Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Kentish Night

Well its that time of the week again. The dudes and dudettes are hitting the Kentish tonight and then heading back to watch The Chaser and Summer Heights High. If you don't know what either of these two TV shows are then Google them now. Do it.

I dont know about this week. It has been pretty good but average at the same time. Work has been a bit odd too. Dad and I have been fighting a lot this week which has given me the shits but I guess I have to expect that when I work with my old man. I ate an orange today that I picked off a tree at one of the jobs I was on and it was the best god damn orange I have ever had so I guess there is always upsides to life.

Friday night as I have said before is my 21st party so tomorrow night I have to head down and organize it all and hand more money over, lol. It should be an awesome night though and if you are not coming then you should rethink! Bye now.

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Elaine said...

Happy birthday