Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Week From Home

I just finished watching an episode of American Dad and it was freakin hilarious. This week the girl and I have stayed at her house because we haven't been here much lately. Its cool cause she has a queen size bed and its awesome comfy styles. Tonight we made possibly the best burritos I've ever had and we just did the norm and chilled out and watched some TV. I'm working this weekend which will be weird because I haven't worked a weekend for a few weeks. Work is going to be a bit crazy before Christmas so the next week and a bit will be long. Its getting hot too which makes life a struggle. Meh. All good.

Night night.


Jeffrey Miranda's Art said...


Thanks for the comment, I really appreciated.

Austrailia looks good.

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Jeffrey Miranda

Elaine said...

We have been forecast a daytime high of 5 degrees tomoro I will think of you :) sweating it out
''Its getting hot too which makes life a struggle''