Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Addiction

I have recently realized that I have a huge addiction to coffee and all things caffeine. Now I know I'm not exactly standing in front of a group of people saying "Hi, my name is Phil, and I listen to hair metal and am a Meth addict" but hey give me some credit for outing it. Now I have always loved a coffee, especially in the morning but lately I think I have taken it a bit to far with energy drinks. I seemed to get sucked in at the service station or shop and buy two instead of one due to the cheap price but always end up drinking both instead of just the one. I guess its a better addiction than some but I am still weary. I had the thought about participating in dry July but instead of not drinking alcohol I thought of giving up coffee/caffeine but to be honest I don't know if I could. The giving up alcohol would be a piece of cake. I don't really drink that much. Sometimes on the weekend but hardly during the week at all so I think I will just forget I ever thought about the caffeine thing and do that.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just a Thought

I Love being so in love with you and I love that cheeky smile you gave me.
I Love that after really meeting him I know what you see and that he is right for you.
I Love that you changed your whole life for someone and now it has made you happier than I have ever seen you.
I Love that today you did but Hate that tomorrow you wont.
I HATE that when you walked through our door I could see the depression on your face and I am so sorry that your life isn't going to plan.
I hate that we haven't seen each other in a while but Love that there are going to be so many stories at dinner tomorrow night.
I LOVE that you are in a new relationship with our old friend and I Love that smile you have on your face.
I Love that a simple question has reminded us how long we have been friends.
I do Love your friendship and I promise we will be over to see you soon.

I Love that one day, one of you, some of you, might actually read this.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday, June 05, 2011

My Lemon Weekend

This weekend has been bliss. I was destroyed from the week of work and fell asleep early Friday night after having an absolutely amazing roast dinner that Domi cooked. After working a lot of weekends lately having two days off is awesome. It feels like a little holiday.

Saturday was spent doing some intense gardening. I joke, I joke. There is nothing intense about gardening but you just don't see those to words together very often. I pruned and weeded the gardens and it was just good. It was nice to be able to just do random things I wanted to do outside with out having to fly around and do it all quickly like a normally do. Our lemon tree has been fruting like a crazy tree so I decided to start picking late Saturday afternoon. After filling two giant bags I got sick of it and stopped. I probably only picked half the lemons and when I weighed the bags there was 23 KGS of lemons in total. That's a shit load of citrus mate. So now we have to work out what to do with all these lemons.

Today was another lazy day really. Domi and I went down to Marion shopping centre to wizz around and get some clothes. I really do hate shopping so I was in and out of there. Got a couple new shirts, a couple of jackets and things like that in preparation for our trip to the USA next year. It will be weird leaving boiling hot Australia with a suitcase full of jackets and jumpers.

I think this week will be a bit of a catch up week. Due to working a lot and the wheather being average Domi and I haven't seen a lot of our friends so I think this week we will try and see some people we haven't seen in a while. Its a hard time of year with the days being so short. Its hard to do anything when its dark at 6pm. I do like the cold but I am starting to get sick of winter. Bring on the warmer months and the longer days mother nature.


Thursday, June 02, 2011

My New Beat

Well its been a slow couple of weeks now. A lot of tiring work and not a lot of anything else. To get by I have found some awesome new tunes. Here they are so check them out.

This is the new song by Boy and Bear, Its called Feeding Line. It has a very Mumford and Sons sound to it. A great song!

Something a little different in this one. Its Diafrix with Simple Man. Its just a really catchy tune.

Last but definitely not least is Close Your Eyes with Song For The Broken. Some thing a bit heavier and a bit more up beat to end on. Get on it!

Got a pretty busy weekend coming up. Emma and Brad are up for dinner tomorrow night before heading out to see the Lost Show play their last gig as a six piece band. Not to sure about Saturday day or night but since I'm not working I think I might just do nothing for a bit. Should be good. Hit me up if you are in Adelaide town! Byes