Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Dissapointment

Alright so the world cup is here and everyone is excited and going soccer crazy in Australia. We all thought Australia would do really well because we did pretty well last time, but we were not so lucky. Our first game was early Monday morning our time and we got flogged! Germany thrashed us 4 nil and to be honest from what I saw on the replay we played terribly and deserved to lose. Its really sad because we played really well in the last world cup and it would be great for soccer in Australia if we won a couple of games but I think the campaign for this year is well and truely over.

I had to work the Monday that the game was on so didn't stay up to watch it and am glad I didn't. No one likes to see their team lose like that. Im not exactly soccer crazy but I will probably watch the next game because we play Ghana and we might have a small chance of beating them. Good luck soccer roos!

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