Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Winter

Its been raining. It started raining on Thursday and it hasn't stopped. It's almost weird seeing rain like this because it hasn't rain continuously here for years.

Apart from the rain... I bought a new computer and got a free upgrade for a gigantic screen. Its pretty damn awesome really. It barely fits on my desk but its still awesome.

This weekend the girl and I went away down to the farm for our one year anniversary. I still cant believe we have been together for a year. I kind of find it weird that someone can put up with me for that long. It was good though. We went out for tea and then just relaxed down at the farm. One year is a long time. I cant believe its been this long. Its been good though.


Monday, April 23, 2007

My Thinkings

I woke up this morning feeling really seedy after drinking too much last night at Susi's. I got home and chatted with the girl for about and hour and then fell asleep. I didn't fall asleep early enough though because from 6:30, when I got up till about 11.00 i felt shocking. It was a pretty easy day though so that helped.

Today we sprayed the walls to finish the pit we have been working on for the last week or so. The spray blokes came did their job and everything went well, unlike the last pour. I had never seen the way they spray concrete and it was really interesting to watch. The concrete is pumped through a hose just like a normal concrete pump but then is fed through a nozzle where high pressure air is pumped in which vaporises the concrete. crazy.

So while I was enjoying my lean beef burger at McDonald's I read some very interesting articles in today's paper. The first was quite humorous. It turns out that on the weekend a drunken yobbo managed to steal a taxi, drive 300 meters down the road, pick up a passenger, drive another 300 meters and then crash into a parked car. I thought this was gold because not only was he so drunk that he crashed but he had the idea that hey I could make some money out of this.

The second story that I found very interesting was about Cambodia and the countries history. In the 70's and 80's there was wide spread genocide throughout Cambodia. It was estimated that somewhere between 1.7 and 3 million people where murdered by the government. It was discovered not long ago that most people in Cambodia don't actually know about their own countries genocide. The people were so oppressed during and after the killings that it is almost a forgotten memory. Today marked the realise of a book written about the whole history of Cambodia's oppressive regime of the 60's to the end of the 80's. It has been published as a book for all Cambodians and they are hoping it will educate people enough to stop anything like it from happening again.

Another interesting thing I saw on TV was a show about two men who, after having strokes, became incredible artists where they talentless before. It went into depth about how when one side of the brain is turned off the other side takes over. The men had strokes in a certain part of their brains that turned on their creative skills. It then went on to compare the stroke victims to autistic children who have outstanding artistic skill. The only difference is in autistic children their artistic skill is in recollection of details which gives them the skill to draw very accurate art work. The difference in the stroke victims was that their art work was very abstract and bizarre. Doctors can not work out how, for two different reasons, people can become obsessively creative in ways that are complete opposites. I thought this was incredibly interesting because it show us we really know very little about the human body.

Happy pondering. Bye now.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Hurting Hand

I got hurt at work this week. It sucked. We were lifting mesh into the pit we had dug and one sheet swung around and when I went to steady it, it sliced the palm of my hand open. It wasn't that bad but it bled a lot.

Apart from that it was a very hectic week. Wednesday night I went out with Hoggot and Sam and met up with an old school friend. We ended up having a few drinks and it was a really good night. I was buggered Thursday because of the shenanigans from the night before but still managed to organise a Mexican night at Montezuma's and then we all headed down to the Dublin for Susi's birthday. That ended as a late night as well so i was buggered Friday because of the shenanigans from the night before.

Friday started badly but then finished ok. It started early and I was just a slight bit hung over so that made the morning a challenge. Friday was the day that we were pouring the floor to the pit we had dug last weekend. We were all waiting for the concrete pump to be set up when the first concrete truck pulled up. He backed up to the pump and was waiting in his truck. He decided to come in and have a look at the hole but before walking inside the building he started his truck on mix to give the concrete a bit more of a mix. We were all standing around talking when all of a sudden we heard someone shout "there is concrete going everywhere". We all ran out and to our surprise there was concrete coming out of the truck into the concrete pump and overflowing into the car park. It turned out that the concrete trucks controls had been a bit dodgy lately and instead of mix it had turned to discharge and so about 5 tonne of concrete was now, ever where. We were not very happy.

After about and hour and a half of cleaning up we ordered the next truck and all was go. The rest of the day went pretty well so that was a relief.

Friday night I had plans to do nothing but it turned out that it was one of my school friends birthdays so we headed out to the Seacliff hotel fo a drink. It didnt last long because I was stuffed from work, Hoggot was stuffed from work and Tilney was stuffed from work. We chilled out for about 20 minutes and then headed home.

In a spur of the moment desicion the girl and I decided to head down to our farm Saturday afternoon and so we did. It was good to just relax and do nothing. The crows won and Holdens won the race in New Zealand so it was a good weekend.

Tonight I am heading up to Susi's fro drinks for her birthday so im sure I will be tired on monday again, lol. Byes

Monday, April 16, 2007

My Crazy Day

You wouldn't believe what happened today... But more of that later.

Everything has been crazy. Last week i worked at so many different jobs. I had to rock break a pit out with our little excavator and then wasn't supposed to be working on the weekend but ended up working Saturday and Sunday. We got a job to put a pit in and we managed to dig it all in the weekend. The hole is 14 meters by 4.4 meters and 1.8 meters deep. We dug out about 250 tonne of dirt so it was a lot of work.

Today started as a very mundane and boring day and ended with a bit of panic and despair. We had just popped round to a store near our yard pick up a part that had broken on one of our trailers when all of a sudden we heard a loud explosion. By the time we had run out of the shop and onto the road there was a thick cloud of black smoke heading our way. We were standing out the front of the fire station on South road and when people started coming out of the smoke we thought we should let the fire fighters know so we ran into the station but couldn't find anyone. After a fair bit of shouting someone actually came out to meet us and when told there was a fire they sounded almost confused. I think we might have caught them napping but after a minute they got there shit together and were on the scene. It turned out that the fire was in a paint importers warehouse and the paint was what caused such thick black smoke. Luckily no one was killed because it was only seconds until the whole warehouse was engulfed in flames.

The fire was so intense that the fire fighters couldn't get close enough to put the flames out and had to wait for two ladder trucks to come and douse the fire. In the end about 13 fire trucks were on the scene which was a bit of an overkill, but still good to watch.

In the end the fire was definitely the highlight in what was quite a boring day. We did a lot of running around picking up things so at least there was some excitment.

On movie news, I did go and see 300 last night and I have to say it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It was incredible. The way it was written and the special effects made it absolutely intense to watch. I was immensely violent but not distasteful so if you get a chance to go see it I would strongely recommend it.

Well thats it so far. Have fun. Bye now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Photoless Blog

I realised that I haven't been posting many photos as of late so I thought I would take a couple of what I did today. First off I poured a small concrete pad for an air conditioner and then loaded some waste fibreglass into the truck and dumped it. It wasn't a very exciting day but I got paid so its ok. I will try and take some photos tomorrow of non work related things. Probably of cars but hey what do you expect.

Bye now.

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Hollywood Night

Went to a party that ended in a very movie like way. Everything was going to plan until someone decided to ride a motorbike through the house and leave rubber all through the kitchen. It was definitely a different thing to see at a house party and made me think of different movies that that had happened in. I ended up drunk again and didn't get home till about 3 or 4. I felt terrible this morning and still feel and bit under the weather.

I have to give a shout out to Cholas who has been a bit under the weather this weekend after having a few too many drinks. Hi to my little cat as well. Hope you are having fun on your island.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Sleep

So its Sunday morning and I just woke up after falling asleep while watching the footy. I had plans tonight but they kinda went out the window. Whats that you ask? Did I have a big night last night? Well yes I did actually. There were plenty of drinks had and although I didn't puke in the lawn, plenty of other people did.

Yesterday afternoon people came round to mine and a time was had by all. We took it easy but still managed to be incredibly drunk by about 9. We left my place and headed to another party which turned out a bit average so it was back to mine again. Highlights of the night were scotch straight from the bottle, urgh, seeing a guy who had just seconds before been passed out, do a backflip off a diving board into a freezing cold pool, lol.

This morning I woke up early and went out to survey the damage. The blokes who had crashed here were up already and feeling worse than I was but the house didn't look to bad. We cleaned up for about and hour and a half and it was pretty good. The girl is working night shifts at the hospital all through Easter so she missed out on the festivities and slept through the cleaning. She woke around 12 just in time for pasta for lunch.

Tonight I planned to head down the Grand for Ashley's birthday but kinda slept through it. The West Coast Eagles won though so I'm doing well in my tips this week.

After waking and seeing the end of the footy I watched a short film about what happens to imaginary friends when they are forgotten. It was very well done and quite funny. I am now watching the Formula One's from Malaysia. It is just qualifying and I think I will have people over here tomorrow night to watch the race.

Anyway its bed time because it is. Night night, have fun.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Band Days

When I was in school and for a while after I played in a band called Borderline. We played a few gigs and had some pretty good songs but it was really more about chilling out and playing music than trying to get massive. We were together for a few years and when we finally broke up it was a major event in all of our lives because we all felt like we had lost something.

In the early years we would jam every Saturday before going out that night. The band and I were such close friends and we almost did everything together. Sam, Susi, Steve and I just about lived together. We had a ritual where every time we jammed we would start the jam by playing System Of A Down songs to get us pumped up. We did this for years and it was always one of the funnest parts of any jam.

This week I have been listening to System Of A Downs Toxicity cd and it has brought back so many good memories. It has made me think though and I have realized that I miss being in Borderline because of how much fun we had and how close we all were back then. Its sad but we arn't as close now and I miss that the most.

Also on this day, the great Martin Luther King Jr. was assasinated so we should all take that in and bless him for the way of life we now have.

Bye now, Have fun.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Fast Pace

Well this last week and a half have been flat out for me. Work has been full on and so has everything else. I had two days off this weekend where i should have relaxed but I didn't.

Last week we started a job at a company called Orrcon. They make steel tubing and we were employed to rip out one of the tube mills. We finished today and ended up scrapping 110 tonnes of steel. It was a big job. The best thing about my work is every job is sooo different. I went from finishing concrete one day to oxy cutting apart a 12 tonne bit of junk.

Another upside from work last week was that i got my licences for a heap of different machinery. I already knew how to drive it all but you need site tickets when you enter sites like Orrcon.

The weekend started Friday with tea with the family and friends of our. I was so hungry I ate an 11inch pizza and a 600 gram steak. I thought i was going to die after and then felt good, then very sleepy, lol. Saturday the girl and I picked up our new mattress for her house. Its a bit of a step for us and it means a lot for the both of us. We hired a trailer and took it to her house and I nearly burnt out her clutch backing it into her driveway because its on a hill and I haven't driven a manual for about 3 years. I thought I did great.

Saturday night started with tea and Indochine and then drinks at the Dublin. We drank a lot of Guinness and a few Jager bombs and it was a good night.

Last night I went a saw Guttermouth and Reel Big Fish Play at Fowlers live. It was such a good gig because they are very different bands. The funniest quote from Guttermouth was "You should thank us because if we weren't here this just might have been the best gig you ever see". Hilarious. Another quirky thing was that after every song the guitarist from Reel Big Fish you say "thank you sir, thank you madam, thank you sir, tank you madam" until they started the next song. Hilarious.

This week is Easter so i have some time off which I am going to love. Big plans already.

Well I'm off now to play squash with Hoggot and friends so that should be good. Bye now.