Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Post Post

Sometimes I think this blog becomes a bit of a burden to write in. Sometimes I think about something to write about all day and once I'm home and on the computer nothing will come out. Some days its all to easy and blogging seems as exciting as it did all those years ago when I started. I'm definitely not going to stop. I do enjoy it. Even if no one ever reads it or no one leaves another comment. I think I will always write something down on here.

My aim this year was to post more than I did last year and I think I will do the same this year. Call it a new years resolution if you will but its a good way to provoke motivation. I don't know if the post have been interesting but hey they are there so read them if you want. After all, I am doing this for me. Byes

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Wii Moments

One of the best presents I got for Christmas this year was the new Donkey Kong game on Wii. My lovely fiance Domi gave it to me and it has nearly been over played already, lol. It brings me back to my childhood playing Super Nintendo at my parents shack. The new game is very similar to the old, except for enhanced graphics and things like that. Its harder too, or maybe I have lost my nack? Awesome game though. You can borrow it sometime.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Late Christmas

Well Merry Christmas world. I know its a bit late for a Christmas message but I have been busy. In fact the last two weeks have been down right hectic. We have been ridiculously busy at work and have about 4 weeks work to do between now and the first week in January. Domi and I have been running all over town seeing bands play, seeing friends and having general fun and Christmas has been in the middle of it all.

Our red and green season started with dinner at my parents Christmas Eve. It was a food bonanza with everything from meat pie floaters for entree to a chocolate fountain for desert. We rushed away from mum and dads to catch up with some of our friends for a drink or two and exchanging of gifts. It was then up early the next morning for Christmas day brunch at our house with my family and Domi's family. Then a short nap in the afternoon and off again to Domi's mums place. She cooked tea for us Christmas night and it was a beautiful but extremely heavy meal. Damn I slept well last night.

I hope you all have had a hectic but fun Christmas. I can't wait for the new year to come. This last year has seemed to have flown by in a blur. Even though it has been a good year, it has had its ups and downs and I'm ready for a new start. bring on January.


Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Photo Sessions

 First up, mainly because its hilarious, my cat sleeping on my filling system.
 This is a shot I took of my ute inside a shed. Its blue.
 I went to work, I sat on an excavator and I knocked a tree down. That is all.
 Domi and I went for a walk around our are and we say this. I named it "Little truck on pile of dirt".
And finally this is our new dining room table and awesome Shag rug. Check it.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My Life on the Road

Some days are diamonds and some days are definitely duds. Lately I have had a couple of dud days. One day last week all I did was drive. I drove a fully loaded truck and trailer from a job site, to the dump, to the quarry and then back to the job and then repeated the loop. I managed to clock up 220km. Now that might not seem like much because in 8 hours you can drive to Melbourne but I did all that driving around town doing no more than 60kmph. Too much driving in something that weighs in at 45 tonne!

One thing I did notice while I was driving was that there is a fine line between the right age for a kid to have his face painted and a kid who is slightly to old and looks like a creep.

The weekend was a good one and a great break from the working week. I spent some great time with certain people who I haven't seen enough lately and also realized that spending time with certain people can really make you realize that you don't see certain people enough. Good times.

Well its this week again and I'm off and running. I poured a piece of concrete curb yesterday that was 45 meters long and it nearly killed me. Way to much work for one day.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Thanksgiving

This year was a big thanksgiving year. When I was a little kid we always had a family dinner with my parents, my sis and I but it was nothing special, just an ordinary dinner but for a reason. Now that we are all older thanksgiving has become a bit of an event. This year my family, Domi's mum and sis and my sisters boyfriend all gathered at my parents for a feast. My mother cooked turkey and a whole heap of American foods from her childhood. Many of them I had never even had before which was amazing. She did my favourite, Sweet potato with maple syrup and marshmallow on top, and after eating the whole turkey we enjoyed banana splits for desert. Not a bad night.

Last night was another celebration but a celebration of another kind. It was a surprise birthday party for my long time friend, Adam. The surprise party was organized, one to celebrate his birthday but two because he hates birthdays and celebrating them. Its always fun to give him a hard time so that's what we did last night. There was beer and incredible cup cakes. A good night.

A band I'm obsessed with at the moment are The Gaslight Anthem. Here they are playing "The '59 Sound" with Bruce Springsteen. Mad. Check it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Calm Water

Well lately I feel as if I have been treading water a little. Work is good and really flat out but I have been working on the same site for weeks now and I'm getting a little bored. I like to move around and do different things and being in one place gets to me. I'm sick of driving to the same place every day. I know most people with a desk job have to drive to the same place everyday but they are used to it. Most days I go to work its somewhere I have never been before, and I like that. For the last 3 weeks I have driven to Lonsdale, walked into the same building and dug a trench from here to there and then gone home. I think its time to spice it up a bit.

On the other hand I have found two incredible bands lately which I am enjoying driving to. Keep it up fellas.


Friday, November 12, 2010

My 450th

Well today is the 450th time I have typed words down as a post on this damn blog. Today is a bit of an occasion as well and for once its nothing to do with me or my blog. I have talked my self up enough over the years so now its time to give a shout out to Streetlight Symphony. Today is the day my two good friends Steve and Aaron have finally released their music to the public via iTunes. I have to say congratulations guys. I hope this is only the start and I hope this leads to greater and bigger things. Its been a few years in the making so please check these guys out. Give them a listen, a download and support local music. Its better than that Jay-Z album your listening to any way.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Wisdom

This last week was as hectic as the last month or so has been. Domi and I have been doing a lot of exercise lately so after working like crazy all day and then running/walking/swimming at night I'm stuffed. I didn't work the weekend which was so unbelievably good. My first days off in three weeks. We really just relaxed and took it easy during the day Saturday and then went out that night. It was Steve and Bridie's house warming Saturday night and it was a damn good party. We drank and were merry. The one thing I took out of the night was that a lot of our friends are really moving on with their lives. Weather it be new relations moving forward or new jobs or even huge things like new houses. Everyone seems to be doing pretty well lately and that is a good thing. I think this year has been a bit of a hump for some people and now they are over it things are running a bit smoother. Its nice. Its always good to see friends happy and its good to see how new things inspire people and get them motivated. I like it.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My Lazy Weeks

Well with the last couple of weeks being more hectic than a speed freak at a rave, blogging hasn't been that high on my list. I know its terrible and I know I should have written down what I have been doing but to be honest I can't even remember what I did yesterday. So instead here are some random photos that I have taken recently-ish.
 I changed the tires on our bobcat. Not exciting???
 Our entree Domi and I enjoyed for her Birthday. Exciting????
Driving through the country near my parents farm, turned a corner and in the middle of the road, Chicken!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Lose of Time

You know how sometimes work takes over your life. Except life has been crazy as all hell lately so work and life started fighting with sleep and its been two ridiculously hectic weeks and I cant remember the last time I wrote here or what I did yesterday or why everything is so busy. I'm tired though. Its a good tired though.

Today was 4 years and 6 months for Domi and I. Celebrations were in order and so we did.

Good night people. Enjoy the fight.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Hectic Hell of a Time

These last couple of weeks could not have been any more hectic. I swear if life moved any faster I wouldn't be able to see you through the blur. The reason life has been so crazy is that for the last two weeks I have been running the business due to my father being pretty sick. In between organizing a couple of big jobs and working like crazy, Domi and I have also been incredibly busy. This week for instance, we have seen two gigs, had tea with friends, a birthday and its only bloody Thursday, let alone the weekend which was just a mess of events and driving from one end of town to another.

Monday night was the first gig, its was Alexisonfire at HQ. This is the sixth or seventh time I have seen these guys and I swear they get better every time. We ended up sitting in the VIP section with a couple of other friends who play in bands and are connected in that scene. We sat right up in the roof rafters looking down over the whole crowd and the band. It was a great vantage point and made the gig even better. They played a couple of songs I had never heard them play live before as well as covering a Midnight Oil song which I thought was hilarious/awesome! An incredible start to the week.

Work was work Tuesday but I worked ridiculously hard and after a late night I was buggered that night but it was off to see Paramore with Domi and some other peeps. Domi is a huge fan so the tickets were a bit of a birthday present. I'm not a huge fan but I know a few songs and they put on a great live show so they were interesting to see. Domi loved it so that's all that counts. We watched the band and then bolted to our car to get home to bed. Another late night followed by a huge struggle to get out of bed the next morning.

Last night we had a nice tea with one of Domi's work colleagues, She is a really nice girl and its great to finally have put a face to the girl I speak to on the phone. It was bliss to have a mildly relaxing night before we get cranked up for the weekends festivities.

The most important event of this week is my fiance Domi's birthday today!!!!! Happy birthday babe. Love you. Enjoy your day.

Bye now.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Commonwealth Games

There are many things that are awesome about the Commonwealth games. There is the great sporting events, the many different types of sports, the fact that Australia wins everything but the absolute peak of the games appeal are all the funny names of the athletes.

So far I have picked up on a few. In the swimming Australia has Emily Seebohm, pronounced "C-Bomb", we all have a friend who is a C*NT. Also from Australia we have the table tennis player Miao Miao, pronounced "Meow Meow", hilarious. The best I have seen so far was a tennis player from Scotland, Mhairi Brown, Pronounced "My Hairy Brown", she lost her match but because of her name she is a winner in my eyes, I'm great full she didn't flash her Hairy Brown to the crowd though!

Anyway, this has been another working week. I'm still working at a Stimulus site. Its not very exciting but I think today will probably be my last day. Then it will be on to the next job, could be here could be there, but you know I will either be digging a hole or filling one in. Woot.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

My Stimulating Work

I have been stimulated. And no its not a weird as it sounds. The government is still carrying on with its economic stimulus packages through its school building programs and this last week I have been working at one of those site. Technically I have now been stimulated by Julie Gillard! Not the nicest really, but the money was nice. We dug a trench from here to there and then filled it in, you know the usual, but because its a government building site there is a lot of rules and regulations that you have to comply with to work there. The is nearly someone watching you all the time to make sure you don't do anything you shouldn't or are not licensed to do. Its a bit tedious.

Apart from that it really had been a mundane week. Celebrated the grand final rematch today at Nicoles house as well as a bit of a party for her birthday. It was such a beautiful day and a bit of a change because we all sat out in the warm sunshine. Its definitely starting to warm up. A good day with good people and a great BBQ, what more could you want really.

Anyway, talk soon, yea?

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Sporting Weekend

How bloody good was the AFL Grand Final draw!!!! I could not believe how crazy that was. For those of you who don't know or didn't see it the Australian Football League grand final was on the weekend and the two teams, St Kilda and Collingwood, drew! Its crazy I know. The other crazy thing is that in AFL there is no time on or extra time, a draw is a draw and so they come back next week and play again. Another game, another 100,000 people and another million BBQ's around the country. I really didn't want Collingwod to win so a draw was the perfect result for me. Hopefully this weekend the Saints get up.

The other incredible sporting event of the weekend was the Singapore F1 race. I have been a fan of the F1's for a long time and I am the first one to admit that a couple of years ago the sport became incredibly boring. The passing was limited and the racing was boring but this year has been one of the most exciting years in history. Last nights race in Singapore was no different. The race is held under lights which provides spectacular cinematography but the race, damn it was a good race. Too complicated to be written down through my little mind but all I can say is three different races all rolled into one by the end resulting in Webber and Hamilton colliding, Hamilton came off second best resulting in Webber's championship lead increasing. I hope the next race follows the seasons trend and is as great as this one.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Hospital Visit

Well this last week was a wealth of excitement all building up to a visit to the hospital! The weekend was damn fantastic. I did a cash job Saturday morning before heading home to set up for my birthday party that night. It started out as a small group of people and ended up with around 25 to 30 people outside all having a good time. Many of you were probably there. It was such a good night and there were so many great people. Some I have known for a life time and some I met that night. The best thing about having a party at your house is the last hour or so when most people have left and you get to hang out drunkenly with four or five good friends. I enjoyed it immensely.

Sunday was sluggish to get started, mainly due to the throbbing inside my head. Domi and I decided to go out and spend some of the spoils of my hard day at work the day before. We toured round to a few furniture stores to buy some bar stools for in our kitchen. It would have been quicker to find Where's Wally but after three hours we finally found two that we liked. We did a deal and were all ready to take them home when the lady said "we don't have any in stock so they will have to come from Melbourne, they will be here in 2 to 3 weeks!!!!! 2 to 3 bloody weeks! Melbourne in only an 8 hour drive, I will go get them myself for gods sake! Not very happy but I guess thats the way things are.

Before we knew it the working week was back again and it was Monday, or Tuesday or something. I laid more concrete and dug more holes. Tuesday night though I had an accident. My hand got crushed. At the time I didn't think it was too bad but the blood kept flowing and the swelling kept swelling. That night it didn't look to bad so I left it and decided I would go to work the next day and see how it felt. By Wednesday afternoon it was badly swollen and I could barely move any of my fingers. I got home and Domi told me straight away that we needed to go to the emergency. Fearing it was broken/infected I agreed and off we went.

I have had bad luck in the past with breaking fingers and having them heal wrong so we went down and sat in the emergency room. We sat and waited and sat and waited and then were moved into another room where we sat and waited.  Finally after nearly 5 hours of waiting, 4 x-rays, 2 cokes and a packet of M&M's I was given the all clear. Nothing serious was broken but I had a nasty infection in one of my knuckles and that had caused a lot of the swelling. I was given a big box of pills and we were out the door. Thank god.

Its still pretty sore today and movement is very very limited but at least nothing is broken.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Turning 20-old

Well I know you all have been waiting months for this day to come around and its finally here. I'm now officially 24! I know its ridiculously exciting and but please refrain from making a scene like you did last year at my 23rd.

In all seriousness turning 24 is a bit like turning 20, your not a teenager any more and it's not your 21st its just another birthday. I spent the day toiling away at work and it was just another day. This evening Domi cooked me chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and feta, wrapped in prosciutto as well as a grilled Hallourmi cheese salad. It was incredible. Not a bad way to turn 24 actually.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My House Lukewarming

Last week was really varied with work. I did a whole range of things. One day I bored holes in the ground, which I later concreted and then sat a transportable building on, I also dug a hole in solid rock for a small pumping station to go in. It was a tedious job because even with our rock breaker I was only able to dig down in 200mmm layers. Very slow when you have to dig 1.8 meters deep! It was a bit of an odd week too because its almost starting to warm up but the rain is still being a pain.

The weekend was good. Really good. Domi and I hung out Friday night and were both pretty stuffed so watched the Aussie rules football finals as well as on of the first American NFL Games for the season. I really enjoy watching the NFL, its brings back all kinds of good memories from my times in America. All I needed was a Dr Pepper and half a dozen of my loud relatives around me and I would feel like I was back there.

Saturday as usual was spent tidying up the house. I worked meticulously outside on the lawns and the gardens and by the end of the day the whole place looked great. I was going to take photos but as usual forgot. I planted some plants out in the front garden and even though I thought they were weeds they have now grown, greened and flowered... bonus!

Good good friends of ours, Steve and Bridie just moved into their new home so we were off round there Saturday night for a first look and a early small house warming (lukewarm). We ate pizza drank and got very merry. The girl and I both felt horrible the next day but it was definitely worth it. There was some hilarious photos taken of the girls on the make shift dance floor.

We started Sunday really ridiculously slowly and drug ourselves out of bed to watch the movie U571. After that the day picked up a little. We shopped at Marion for a present for my mum for her Birthday, Domi finished some of her paintings and I watched a lot of TV.

We had dinner with my family that night for my mums birthday and the food was fantastic but the first beer lasted me most of the night. Bloody hang over. I'm getting to old to drink this much.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

My Laugh

There is no way you cannot laugh at this! Awesome.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Chili Night

Last night I decided had to be curry night. I had an average day at work so I thought I would make a green curry to lighten my mood a little. It turned out to be one of my better efforts, curry wise and I felt great after. The only problem I have with chili and any spicy food is that it makes me sleepy. I really don't know why it happens but any time I eat spicy food its almost like taking a sleeping tablet. I'm fine when I eat it but about an hour later its sleep time. I read somewhere that chili in particular clears your sinuses which allows you to sleep better but I can't for the life of me work out why when I eat it I fall asleep. I made it to 9:00pm last night which was pretty good but the day I had was hardly strenuous so I definitely wasn't tired from that. I guess its just my bodies excuse for being lazy.

So I guess that's my scientific conclusion for the morning, chili+me=lazy!

Friday, September 03, 2010

My Horridness

Today was horrible. Shit in fact. It rained solidly all day long and I was soaked from about 10am onwards. I was working for a Plumbing company digging a hole for a pump station and inlet and out let pipes so couldn't just leave when the weather turned sour. The guys I was working with didn't want to be there either so the mood was gloomy. We finally finished at 2pm and by that time I was soaked through to my jocks. Everything I was wearing or near was soaking wet. Not the most enjoyable day.

I got home and Domi being Domi had chicken noodle soup waiting for me. I just don't know how I put up with her sometimes. I showered, souped and everything was all better, well, except the weather. Its still violent and shit outside but at least there is beer and footy and warmth inside. Enjoy the storm ladies and gents.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My Weary Mind

Well I should write about something exciting or something interesting but I'm just not going to. I'm tired and right now I just want to type these words for a while before I head off to bed. Today was like any other day except it was the first day of spring. It wasn't a nice day though and outside now, its raining, raining really heavily actually. So to you Spring, not what I was expecting. No warm weather and no hay fever which was awesome actually. Anyway I'm off to bed for a date with Beverly Hills Cop and Domi. Byes

My Diversity

Yesterday was a day of dirt and dump trucks at work and then arts and crafts at home. We dug a sewer trench that was about 120 meters long which involved moving a hell of a lot of soil out and then a hell of a lot of quarry material back in. It wasn't the most exciting job but hey it was work. That photo was taken in the quarry where they cart raw materials around with those articulated dump trucks.

After work I arrived home to find my beautiful fiance Domi painting some paintings for our home. We shopped on the weekend for paints and canvas' so she could do some painting during the week. She is doing a couple different styles for different rooms in our house but also doing a couple for us to give Steve and Bridie when they move into their new home. This first one she has done is a bit abstract and is going into our study. I have to say, its looking good baby. Can't wait to see the rest of your works of art!

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Couples Weekend

This weekend was a pretty lazy one. The girl and I did a bit of shopping but mainly just relaxed Saturday. I'm still feeling very average so it was nice to just do nothing. We worked around the house and then enjoyed a really beautiful tea before heading out to the Boho Bar for Erin and Kat's birthday celebrations. There was a big crowd there. Lots of old friends from my school days and also a few guys I hadn't seen for years. One thing I came to realize was that a huge amount of my friends are now in serious relationships. Its bizarre, a couple of years ago Domi and I and one other couple were the only people in a relationship. Our group of friends has always been a single group. Now a days it seems that all but a few have paired up. I guess we really are getting older.

We celebrated again Sunday night with a huge dinner at the Strand for Steve's birthday. Steve is a great friend of mine. We went through school together, played in a band together and have really stuck together through our adult lives. Him and his fiance have just bought a house in our area so its a great time for them. We drank wine and beer and enjoyed good food. The only downer on the night was that when Domi and I got back to my car some scum bag had keyed the tailgate on my ute. My car is only 12 months old so it pissed me off immensely.  I'm hoping I can buff most of the scratch out but we will have to see.

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Sickly Sweet

I'm sick. I know a lot of people already think I'm Fully Sick but this time its just regular sick, and it sucks. One of the worst things about working outside is working outside when you are sick. Its been cold, drizzly and horrible and feeling shit terrible doesn't make the horrid weather any better.

Steve and Bride stopped by our place on Wednesday night for tea and we chatted about them moving into their new house and everything else imaginable. It was a bit of a couple night but not too cheesy. We had plans to all go to the Nova Heaps Good Band Competition last night but I felt like absolute death and couldn't make it. Steve told me it was a great night and the two bands that won were amazing. I on the other hand was in bed at 7:20pm which was Awesome!

Last but not least this is a song that everyone in their lifetimes should here. It makes you realize how talented some people are and that you can make truly beautiful music with next to nothing. Bon Iver - Skinny Love.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Mundane Weekend

Counting, counting and counting. That's really what the weekend entailed for Domi and I. We spent 15 hours Saturday at a election polling booth directing people, crossing names off and then counting votes. The money was very very good but the day was very very long and horrifically boring. It was about $500 each for us to work there but we started at 7:30am and by the time all 4000 green House of Representatives votes and 4000 white Senate votes were counted it was 11:00pm. We weren't exactly keen to hit the town when we finished so yes, you guess it, bed time. Its not something I would like to do every weekend but for the money it was worth it.

The rest of the weekend was pretty slow. Domi and I just relaxed and enjoyed not counting. After such a mind numbing day it was really good to just let your mind drift and relax. How was your weekend?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Blackish Tinge

Well for the last two days I have been pouring and finishing coloured black concrete. Its pretty much the same as normal concrete except for the fact that its black and gets on everything and it doesn't bloody come off. I am covered in it. I have one more small pour tomorrow and then I won't be using it for a while, thank fuck. Its shocking, and has changed my normally pale skin to a weird blacky brown. Yay for variety in my work diet. At least the finished product looks good.

I wish every photo I take from now on has a thumb in it. Woo.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Weekend Wrap

The weekend was hectic. Well to be honest the last seven days have been pretty insanely busy. The end of last week, work wise, was crazy. We had to get a footing concreted because the forecast was for rain all weekend and this week so we worked like crazy and just got it done Friday before we got a sprinkle of rain. Friday night was an early one because I was on the job site at 6:20 and the job is an hours drive away! Saturday was another early start because I had a little job to do and the rain was predicted to get heavier. I thought I would start early and maybe beat it but I wasn't so lucky. I pulled up to the job and had barely gotten out of the truck when it started to bucket down. I worked like crazy for four hours in driving rain and was finished by 11 which I was overwhelmingly happy about. It was back home after that for an incredibly enjoyable hot shower and then off again.

After a quick shower and a bite to eat Domi and I went shopping for a new car for her. With the wedding coming up we are a bit pushed for cash but we really want to get her a new vehicle in the next twelve months. We had a couple in mind and so drove around to a couple of dealerships and test drove till our hearts were contempt. I think at the moment its a toss up between the new Mitsubishi Lancer and the new Mazda 3. We test drove a Holden Cruze but neither Domi nor I were a huge fan.
After doing a million miles in someone else's car we drove home to get ready for a big night out.

Saturday night was spent at the Adelaide Casino in the Balcony bar for Elyse's birthday. There was a lot of familiar faces and it was a really good night. I was annoyed because by about 11pm I was ready for bed. I had fun but even though there were flickering lights and loud noises I was having way to much trouble staying awake so It was off home to bed by around 12:30. God I live a rockstar life.

Sunday was pretty much all go as well. We got up and did some ridiculously exciting house work and then were off down to the Dublin for Bridie's birthday. Domi and I had a drink and a chat and then headed home to finish the house work excitement we had built before we left and then it were headed out for tea and Nathan and Cat's new place. The house they are renting is stunning and the wine and food was spectacular. Before we knew it it was late again and work was calling in the morning so we made the trek back home for a good nights rest.

I didn't do a lot at work yesterday which was bliss because I needed a day to get over the weekend. Such is life I guess. Bring this weekend on.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Tumble

Yesterday was a pretty boring mundane day at work. Except for one small accident. I had a load of clean soil in the truck that had to be dumped, so as i do, I drove to the dump at Lonsdale to get rid of the soil. The load had a bit of grass and other rubbish in it which they frown upon so I had to try and hide it when I dumped. When you tip the dirt out of the truck you tip over the edge of a huge dirt pile that is about 10 meters high. I backed right up to the edge so everything would fall down the embankment and no one would see the grass. I had to swing the tailgate of the truck so it would all come out. That was where the trouble began. It was incredibly windy and so I had to really push the tailgate to get it to open. With one great push it opened up, and I lost my footing. I slid and tumbled the whole way down the embankment. The soil was all lose and I couldn't stop myself. I landed in a heap at the bottom and looked up to see and mini avalanche of dirt coming down on top of me. I think about a half a tonne of dirt landed on me and most went in my boots and pockets. I got up, dusted myself off and tried to climb back up the pile... I couldn't. I ended up walking the whole way round the dump to try and get back to my truck which was sitting, running, with the door open. I was very unhappy and also quite filthy. Just another day I guess.

Friday, August 06, 2010

My Energy Kick

Energy drinks are something that fascinates me. I wouldn't say that I am hooked on them but I enjoy drinking them and I enjoy trying new ones. The other day I tried and drank a Wicked energy drink. It had 33% extra energy in the can which seemed like a great thing at the time but was too much. I spent the rest of my morning feeling uncomfortably energetic and felt quite excited about the fact I was wearing a BLUE SHIRT!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My Day Off

Today was wet, wild, windy and bloody horrible. It was to wet for us to be able to work on any of the jobs we have going at the moment so I had the day off. Days like these don't come around very often so I enjoyed it immensely. I watched a baseball game between the Phillies and the Marlins which was actually really interesting because American baseball is only on TV during the day time and I never get to watch it. The Phillies won the game which was good and then i did some exercise and now here I am.

I added a couple things to the blog today. The first is the exciting news that The Spud Blog now has a Facebook page, so head on over and check it out. You can even like it, if that's what makes you happy. The second is those nifty buttons at the bottom of all the posts. Instead of having to comment you can just leave a quick reaction. So check those out and if you don't like it I will throw a set of steak knives at you for good measure.

My Music

This is one of the songs that I cant get enough of lately. Its not the type of song I would normally listen too but it is probably one of the catchiest songs I have ever heard. Love it.

Here is Little Red with Rock It

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My Photo Day

For one of the days last week I carted soil from a job site to a dump on the other side of Adelaide. Driving all day isn't the most exciting of things to do so i kept my self entertained by taking photos of everything around me. There was a dog who lived at the house were we were working. It was a Kelpie cross Blue Healer and had one of the best temperaments I have ever come across in a dog. It loved that we were working there and was a huge fan of the piece of meat pie that i fed it.

The next photo was one of two planes crossing paths in the sky. I thought it looked great when I saw it, so guess what? I took a photo.

On my last trip to the dump I saw an animal in the distance, I caught my eye because straight away I thought to my self, that is a strange looking dog. As I got closer I soon realized that it was a fox. Even though Foxes and normally very timid it was not bothered by me at all. I drove right up to it. Took a photo and then watched it stalk and kill a rather large rat.

My last trip for the day took my to the Stonyfell Quarry to get a load of rubble. It was a foggy, overcast day, so it proved for some great photos up in the Quarry.

Monday, August 02, 2010

The Weekend

This weekend was peacefully awesome. It was spent relaxing with Domi and chilling out with a group of special friends. Friday night was a perfect relaxing night after a pretty hectic week. Domi and I headed on down to Tilney's place. We ate pizza, watched the football and just hung out. Saturday night was a very similar night except at our house. It was actually quite weird seeing Tilney two nights in a row because she is always busy and so are we. It was great to catch up on everything because we haven't seen each other in a few weeks. She is someone I always have time for. Sunday night was spent with another friend who we haven't seen for a long time as well. Jess came up to ours and stayed for tea. She has been jet setting around the country lately so she was full of stories and as always it was just great to see her.

Dom and I also managed to finish our save the date cards for our wedding. We made the decision a couple of months ago that we were going to get married in the Valley of Fire which is just out of Las Vegas. Its going to be a bit of a stretch because, it is on the other side of the world, but all of my American relatives will be there and hopefully some of our Australian friends too. Domi did 95% of the work on the invites and they look incredible. I was relegated to putting sticky tape on things but I did it pretty well. We will be sending them out soon and hopefully some people can make the big trek.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Story

I was working recently with an electrician which my family has know for many years. We were talking about everything in general when he started telling me a story about a job he had done earlier that week. He began to tell me that he was working at a young ladies house when he noticed, sleeping on her couch, a rather large cat. He made a remark about how big it was and she replied, "yea its a pure bread Persian and it weighs about 9 kilograms, I'm not very happy with it though". He went on to ask why she was so unhappy with this seemingly peaceful cat. She then proceeded to tell him that one week earlier she had gone out and bought a miniature shih tzu puppy. She had the puppy for a few days and had bought it a special bowl and special food and everything was going well. She went off to work one day and when she returned home she couldn't find the dog. She looked everywhere in her home until she found something she wasn't expecting. There on the ground in front of her were two back legs and half of a tail. The big fat Persian, weighing in at about 9 kilograms had eaten the whole dog!!! She then stated that the little puppy cost her $400 and that she had never had a $400 dollar meal in her life but her lazy fat cat had now enjoyed a $400 Shih Tzu mignon. She was very unhappy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Foggy Start

The other morning I walked out to the garage to get in my Ute and start another day and when the roller door went up, this is what confronted me. The fog gave the whole street an eerie peaceful glow. The trees up and down the street looked spectacular with their dull colours and a white back ground. It made everything seem dream like.

It wasn't the best start to the morning because its hard to get motivated when the world was dressed in its softest clothes but I managed the get to work and the day turned out to be pretty rewarding.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Observations

Today was a funny day. Not due to the work I did, that was quite boring, but due to what happened to me while I was having lunch. We were working near a shopping center so we went there to have lunch. We were sitting outside one of the coffee shops right near the entrance doors waiting for our food and coffee when a little girl ran full speed into the glass sliding doors. She must have thought they were going to open quicker than they did and ended up hitting them. She was fine and got up and walked off but I thought it was pretty funny. Only two minutes later and women walked out of the coffee shop and walked straight into the table we were sitting at. She obviously was paying any attention to where she was walking and nearly fell on her face. She got up and walked away fine but again I thought it was pretty funny. It was a bizarre series of events.

It was a very mundane day so I appreciated two lighter moments. Byes

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Pizza Night

Last night, even though it was a lazy Monday night, I came home and made pizza's. We have people over all the time and make home made pizza's but not normally on a week night because it is a lot of work and is time consuming. We have two pizza stones that we put in the oven to cook the pizza's perfectly. Last night I just felt like pizza, so I made it...

I got very carried away with the chili flakes on the last two but they were still incredible. I definitely have to make them more often. Come round some time, Phil's Pizzeria!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Job of the Week

Well the job for this week is another concreting job. It was a concrete slab 15 meters by 12 meters located at a scrap metal recyclers. It was an odd place to work because all day long cars were being crushed and different types and pieces of metal were going everywhere. It was a hard days work because there were only three of us but we got it all done and the end result was pretty good.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Wild Winter Weather

Friday night was a night of extreme winds and rain. When we woke up Saturday morning the front yard was littered with tree branches and leaf litter. One larger branch managed to fall directly on our phone cable and had pulled it out from the house. It meant we had no phone or internet which was really quit a pain. I called the phone providers and told them of our problem and was told that this was a very common problem in the area after the winds from the night before.

Not having the internet was surprisingly annoying and I never realized how much Domi and I rely on it. Our service has just been re-connected so here I am! How exciting. The internet feels new again.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

My Job of the Week

Well this is a new segment here at the Spud Blog. Its called job of the week and well its were I post a photo from a job I did this week. Pretty simple. This week's job of the week is a small bedroom and bathroom addition. We poured the slab and then it rained and I got soaked trying to finish the concrete. Awesome. Enjoy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Celebration Week

This last week has been on of anniversaries, celebrations and milestones. The first was that it was our one year anniversary of being in our home. Dominique and I moved in one year ago and it seems like only yesterday. So much has changed and this place really is a part of us now. I can honestly say that buying our home is the best thing we have done so far. The celebration was a party for Steve and Bridie's engagement. They are the next couple after Dominique and I to get engaged and so we celebrated Saturday night at the HWY function room. It was a pretty raucous sort of night and way too many drinks were had on my behalf. The milestone, and possibly the most important, was that this week was the four year anniversary of me starting this blog. Over the past four years there has been a lot of ranting, reviewing and all out dribble posted on this site but I promise it was all top quality. I'm glad I have kept this thing going and even though the past few years have been a little on the lean side, I think letters will always be typed into short rambling sentences and the words will flow on.

Here is to another four years of rambling on about what ever needs to be rambled about. Happy birthday blog.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Dissapointment

Alright so the world cup is here and everyone is excited and going soccer crazy in Australia. We all thought Australia would do really well because we did pretty well last time, but we were not so lucky. Our first game was early Monday morning our time and we got flogged! Germany thrashed us 4 nil and to be honest from what I saw on the replay we played terribly and deserved to lose. Its really sad because we played really well in the last world cup and it would be great for soccer in Australia if we won a couple of games but I think the campaign for this year is well and truely over.

I had to work the Monday that the game was on so didn't stay up to watch it and am glad I didn't. No one likes to see their team lose like that. Im not exactly soccer crazy but I will probably watch the next game because we play Ghana and we might have a small chance of beating them. Good luck soccer roos!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My News Update

Well here it is a quick news update of all the things that are happening in my life.

1. I got engaged! Woot! Dominique and are so happy and are really enjoying this new time in our life. We have had our engagement parties and now it is on to planning the wedding.

2. There was an earth quake here last night. It was a 3.8 but it is the first earth quake we have had in Adelaide in about 50 years so its a bit of an event.

3. We planted a veggie garden, lol.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Technical Step Back

I don't know why but I have taken a step back from Technology in the last few years. When I was younger I knew everything there was to know about every new gadget or piece of technology that was out there and now I just don't seem to care. The first thing I don't really care about is Blu-ray DVD's. What the hell are Blu-ray DVD's???? I know how they work but what makes a movie different because it is on Blu-ray and why do they keep advertising them? The next thing I don't care about is Twitter. I don't see why you need to write a sentence about what you are doing every 12 seconds. I mean I struggle to fill a blog post with what I have done over the past week let along writing every minute. I also hate iPhones. Not because they are part of this new crazy technology but because I don't have one. The problem with my work is that it is always dirty and dirt kills phones. It is pointless me getting a phone with a big touch screen because it will be ruined in 6 months. Damn I want cool apps tho!!!

Well now that I have had my rant I need to mention that I am only 23 and not 60 so I didn't type this up on a typewriter, but I am sticking to simple things. Maybe an iPhone one day but definitely no bloody Blu-Ray.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Outside Renovations

It was all progress this last weekend. I put the steel posts in for our retaining wall and domique painted one of the walls in the living room. The house is really becoming ours and we are finishing room after room. Even though its a lot like my normal work, it doesn't feel like working because you get to enjoy the rewards. I really enjoy it actually.

Sunday was spent down at Glenelg with Jess Telf for her going away. She was over seas for two years recently and is heading back over for another 7 weeks to meet up with her long distance boyfriend. We enjoyed a few drinks and a lot of warm afternoon sun. It turned from a horrible morning into a glorious afternoon. A really great day to be drinking in the sun.

This week is back to work as normal and hopefully I cat pick up the concrete sleepers for our retaining wall and finish that this weekend. Woo.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My 2010

Well its a new year and I honestly cant believe 2009 is over. It was a huge year. Dominique and I bought our house, I bought a new ute and just about ever week something amazing happened. So far 2010 has been just as eventful. Work has been absolutely crazy and even with all the doom and gloom of the recession we still have almost more work than we can handle. I have just started doing some landscaping in the front yard of our house so that will brighten the whole front up and make it look so much better.

Last year was a lean year for me blogging wise but I am going to try and get back into it for 2010. See you soon.