Monday, October 29, 2007

My Rolley Day

I went to a few jobs today. One of them involved me rolling and compacting a whole block. Now I have to say that it wasn't the most mentally stimulating job but I got it done. Work dragged today though, all I could think about was Perth and leaving. Thursday cannot come fast enough. I spoke to the girl and she said the same thing. Its going to be such a good weekend and this week is going to be incredibly long.

This week is also going to be pretty boring because the girl and I are both trying to save a bit of last minute cash before we go away and its my old mans birthday tomorrow so we will probably go out for tea Wednesday or something. I have to work Thursday morning because we have a big concrete pour on but hopefully I will be finished by about 1pm so I can get ready for our flight at 3:20.

Bye now.

1 comment:

cat bitch banana face said...

rolley day.. i thought u were talking about rollig a joint. naughty phil.