Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Post Post

Sometimes I think this blog becomes a bit of a burden to write in. Sometimes I think about something to write about all day and once I'm home and on the computer nothing will come out. Some days its all to easy and blogging seems as exciting as it did all those years ago when I started. I'm definitely not going to stop. I do enjoy it. Even if no one ever reads it or no one leaves another comment. I think I will always write something down on here.

My aim this year was to post more than I did last year and I think I will do the same this year. Call it a new years resolution if you will but its a good way to provoke motivation. I don't know if the post have been interesting but hey they are there so read them if you want. After all, I am doing this for me. Byes


helen said...

It's good to blog, wether it gets read or not. Im a new found fan. Plus, yours are very entertaining. How was your xmas phil? and hello to domi!

Phil said...

Yea its a good way to waste time I think. Our Christmas was really good. Very hectic but awesome. Not long till your back in Australia. When do you get here?

Anonymous said...

good start