Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Tonsillitis... Again

Last night was pretty good. The family, the girl and I headed out to tea for my old mans birthday day and the meal was very good. We sat down just in time to watch the sunset which was nice too.

After tea I started to feel a bit average and I soon realised what it was. I had been feeling pretty lousy all weekend but I thought it was just because I was run down from work but last night it really hit me. I have tonsillitis again. This is going to be the third time in about two months. Gay house.

I felt ok this morning before work but during the afternoon a started to feel lethargic again. I will have to go see the doctor again which should be fun and hopefully I don't have to get the suckers yanked out.

Well that's my tales of tonsillitis. Have fun. Bye now.

Monday, October 30, 2006

My Sore Neck

Yesterday was hilarious. There were a lot of drunk old people at Julies 50th and it made it worth being there. It was good to see some of Adams family because I have known him for 16 or something years now and I have met most of his family. It was a pretty good day in the end and I left pretty drunk.

After the party Sam and I headed into town to see Raised Fist. It was amazing. Raised Fist are a Swedish hardcore band and they are very different to any other band in that genre. They are very positive guys and it was amazing to see them live. After the gig we chilled out back at Adams and recovered.

Today has been a lazy day for me. I got up late because yesterday and last night really took it out of me and I woke up with an incredibly sore neck. I spoke to Sam and he said he was sore too. I think it was because I got hit with a guy while I was in the mosh but I'm unsure, lol.
Bye now.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Slow, Fast

Well this weekend has been rather slow. I worked yesterday so I went out Friday night until 11 which was exciting. I had a 6:00am start so I wasn't all that keen to go out Saturday night but it was ok. We cruised around the bay then decided to head into the casino. I was $25 dollars up at one stage then lost me money, lol. It was an ok night though. Today is going to be fast. I'm heading to a friends mums 50th then a friends sisters 22nd then out to see raised fist play at the uni bar. Should be crazy. Have fun.
Bye now.

Friday, October 27, 2006

My Shameless Promotion

Hey guys im on 25peeps.com again. Its a site that promotes blogs and is kinda of a battle of the blogs in the end. I would love it if you would click on this link, this link and maybe even this link to help me. Once you are on the site please click on the photo of me and try and keep my blog on there as long as possible. Thank you.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

My I'm Back Post... Delayed

Ok so I got back from Queensland on Saturday and its now Thursday. That equals me being lazy and busy.

Queensland was amazing. It was so good to have a holiday and just hang out with the girl. While we were up there we went to some of the attractions like Sea World where the girl swam with sharks, we ate too much, including buying a litre of chocolate chip and cookie dough ice cream only to find that it wouldn't fit in the hotel fridge so we had to eat all of it. We cruised around to different places, we went to one of their big shopping centres and walked around. We tried to get into the casino but I told the girl it was Queensland and of coarse they would let her in with thongs on but they didn't. We spent a whole day at the beach and in the hotel pool and on the last night there we went on a night club tour which was really good. I wasn't drinking because I was still on my antibiotics but I still had fun. Overall it was a great trip.

We got back at 8:15pm on Saturday night. I rushed home and showered and got changed before we headed out for the girls 21st. It was great to meet some of her friends that I had never met before and it was awesome to see all my people. The night ended pretty early because me and the girl were very tired. We got up the next day and watched motor racing which was good because holden won, woot.

This week has been flat, flat, flat out. We started a huge job building a factory which will keep us busy for the next few months. I saw the comedian Arj Barker Tuesday, went out to tea with Tilney Wednesday and was out for tea again tonight. I cant believe its been so long since I have posted... Photos.

The sunset the night before I left for Queensland. My plane. Sea World. The view from the tallest building in Surfers Parradise. A fish a Sea World. A Puffer fish. One of the sharks the girl swam with. The Arj Barker comedy gig.
Bye now.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Bad Timing

I'm sick. Its craphouse.
I had a massive day at work yesterday. It involved my old man and I lifting 75, 97kg concrete blocks to make a retaining wall. I started to feel lousy at the end of the day and this morning I felt like hell so I went to the doctor and yea I have tonsillitis again which sucks. I leave for Queensland tomorrow so I'm doped up on antibiotics and I should be fine.

As I said I leave for Queensland tomorrow so for the next few days there will be zero posts but when I get back there will be a massive one with pictures gallore. Awesome.
Well have fun. Bye now.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Surprise

Ok so I HATE Australian Idol. I think it degrades real musicians but i saw this a few weeks ago while just flicking through the channels. This guy is a little retarded but damn this is an awesome song. Bobby Flynn - Superfreak. Enjoy.

Friday, October 13, 2006

My Laundry

Ok so I had to head down to the laundry mat on Friday because our clothes dryer died and wearing wet clothes so work sucks. I took some photos of my car from inside and then I took photos of white goods. Guaranteed A+ blogging material.

The end of the week was different to usual this week. Thursday was tough. I had to travel over to the otherside of town to bore some hole for a retaining wall and it was 42 degrees Celsius. It was way to hot for me. I got the job done but thought I was going to die. After work I learnt that Hoggot had, had a shitty day too so we headed down to the Dublin for a Guinness. Lovely.

Friday was great. I worked in the morning but then had the afternoon off so I headed out and bought the girl a birthday present and bought some shirts for me. I headed out to tea at Montezumas with Tilney and Elyse and it was great because I have so much fun with those two. We cruised around a bit after tea but finished up at the Dublin again with quite a few people so it was good.

Saturday was another day at work. We finished late but I was excited because we had a big night planned. We headed out to the Havy which isn't one of my normal spots but it was a really good night. I got ridiculously drunk and barely made it home but damn it was a good night. Cheers to everyone who shouted me drinks in the end :). I have to say I feel bloody terrible today and I didn't end up making it out of bed till 3:30. The day slowed down after I woke up and its really just been water and TV since then.

Have fun

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Flavour

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My Damage

Its funny when things go wrong at work and my old man and me just laugh it off. We had been working all day carting concrete from the back of a house through a very narrow gate that was just wide enough for our bobcat. On the last load just as we were cleaning up I grabbed the last big bit of concrete and carried it out. It was hanging out of the bucket about a foot but I couldn't see it and as I went through the gate I shredded it. It was made of aluminum so I pretty much destroyed it. It was funny though because once I stopped and got out my dad had come round from the other side of the house, we looked at each other and just kind of shrugged and complained about how things like this always happen on the last load.

Tonight I headed out for tea at the Kentish with the boys. It was a quiet one because a lot of people were busy and Calvin is working there now. It was still a great meal and now I'm soo full I may even get an early one and head to bed.

I'm awesome, and I'm out. Bye now.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Dust Complaint

So the girl left for Queensland yesterday. Its weird having that much distance between me and her. In fact it has made me think how can people handle having long distance relationships. They would be pretty boring.

Today was dusty and I hated it. We bought a block of land a while ago and just started knocking parts of the house down so we can use it as a yard for all our gear as well as renting the house out. The soil is bull dust and its shocking. All day long it is dusty no matter what you do. We knocked everything down and cleared the backyard before putting rubble down to calm the dust but for the few days that we had to put up with it, it was al I complained about. Bloody dust.

Bye now.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Catch Up

Last night was fun. It was weird that a normal night down the bay ended up with catching up with a few people I hadn't seen for a long time. Layno, Hoggot and I headed down to the Dublin for a pint of Guinness or two before meeting up with Steve and Bridie. We decided to head t the Holdy where some people from school were drinking. The girl came down after work and the night was set.

Two people were out that I hadn't seen for a long time. Sean a mate of mine who plays AFL football for collingwood was back in Adelaide and it was great to see him. Me and him ended up getting entered into a strong arm contest where you had to hold a beer stein full of water straight out from your body. It was bloody hard and I think I only lasted 4 minutes. I came third or fourth I think so that's ok. The next person was Katie. Kate went overseas to London and places for two months so it is great to have her back because she is so much fun.

The night ended quite early for me and the girl because I worked all day and she had worked all night. We headed home for a quickie and then bed time.

Today started off well but ended badly. Today was the Bathurst 1000 race. It is the biggest V8 supercar race of the year and I was excited because it was on. It started badly because my favourite driver got shunted off on the first corner and it ended badly because a Ford won and I'm a Holden fan. It was a sad race because it was in memory of the late Peter Brock and I just read an article that stated that a driver who was injured in a crash at Bathurst on Friday passed away a few hours ago. Its amazing how things like this can be so unexpected in such a dangerous sport.

Today was also weird for me because it was the last time I will see my girl till I meet up with her in Queensland on the 18th. She flies out tomorrow and I have to work so I wont be able to see her off. Its a weird feeling knowing that you wont see someone who you are so close to for a week and a half. That said it will make spending 4 days in Queensland with her even better.

Photos: 1st, I waited outside the restaurant on Wednesday night for the girl and this is what I saw. 2nd, A job we did during the week. This is the steel stage. 3rd The same job but the finished concrete.

Well that's it for now. Have fun guys. Bye now.

Friday, October 06, 2006

My Photos Found.

Ok so everything is a bit hectic cause I'm working lots but its ok cause I'm making money, yay. We found our digital camera so I now have decent photos of my old and new cars to put up on here. I also have photos from working all week and some other stuff so I will put them up after work tomorrow.

I was boring tonight and didn't go out because I was tired and I have to work tomorrow but I'm pretty sure Saturday night will be good so its all gravy baby. Just a quickie for now. More tomorrow people. Bye now.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My One Small Step

I read the other day that a scientist has reviewed the audio from the first moon landing and apparently Neil Armstrong did add the famous "a" into his speech. His original speech was supposed to say "Thats one small step for a man, one giant leap for man kind", but in the first transmissions it was heard as "Thats one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". The first one states the human races triumph but the second one, the speech thought to be originally heard, contradicts its self. It is weird that it took all this time for someone to really look into this but I guess you would have to be pretty bored to want to.

Today was just another day at work. We prepared a sub base and dug some footings that will be steeled up tomorrow. Earlier tonight my family and the girls family went out for tea to celebrate the girls 21st birthday. It all went well and was a pretty good night in the end.

Thats it, its bed time. Bye now.

Monday, October 02, 2006

My Massive Post, Again

Ok so I need to stop doing these massive posts but lately I haven't had time to think let alone blog. So here is what has happened to me in the last few days.

Wednesday was a huge day. I saw a new Commodore on Friday that I thought looked amazing. I bought it Monday and picked it up Wednesday. My Parents, the girl and I drove up to Tununda which is about an hour away from my house to get the car and I have to say, its awesome. Wednesday was also me and the girls 5 month anniversary so that was great to celebrate as well. Wednesday night I went and saw Karnivool play at the uni bar and again was blown away by how great their performance was. If you have the chance you have to see them.

Here are some pictures of my new car. I took a heap using my parents digital camera but it got stolen so these ones were done on my phone. I will try and post some better ones, especially of the interior because it is beautiful.

Thursday was a huge day at work. I worked over 12 hours and was pretty tired afterwards. We went bowling that night and then I hit bed pretty hard.
Friday was another long 12 hour day at work and another early night. I was tired so I didn't go out. The girl came round after work and I just chilled out with her.

Saturday was the AFL grand final so it was over to hoggots house for a BBQ and to watch the game. It was the usual crowd and it was great to see a few people I hadn't seen for a while. We headed into town that night for two girls I went to school with's birthdays. Again it was good to see a few people I hadn't seen for a while and a pretty good night in the end.

Sunday we got up early and drove down to Victor Harbour to run in the new car and just to drive it really, lol. Layno drove too and it was a really nice drive. We had lunch in Victor and then played mini golf for the hell of it. We went and visited Emma at her shack on Hindmarsh Island and then came home. The drive took it out of me more than I thought it would and I was planning an early night until I headed up to see Beno and then chilled out at hoggots house.

Today was a public holliday in South Australia so it was weird to not be working on a Monday. I didn't really do anything but wash my car and just fiddle around with the options on the car all day. Nothing too exciting really. I'm heading out for a BBQ tea at Hoggots in a little bit so that should be good too.

Well that was it really. Have fun now.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Massive Week Of Events

Ok so I have been slack this week but I have been crazy busy. A lot has happened. I will write a proper update tomorrow but for now I bought a new car on Wednesday and its awesome. I will post some photos tomorrow because it will be the first chance I have had to take photos of it in the sunlight. Its orange!
Well its really early but I'm screwed because I had a big day... Again so I'm off to bed. Have fun now.