Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Commonwealth Games

There are many things that are awesome about the Commonwealth games. There is the great sporting events, the many different types of sports, the fact that Australia wins everything but the absolute peak of the games appeal are all the funny names of the athletes.

So far I have picked up on a few. In the swimming Australia has Emily Seebohm, pronounced "C-Bomb", we all have a friend who is a C*NT. Also from Australia we have the table tennis player Miao Miao, pronounced "Meow Meow", hilarious. The best I have seen so far was a tennis player from Scotland, Mhairi Brown, Pronounced "My Hairy Brown", she lost her match but because of her name she is a winner in my eyes, I'm great full she didn't flash her Hairy Brown to the crowd though!

Anyway, this has been another working week. I'm still working at a Stimulus site. Its not very exciting but I think today will probably be my last day. Then it will be on to the next job, could be here could be there, but you know I will either be digging a hole or filling one in. Woot.

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