Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Wisdom

This last week was as hectic as the last month or so has been. Domi and I have been doing a lot of exercise lately so after working like crazy all day and then running/walking/swimming at night I'm stuffed. I didn't work the weekend which was so unbelievably good. My first days off in three weeks. We really just relaxed and took it easy during the day Saturday and then went out that night. It was Steve and Bridie's house warming Saturday night and it was a damn good party. We drank and were merry. The one thing I took out of the night was that a lot of our friends are really moving on with their lives. Weather it be new relations moving forward or new jobs or even huge things like new houses. Everyone seems to be doing pretty well lately and that is a good thing. I think this year has been a bit of a hump for some people and now they are over it things are running a bit smoother. Its nice. Its always good to see friends happy and its good to see how new things inspire people and get them motivated. I like it.

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