Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Freebie Tea

Last night I did the usual and got tea at Montezuma's with Cat. It was different last night because two awesome things happened. The first came when the waiter came up to us and said that since we come in there so often she would shout us drinks. We were over joyed and ordered a round of Cokes. The girl sort of laughed and then said she had something more adventurous in mind. I got a Millers Beer and Cat got a Malibo and pineapple. It was the best thing ever.

Tea was awesome as usual and afterwards we decided to head down to get coffee. My friend Sophie was working so we ended up paying nothing for two large coffees. Life is good when you don't pay for things. I have made a decision to only eat places where I know people so as to not pay full price for anything anymore, lol. Bye now.

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cat bean said...

hehe how awesome are we hehe