Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Thanksgiving

This year was a big thanksgiving year. When I was a little kid we always had a family dinner with my parents, my sis and I but it was nothing special, just an ordinary dinner but for a reason. Now that we are all older thanksgiving has become a bit of an event. This year my family, Domi's mum and sis and my sisters boyfriend all gathered at my parents for a feast. My mother cooked turkey and a whole heap of American foods from her childhood. Many of them I had never even had before which was amazing. She did my favourite, Sweet potato with maple syrup and marshmallow on top, and after eating the whole turkey we enjoyed banana splits for desert. Not a bad night.

Last night was another celebration but a celebration of another kind. It was a surprise birthday party for my long time friend, Adam. The surprise party was organized, one to celebrate his birthday but two because he hates birthdays and celebrating them. Its always fun to give him a hard time so that's what we did last night. There was beer and incredible cup cakes. A good night.

A band I'm obsessed with at the moment are The Gaslight Anthem. Here they are playing "The '59 Sound" with Bruce Springsteen. Mad. Check it.


helen said...

Maybe adam doesn't really hate celebrating birthdays but only says it in the hopes that people will make a fuss cos they think he hates it. i mean, who hates beer and cupcakes?

Phil said...

Well I know he loves beer but he does actually hate cupcake. Hows life hellsy?

helen said...

pfft hates cupcake. I excellent thanks phil. just working and stuff to come back to adelaide in jan, but atm im completley snowed in and bored. i even started a blog. you can be my first follower cos its a lonely place atm. hint hint:)
and how are you? and domi?

Phil said...

I would love to be the first follower. I will head on over and have a look.