Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Trips

Damn its been a long time between posts. A lot has happened in the time I have been away. We headed down to our farm, flew to Sydney and made it back in time for Mexican and a 21st.

The farm was great. We really did nothing for the first couple of days. We ate, played video games and ate. There is a Super Nintendo down there so we played Mario and all the classics. During our stay we headed over to Hindmarsh island to meet up with Tilney and the gang. We continued our trend and really did nothing but chill out and then headed back to the farm. Friends of ours came down and we played monopoly. It was a very couple thing to do but it was fun.

We drove back from the farm just in time for us to pack watch a movie and then head to bed. We couldn't sleep even though we had to get up at 4:30am to get to the airport. I asked the girl if she wanted to know about the two theories of light. She said no but I told her anyway. Not surprisingly she was asleep in minutes and I was left pondering.

Our Sydney trip began at 4:45am when we left for the airport. We flew Virgin Blue and the best thing about the whole airline is the chicken Caesar wraps that you can buy on the plane. They are fantastic.

We landed in Sydney and took a taxi out to the naval base which is where the Queen Mary 2 was docked. The whole reason for our trip to Sydney was to meet up with my parents after their trip on the QM2. We picked them up and headed to our unit. There was My mum, my dad, my sister and the girl and I which made five which made it so that we had to hire three motel rooms. In the end it was cheaper to hire an apartment that ended up being a penthouse which was crazy good. It had a gigantic balcony and the worlds greatest view of the Harbour bridge.

The first day we headed out to Manly to do some shopping and have lunch. We headed back and sat at the apartment before heading down to the rock to watch the Queen Elizabeth 2 come in and dock in Circular Quay. It was amazing to watch it come in and incredible to see how small it was compared to the QM2.

The second day we caught another ferry out to Parramatta where we shopped at the biggest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. We found a giant surf store and spent two hours and way to much money there. After our shopping the girl and I visited the Sydney aquarium which was amazing. We saw a manta ray which had to have been three metres wide. Such a site.

The morning we flew back the girl and I did a bridge climb. The bridge climb allows you to climb up the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was absolutely amazing and the views of the harbour where breath taking. We flew back that afternoon just in time to meet everyone down the bay for Mexican.

Saturday we unpacked and drove to the girls house to spend time with her mum and sister. It was good to see them because, with being away it had been a good week since we had spent any time there. The night came quickly and we headed to one of the girls friends from school's 21st birthday. It was located on the roof of his fathers store in the middle of the city. It was the best location for a party. There was a DJ who played jazz/hip hop all night and it ended up being a great night.

Today was relaxing. We has Mexican again with Tilney as well as a couple the girl and I know and then headed to a food and wine festival. I was full and don't drink wine so i got bored but it was still fun.

I cant believe the amount than can happen in such a short time. Tomorrow I'm going to see NOFX play which should be amazing. Bye now.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentines

Yesterday, apparently was the most romantic day of the year. For the girl and I it was a pretty normal day. Our V day consisted of us both working in the morning and then meeting up in the afternoon. I bought her flowers and a few things and she bought us tickets to go on a jet boat. Pretty damn good if you ask me. The boat is completely inclosed so you don't get wet. It goes out on the open ocean so it was really rough and pretty much awesome.

After our open ocean shake up we had the idea of hiring a playstation game and just chilling out. We hired the original Sonic the Hedge Hog and played it for a few hours. It was really nerdy but so much fun.

Today I didn't work. I thought I would take a day off. The girl worked in the morning and now we are just hanging out planning our weekend. Tomorrow morning we are going to head down to my farm for a few days. We are also going to head over to Goolwa to see Tilney and hang out there for a bit. We will head back again Monday because Tuesday we are heading over to Sydney to meet my old's. The cruise into the harbour that morning and we are going to see the sights in Sydney till friday. All that travel means I probably wont be able to update this bad boy all that much but I will try.

Till next time, have fun. I'm still on 25peeps so check that out and keep clicking. Bye now.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Curry And Rice Girl

This is a video I found a while ago of two Indian guys doing a cover of Holla Back Girl. Its called Curry and Rice Girl. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Favourites

Right now I have two favourite things in the world. I'm in love with the new Alkaline Trio CD I bought the other day because it has all there old songs from old 7" records and unreleased songs on it and its damn good. The other thing I'm obsessed with is anything cinnamon flavoured. Its kinda hard to find cinnamon things in Australia but now there is some gum and like hard candy things and they are fantastic.

Yesterday was my last day working for the idiot. I got paid and I was out of there. Today I thought i would have an easy day and just get some odd jobs done. I have to go and mow a heap of lawns on the properties that my parents own so that they look half decent when they get back. I don't really enjoy mowing lawns but I do like the smell.

Tonight I think I might organise to get everyone to head out to this little Italian place called Enzo's. Its pretty much the best Italian in Adelaide so it should be awesome. Have fun. click click click

Friday, February 09, 2007

My Dental Hygene

I just realised, after flossing my teeth for the first time in a long time, that starting to floss your teeth is harder than quitting smoking. I quit smoking a few years ago and frankly it wasn't all that tough but seriously I hate flossing my teeth. I do it once every couple of months and the day before I go to the dentist in a poor attempt to trick him into thinking I do it every day... sucker. I don't know, surely there are patches on the market or a pack of gum that could do the same thing. Help me major corporations.

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Have fun.

My Songs

One of my favourite things, musically, is when bands I like do acoustic covers of their songs. There are so many great songs that sound even better when they are sung live and acoustic. Here are two of my favourites from Alkaline trio, Mercy Me is the first one and Emma is the second. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Parmy Parmy

Tonight is Kentish night and I am hanging out for a Chicken Parmigiana. I worked hard today and it has been a long week so I'm looking forward to chilling out tonight with everyone.

Its been a hard long week and I'm a little sick of working for this bloke because, well, he is a moron. I'm am just thankful that I only have a few days left of working for him, and the money is fan-bloody-tastic so that gets me through it. Fun Fun.

This week i have had pretty relaxed nights after work. I hung out with Tilney and watched the cricket and had a few Guinness with Hoggot last night at the Dublin. The best thing about working hard during the day is that the days go fast and it makes you appreciate the nights you have off. Hard work never hurt anyone and I really don't mind what I'm doing at the moment. Its just dealing with incompetent people that annoys me.

All good though. I'm still on so head on over there and give me a few clicks. Awesome. Bye now.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Girl's Purchase

This weekend was one for a bit of celebration. My girl bought a car on saturday. Its going to make hers and my life a lot easier because she was borrowing her mums car and it worked but it was a bit of a hassle. She bought a 2003 Holden Astra and its a very cool little car. Its a manual and i have been driving it around which is fun. I can drive a manual but i havent for a long time so it took some getting used to.

Saturday after i finished work we headed to a guys 21st. Him and the girl went to school together. It was cool because i am starting to get to know a few of her friends pretty well so we saw everyone and had a chat then headed down to my farm. It was really relaxing down at the farm. Its weird because I didnt get to go down there for so long and now we have been down there twice in a month. Its good though because its such a nice spot and a great place to relax.

Anyway bye now. Have fun.
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Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Peeps

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