Monday, December 24, 2007

My Weekend Of RestPartyRest

Well it was another big weekend. I was dead Friday night after work o the girl and I just chilled out and watched movies. Saturday started pretty early and the girl and I headed to hers so we could see her mum and head up to the Christmas tree farm in Blackwood to get their Christmas tree. We went up there in the girls car and only just managed to squeeze it in the back. Her mum had to sit next to it was a bit squishy. The whole car still smells like pine needles.

After putting the tree up and decorating the girl and I got ready to head out for Calvins 21st. Tilney picked us up and we headed into town to the Adelaide lawn bowls club. It was a really cool place for a party and with beer and a few games of bowls everyone was in celebration mode. There was a lot of people there and so we cruised around and chatted to everyone. I had a few interesting conversations and different experiences which was awesome. I learnt that when I get drunk people cant really tell apart from the fact that I tend to walk off mid conversation. I thought that was pretty funny. I had a few puffs on one of the bows cigars which I hadn't done since I quit smoking a few years back which was awesome and brought me back to the old days. As usual I cruised around having a conversation here and there and it was a good good party. After the bowls club closed up we all headed into town to the London Tavern, which is where Calvin works. We had a few more beers and then the crowd started to dwindle. I don't know what time the girl and I left but it was late and I was quite toasted.

Sunday morning was bad. Really bad. I was incredibly hung over and pretty much felt like a corpse. The girl managed to rouse me and fed me an omelette which was very nice of her and very nice in taste. After a lot of water and orange juice I managed to stand up and so we went down and got some movies to watch and some Gatoraide for me to drink and we went back to bed. After watching Welcome to the Jungle, Black Hawk Down and Underseige it was sleep time already, lol, and so we did. I woke up this morning tired somehow. Crazy world. Byes

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Merry Merry Christmas :)