Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My Life on the Road

Some days are diamonds and some days are definitely duds. Lately I have had a couple of dud days. One day last week all I did was drive. I drove a fully loaded truck and trailer from a job site, to the dump, to the quarry and then back to the job and then repeated the loop. I managed to clock up 220km. Now that might not seem like much because in 8 hours you can drive to Melbourne but I did all that driving around town doing no more than 60kmph. Too much driving in something that weighs in at 45 tonne!

One thing I did notice while I was driving was that there is a fine line between the right age for a kid to have his face painted and a kid who is slightly to old and looks like a creep.

The weekend was a good one and a great break from the working week. I spent some great time with certain people who I haven't seen enough lately and also realized that spending time with certain people can really make you realize that you don't see certain people enough. Good times.

Well its this week again and I'm off and running. I poured a piece of concrete curb yesterday that was 45 meters long and it nearly killed me. Way to much work for one day.


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