Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Weekend Wrap

The weekend was hectic. Well to be honest the last seven days have been pretty insanely busy. The end of last week, work wise, was crazy. We had to get a footing concreted because the forecast was for rain all weekend and this week so we worked like crazy and just got it done Friday before we got a sprinkle of rain. Friday night was an early one because I was on the job site at 6:20 and the job is an hours drive away! Saturday was another early start because I had a little job to do and the rain was predicted to get heavier. I thought I would start early and maybe beat it but I wasn't so lucky. I pulled up to the job and had barely gotten out of the truck when it started to bucket down. I worked like crazy for four hours in driving rain and was finished by 11 which I was overwhelmingly happy about. It was back home after that for an incredibly enjoyable hot shower and then off again.

After a quick shower and a bite to eat Domi and I went shopping for a new car for her. With the wedding coming up we are a bit pushed for cash but we really want to get her a new vehicle in the next twelve months. We had a couple in mind and so drove around to a couple of dealerships and test drove till our hearts were contempt. I think at the moment its a toss up between the new Mitsubishi Lancer and the new Mazda 3. We test drove a Holden Cruze but neither Domi nor I were a huge fan.
After doing a million miles in someone else's car we drove home to get ready for a big night out.

Saturday night was spent at the Adelaide Casino in the Balcony bar for Elyse's birthday. There was a lot of familiar faces and it was a really good night. I was annoyed because by about 11pm I was ready for bed. I had fun but even though there were flickering lights and loud noises I was having way to much trouble staying awake so It was off home to bed by around 12:30. God I live a rockstar life.

Sunday was pretty much all go as well. We got up and did some ridiculously exciting house work and then were off down to the Dublin for Bridie's birthday. Domi and I had a drink and a chat and then headed home to finish the house work excitement we had built before we left and then it were headed out for tea and Nathan and Cat's new place. The house they are renting is stunning and the wine and food was spectacular. Before we knew it it was late again and work was calling in the morning so we made the trek back home for a good nights rest.

I didn't do a lot at work yesterday which was bliss because I needed a day to get over the weekend. Such is life I guess. Bring this weekend on.

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