Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Exhausted

I need another weekend to get over my weekend.

I had a huge day at work Friday. I knocked down two walls from inside a house and then ripped up a bathroom floor with a jackhammer. It was about 35 degrees on Friday so as you can imagine I was sweating like anything. By about mid afternoon I was stuffed but ended up working till after 5. The girl and I were both in the same boat and after getting a bit to eat we were both in bed and asleep by about 9:30.

I had agreed to work Saturday but was incredibly sore and stiff from the day before so regretted it immensely. It was a pretty easy concrete job and I was finished by about 2 in the afternoon so it wasn't too bad in the end.

Saturday night I had wanted to be good all week because I hadn't done a lot after work during the week and wanted a bit of a change and a release. The girl and I met up with Tilney and her boy Luke down at the Jetty Bar at the Bay before Layno, Nicole and Hannah cruised down. We had a few drinks there before heading over to the Dublin to meet up with Hoggot, Sam, Sam and the gang. I bumped into a whole lot of people I knew at the Jetty Bar and the Dublin was the same. We kicked on at the Dublin until it closed before heading back to Hoggots house were we chatted, beered and then decided at 4am to go and get McDonalds. I got home not long after and crashed in bed.

This morning, I wont lie, I felt like death. The girl woke me so I could go to Marion Shopping Centre with her so she could look at phones and phone plans. In the end she signed up to the same company as me with a new Mobile. After the new purchase we popped in on one of the girls family friends 60ths. We were the youngest there by a good 15 years so didn't stay long before heading down to Calvins place for a beer. Its his 21st birthday tomorrow and party next weekend so he was just having a few quiet ones today to celebrate a bit. We only stayed for a half hour or so because we had to rush home for my sisters going away.

My sister and he friend are heading over to America to tour around with all my relatives and to see the sites so my family had her friends family down for tea as a celebration. They are only going for a month so it is nothing major. After a huge tea and a massive slice of cake I'm done and its bed time. Bye bye byes.


Elaine said...

I feel even colder after reading your blog its freezing here

Spud said...

Haha I will have to change the name to the hot blog.