Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My Photo Day

For one of the days last week I carted soil from a job site to a dump on the other side of Adelaide. Driving all day isn't the most exciting of things to do so i kept my self entertained by taking photos of everything around me. There was a dog who lived at the house were we were working. It was a Kelpie cross Blue Healer and had one of the best temperaments I have ever come across in a dog. It loved that we were working there and was a huge fan of the piece of meat pie that i fed it.

The next photo was one of two planes crossing paths in the sky. I thought it looked great when I saw it, so guess what? I took a photo.

On my last trip to the dump I saw an animal in the distance, I caught my eye because straight away I thought to my self, that is a strange looking dog. As I got closer I soon realized that it was a fox. Even though Foxes and normally very timid it was not bothered by me at all. I drove right up to it. Took a photo and then watched it stalk and kill a rather large rat.

My last trip for the day took my to the Stonyfell Quarry to get a load of rubble. It was a foggy, overcast day, so it proved for some great photos up in the Quarry.

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