Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My Diversity

Yesterday was a day of dirt and dump trucks at work and then arts and crafts at home. We dug a sewer trench that was about 120 meters long which involved moving a hell of a lot of soil out and then a hell of a lot of quarry material back in. It wasn't the most exciting job but hey it was work. That photo was taken in the quarry where they cart raw materials around with those articulated dump trucks.

After work I arrived home to find my beautiful fiance Domi painting some paintings for our home. We shopped on the weekend for paints and canvas' so she could do some painting during the week. She is doing a couple different styles for different rooms in our house but also doing a couple for us to give Steve and Bridie when they move into their new home. This first one she has done is a bit abstract and is going into our study. I have to say, its looking good baby. Can't wait to see the rest of your works of art!

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