Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My 11th

Well today is September 11th. It is always a weird day for me because today is also my mums birthday. Its a time for celebration but it also brings back memories of the attacks of six years ago. My mum was born in America and so I have family scattered all over the place over there. On that day six years ago one of my cousins had a job in the Pentagon but luckily was working for the government over seas at the time. It was a really tense day because we had trouble contacting our family over there. It still takes my breath away when I see that footage.

Six years on I don't know what to think about the many conflicts that have result directly and indirectly from those attacks. I think the world is still nervous and rightly so bu I think our anger has been taken out on the wrong people and in the wrong way. I don't think the war on Iraq is right but I do think that something needed to be done in that region. Weather this was the right thing to do or not I'm not sure. I think Afghanistan has suffered a lot in the last six years but I do believe it is a slightly better place because of the occupation. I hope that one day soon the outside world can stop interfering with the middle east but I don't really know how soon that day will be. I just hope things get better and then world can relax a bit.

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Elaine said...

hey! well said Spud .