Friday, July 16, 2010

My Observations

Today was a funny day. Not due to the work I did, that was quite boring, but due to what happened to me while I was having lunch. We were working near a shopping center so we went there to have lunch. We were sitting outside one of the coffee shops right near the entrance doors waiting for our food and coffee when a little girl ran full speed into the glass sliding doors. She must have thought they were going to open quicker than they did and ended up hitting them. She was fine and got up and walked off but I thought it was pretty funny. Only two minutes later and women walked out of the coffee shop and walked straight into the table we were sitting at. She obviously was paying any attention to where she was walking and nearly fell on her face. She got up and walked away fine but again I thought it was pretty funny. It was a bizarre series of events.

It was a very mundane day so I appreciated two lighter moments. Byes

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