Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Christmas Tea

Last night I organized to go out for dinner with all my friends. We all met at the Coopers Ale house and even though I was late and so were half the people, we all made it and it was a really good night. After everyone arrived and we chatted we decided to order. Their specialty is their chicken parmigiana's but when we went to order they ran out half way. I had to get a beef one and I was absolutely devastated. I ate my beef schnitzel and it was good but it wasn't as good as a chicken one. I ordered the girl the last chicken schnitzel so I ate some of hers and it was soooo good.

After eating our meals we all sat around for a while mainly because we couldn't stand up but to chill out and chat before people started heading home. The girl and I got home and hit bed pretty early due to big working days ad very full bellies.

Today was a big day. It got really hot early and it was incredibly humid. We had a few different jobs to finish so I started in the morning by steeling up an addition that we are pouring Friday. My sister flew out today to go to America to see family and the country so my mum and dad went there in the morning. I met dad later on at another job where we were pouring a concrete boarder and a small slab. It was a pretty small job so we were done quickly. After that I had to go and get a job ready so I can pour it tomorrow morning and then I met up with dad again to dig out some garden beds at another job. We took out about 22 tonne of soil so it was a lot of digging. All day no matter what I did I was sweaty. It was terrible. I'm so glad I don't live in a humid climate even a few humid days are bad enough. This week has been good so far but damn I can't believe its only Wednesday. Byeee

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