Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Hump Day

Hey, it's hump day today and I'm quite happy. This week has been good but it has dragged. I just drove from the girls house home to meet dad before we head off to a job. I thought I would get some typing in and do a morning blog. The week, as I said, has been a bit slow. Its been an odd week because yesterday was really hot and now today is rainy and gloomy.

Monday night the girl and I were a bit bored so we invited Tilney over for tea. It was good just to chill out but as usual we ate too much and all got sleepy. Tilney managed to forget her sunnies and because I'm awesome I dropped them off to her early the next morning. She was in the shower and I got quite a surprise when he dad answered the door in his dressing gown. Hilarious.

Yesterday annoyed me. I headed home and went to work. My old man bought a new ute so he was picking that up in the afternoon. We did some small jobs in the morning and then I had some time in the afternoon so I though I would tie up some odd jobs. A few months ago I received a statement telling me that I owed the government a bit of money from when I was at uni but I did not think it was correct because I had paid everything up front when I was there. I had called the tax department and sorted some of it out but I had to head into the uni to find out what the story was, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity.

I got into uni and it turns out that they had originally sent me an invoice for an amount which I paid in full, but it was the wrong amount. I ended up owing another 600 bucks which I had been paying interest on for the last two years. This really pissed me off because it has cost me money now because they couldn't send out the right invoice. I got back to the girls place and had to ring the taxation department again which took forever because I sat on hold for another 15 minutes, again. After a few dramas it was all paid and settled but it still annoyed me. After all the commotion the girl and I ate tacos that were goooooood, and everything is tip top again, haha.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Hot/Cold

Isn't it weird how people can be a hot or cold person. Im a hot person. Im always hot, I wear shorts all year round and even at night I normally dont get cold. I went to the snow earlier in the year and, to everyone is was withs amusement, I wore shorts some of the time. The girl on the other hand is a cold person. She has the heater on all the time and is always cold when we got out no matter what she is wearing. I think it is so funny and weird how different people can be.

This weekend was very relaxed. The girl and I just chilled at home Friday night and watched the footy and then some movies. The footy game was brilliant. A friend of mine plays for Collingwood and didn't get a lot of the ball in the first quarter but after that kicked two goals and had quite a good game. Collingwood lost and on Saturday Port Adelaide won so it will be a Port Adelaide vs. Geelong grand final. It should be an incredible game but I don't really know who I want to win yet.

The girl and I both worked Saturday morning. I finished work and had to head to mine to pick up some things. I finished everything I needed to do at the job I was on but didn't have a pair of tin snips to cut about a square inch of steel off that would have completed the job so I had to get them and stop off to finish on my way to the girls house. We chilled out for a bit and had lunch before getting ready and blinged up to go to Nicoles 21st. The theme was bling. I was in just suit pants with a nice shirt and tie. My bling though was two very large fake diamond earings. I looked hilarious and during the night we worked it out that I looked like Peter Andre. I felt dumb. We drank and had a merry time at the Edinburgh Hotel before heading into town at a club called Elektric. Everytime I have ever gone to Elektric I haven't managed to get in for some odd reason. We either get there and everyone we know has left or there is a huge line or we cant be bothered so this time our names were on the door. I was dissapointed. Apparently it was a quiet night and it wasn't really my scene. The girl and I were pretty stuffed so we had a few drinks and headed off. It was a pretty good night and I had a good time even though I didnt know that many of the people there. I dont know if I will be hitting Elektric again soon but oh well. Bye now.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Soreness

This week has been tough at work. My old man is away on holidays so I have been working by myself. Yesterday I worked hard. I had the crappy job of putting up a fence and so I had to dig the holes for the posts and concrete them in. Normally we use a hole borer on an excavator to dig the holes but because of the limited access on this job I had to dig them by hand and hot diggity was it a challenge. The worst part was that I had organised to have a game of squash with Hoggot last night. Luckily he was just as buggered from work so it was a pretty even game. We played for a few hours and then called it quits when neither of us could run any more. After squash I was definitely stuffed and cruised to the girl's house to have a shower and hit the hay.

This morning was a challenge too. I seriously didn't want to get out of bed and once I had I regretted it. I was sore all day. Squash is an awesome game but when you only play it once every few months it just about kills you.

The girl and I are heading out to the Kentish tonight with people to have a few drinks and tea. I can't remember the last time we went there so hopefully this resparks our ritual of eating there. Bye now.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My 21

Also, I'm 21. Go me!

My Trip and Being Back

Well it wasn't really a trip but it was awesome to get away. The girl and I left town Thursday night. We hit Maccas on the way down for some cheeseburgers because we were starving and didn't pack a lot of food. Once we got down there we cooked some packet pasta just to last us through till we shopped in the morning. It was such a relief to be out of town and relaxing by the open fire. We chilled out and watched TV that night and then crashed pretty early because we had both gotten up early for work that morning.

The weekend was very relaxed. We didn't do a lot. We just sat by the fire and watched TV, played video games on the old Super Nintendo and played monopoly. We shopped on the Friday and bought a heap of junkish food that we ate too much of all weekend but it was still awesome.

On Saturday nigh the two of us got quite drunk just for the hell of it and when the clock turned 12 we celebrated my 21st. We even lit sparklers. Very funny.

We woke up Sunday morning and decided to head back to town. There is now phone reception down there so I got a barrage of messages wishing me happy birthday which was nice and then we were back in town. Hoggot came round and dropped off one of my presents which made me laugh. For my 16th birthday I had a massive party at my house and Emma, a good friend of mine was coming round. She did not want to come without any sort of present so she grabbed a coffee mug that had written on it, Never Never Never Give up. It was such an odd present and from then on people always give me coffee mugs with weird slogans on them. Hoggot managed to find one that said, A tonne of fun, 21. I thought it was gold.

Sunday night we decided that going bowling and then down to the Dublin was an appropriate way to celebrate a 21st. So thats what we did.

Today I didn't go to work because well, I'm 21 now and I don't need reasons. I chilled out with the girl this morning before she went to work and then did a heap of odd jobs. For tea tonight Cat came round and we cooked enchiladas. They were awesome and for the first time in a long time we ate so much that we couldn't even fit desert in. Crazy town!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My 21

Well I'm definitely sick. I went to work today and poured a slab for a small extension by my self and it nearly killed me. I felt terrible all day.

The girl and I are heading down to my farm tonight until next week. It will be great to get away. When we return I will be 21! A few people are coming down to so it will be a whole lot of fun. Anyway I'm out of here. See you when I'm one year older!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My 11th

Well today is September 11th. It is always a weird day for me because today is also my mums birthday. Its a time for celebration but it also brings back memories of the attacks of six years ago. My mum was born in America and so I have family scattered all over the place over there. On that day six years ago one of my cousins had a job in the Pentagon but luckily was working for the government over seas at the time. It was a really tense day because we had trouble contacting our family over there. It still takes my breath away when I see that footage.

Six years on I don't know what to think about the many conflicts that have result directly and indirectly from those attacks. I think the world is still nervous and rightly so bu I think our anger has been taken out on the wrong people and in the wrong way. I don't think the war on Iraq is right but I do think that something needed to be done in that region. Weather this was the right thing to do or not I'm not sure. I think Afghanistan has suffered a lot in the last six years but I do believe it is a slightly better place because of the occupation. I hope that one day soon the outside world can stop interfering with the middle east but I don't really know how soon that day will be. I just hope things get better and then world can relax a bit.

My Sickle

Alright so I'm sick and it's sucking. I didn't work yesterday, well, I didn't really move yesterday. I woke up early because the girl left at 6:45 for her work and I felt fine and then when I got up for work I felt incredible nauseous. I felt pretty good after tea but just before the girl and I went to bed I started feeling nauseous again. This morning it was a lot of the same. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm pregnant but I'm a 20 year old male so I think the chances of that are pretty slim.

Oh well I guess I may as well go lie down some more and watch Transformers again, hehe. Bye now.

Monday, September 10, 2007

My Talkings

Isn't it funny that its so hard to make conversation with someone who you have never met and know nothing about but when it comes to old friends or the girl who I know everything about we can talk for hours. I don't think you ever know absolutely everything about a person and that amazes me. Ever day the girl and I talk for hours and I hear something new every day. The world is one crazy place.

My Village Time

Saturday night was a whole different kettle of plums. During the day Saturday my old man and I put new brake pads on the girls car and did some other stuff. I finished at about 1ish and came home to meet Tilney and the girl. We just chilled out at mine during the day and watched the footy.

When the night came, everyone came round to my house for tea and to get ready to head up to Steve's 21st. The party was a themed party with the theme being a rockstar or music icon. We had the idea to go as The Village people and because I work in construction I ended up being the worker and wore a reflective safety vest, my work boots and shorts and a big yellow hard hat. The best part of the night was the fact that I ruined ever photo that was taken near me because I came out as a big blur due to my vest. Very funny. It was a good night and as usual I got plastered.

Sunday morning came too quickly and I was feeling very seedy. The girl and I headed down to Glenelg to get take away food for breakfast which was a mistake and made me feel even worse. I ate two Hawaiian yiros and almost died after. We let our stomachs settle then went and got Tilney because she has left her car at mine the night before. She was a laugh and then the girl and I were bored again. We had been invited to Adams house to have tea with his parents so watched the Transformers movie to fill in time before we got ready and left for his house.

For tea Adams father, Ross, cooked crumbed chops. Now I have never really been a huge fan of lamb but I really enjoyed them. I ate about 8 and was quite satisfied. We ate and drank and ate and drank, as you do at Adams house and then headed home to chill out and wait for the F1's to start. The coverage did not come on until 1:30am so the girl and I decided to stay up and watch them. We lasted till 12 and then crashed, lol. good on us. Bye now.

My Family Event

Last Friday the whole birthday thing started. I had to go out for tea for my 21st with my family and some family friends that we have known for years. Its always boring when we go out with them because, well, they are boring people. They are very traditional and very strict where as my family are a little bit odd and a little bit crazy. Its funny because of the differences in the stories that come up but mainly it was boring. The girl and her mum came along too and kept me sane.

The Royal Adelaide Show started on Friday night and although it was really hard to get a park at the restaurant, we did get to watch the fireworks from our table which was nice. When we arrived a band were setting up called the Essential Rhythm Band and we all made the joke that Rhythm was essential but talent was optional and we were right. They had their moments but it was mainly bad covers, so, that was a little entertaining too.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Anoyance

Today I had two jobs to do. In the morning I had to pour a bathroom floor and then in the afternoon I had to get another job ready to be poured tomorrow. At the first job another guy was there to help me and I can safely say he was the most annoying person I have ever met. The guy was in his forties and for the whole time I was there spoke like Borat. It was terrible. I heard him say ever quote imaginable and ever two minutes he would come out with, "Is Nice", or "we have sexy time". It was so bad.

I cant believe anyone that age could be so childish and so annoying. He had no clue about anything to do with building so that made me chuckle too. Oh well, another day, another dollar and another hindrance.

I got a hair cut tonight as well. Its not too short and I have to say I look better than I did before. Good on me... byes.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My 21st Time

This weekend was another round of 21st. The girl and I watched the footy Friday night and were incredibly happy because the Crows won and made it into the finals. After the footy was finished we caught a lift with Adam into town to celebrate Erin's 21st birthday. We met everyone at the Belgium Beer bar and stayed for a few drinks. Adam, the girl and I were all pretty tired so we headed home early.

Saturday night followed the same plan. We hit the Dublin to watch the footy and celebrate Layno's birthday. There was a pretty big crowd and it turned out to be an awesome night. I saw a lot of different people and even had a few beers with my friends new boyfriend who I get along with surprisingly well. There was another 21st happening at the Dublin and about half way through the night they managed to start a fight just as I was walking through the group. I got pushed around a bit but didn't throw any punches so it was all good. A pretty eventful night in the end.

Photos: Lots of rocks in the quarry, 50km per hour... man, I built a retaining wall up at sterling out of huge two tonne rocks and
probably the ugliest car I have ever seen.

My Persistance

For the past week or so I have been working up at Sterling. Every morning we head into the Sterling Bakery for a cup of coffee and breakfast. Its always interesting to watch different people and how the react with certain situations.

The other day I watched a little kid interacting with the automatic doors and it made me laugh. His mother and him had finished their lunch and she had gone up to pay. He jump out of his chair and was drawn towards the door. He had watched people come in and out and the doors open and close by themselves and was amazed. He was fascinated that the doors would open automatically. The funny part was that he was two short to set the sensor off to open the doors. This confused him endlessly.

He tried and tried to get the doors open and in the end resorted to trying to pry them open with his fingers. He finally managed to pry them open only to have them snap back shut pinching his fingers. I found this quite hilarious but it only got funnier when he tried two more times with the same result. After hurting himself a few times his mum was finished and walk up to him. You should have seen the look of amazement on his face when his mother picked him up, opened the doors automatically and walked out. Made me smile.