance floor was packed with over 40's so it was a bit dangerous there with too many ass grabs as you walked throught the crowd but it was all fun.

A good Wii weekend I would wisely say. This week I am going to go away for a few days for work so I could be a boring blog week. Im not looking forward to going away. Its going to be boring without the girl and the Wii. Hopefully I'm not gone for too loong. Byes

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Farewells

This past weekend was filled with farewells. Calvin, a very good friend of mine and two other mates are heading over to Canada to work in the snow fields and then on to tour around Europe. They will be gone for a year which hopefully goes quickly. Saturday night we said goodbye to Kosta and Luke, the other two and Sunday was Calvins day. We had lunch at the Kentish which is one of our favorite pubs and then headed to the Adelaide Lawn Bowls Club for a day of sunshine and beers. It was such a chilled out day and a fitting farewell for the guys.

Its going to be boring in Adelaide with out them, beleive me. It sucks that they are leaving and I really envy them because there trip sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Hopefully we have a house by the time they get back and we can have there welcome home party. Anywho, byes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Weekend

The weekend was bliss. The girl and I got away and drove down to my parents farm for a weekend of relaxation. It was so good to have a weekend with no house hunting and no work. We did nothing but watch TV and play old school Super Nintendo. I bought a heap of games of EBAY so we tried them out and managed to finish Yoshi's Island which was pretty cool.

We walked around the property a lot and on the one day managed to see a Kangaroo and her Joey and the girl nearly stepped on a stumpy tailed lizard. It was huge too. Easily the biggest one I have ever seen, it would have been 40 centimeters long. It was very calm and didn't even hiss at us like they normally do. They are such amazing creatures. My dad told me he had seen a red bellied black snake down there the week before but luckily we didn't see it. The are very shy and normally won't attack you unless threatened but a snake is a snake and they are good to stay away from.

Every few months it is just great to get away for a couple of days. I'm so glad we have somewhere where its quick, easy and cheap to just have a change of scenery and a weekend away.

I put some photos up for a change so I hope you enjoy. Byes.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Tripper

Today was a good day. We poured concrete, like we do, and had a bit of a laugh as well. We were sitting down having a rest when one of use realized that we should put some marking cones out so that no one would trip over the hoses that were running across the sidewalk. Two seconds later an elderly couple walked past. We all cringed but they both made it over easily. Just behind them though was there dog. As it walked past it look over at us and tripped straight over the hose. It fell into a heap to the chorus of us laughing. It made my day really.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Pancakes

I did something really weird yesterday. On a spur of the moment decision the girl and I got up and decided to go and get pancakes from the Pancake Kitchen in town. On the way we bought a heap of lotto scratchy tickets and sat there eating our pancakes and playing one dollar scratchies. Although we looked like gambling addicts, we had so much fun. As usual I ate too much but still felt great.

We went and looked at a few houses in the afternoon but didn't see anything that we really liked. Its getting tedious now but we have to keep going and keep looking. There are so many crap houses though, urgh.

I wrote a whole huge post last night but lost it all due to it not saving and the computer dying on me. I was not happy at all and instead of re writing it I went to bed. I had a very tiresome weekend due to doing a cash job on Saturday. The money was good, very very good but crap I worked hard. I fell asleep on the floor Saturday night at about 9pm and then made it to bed not long after. Even with 12 hours of sleep I was still stuffed Sunday. It was a really good weekend though. The girl and I really had fun Sunday just doing nothing. It was all gravy baby!