Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Frog Friday

We were digging footings for a house extension that we are doing at the moment and when we pulled up their concrete driveway we found two huge frogs. Very cool.

Work Friday was a long hard day and I didn't finish till after 6. This was a problem because I had to get home, shower, get dressed, eat tea, drive to the girls and then head to Eliza's 21st which started at 7:30. All is well and fine but it takes a good 40mins to get to the girls so we were a bit late.

Eliza's was cocktail formal and I have to say I looked pretty good. The girl looked amazing too and definitely turned some heads when we walked in. The party was at the Track restaurant which is in the Air apartment building and it was a really great venue. The drinks were cold and free so it was an awesome night. Only a few people I knew there but it was ok. We planned to go out after but by the time we waited around for over an hour to head into town the girl and I lost interest and got a lift home with Layno at about 1:30.

Yesterday was our 18 month so the girl and I just chilled out and ate pizza and pasta and toast and all things with peanut butter until heading to mine. We planned somethings for our trip to Perth, which we leave Thursday and I cant wait, before going down to Brighton Jetty road to eat more pasta at cafe Primo. Th whether was horrible but the food was great and the company was even better. The girl had to work early this morning so we just chilled back at mine after tea and spoke about everything that has happened in the last 18 months. Its been hectic really with all the dramas in our and everyone around ours lives but it has been amazing and I'm still so glad I have her. I think she kinda likes me too, lol.

Bye now.

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