Friday, August 27, 2010

My Sickly Sweet

I'm sick. I know a lot of people already think I'm Fully Sick but this time its just regular sick, and it sucks. One of the worst things about working outside is working outside when you are sick. Its been cold, drizzly and horrible and feeling shit terrible doesn't make the horrid weather any better.

Steve and Bride stopped by our place on Wednesday night for tea and we chatted about them moving into their new house and everything else imaginable. It was a bit of a couple night but not too cheesy. We had plans to all go to the Nova Heaps Good Band Competition last night but I felt like absolute death and couldn't make it. Steve told me it was a great night and the two bands that won were amazing. I on the other hand was in bed at 7:20pm which was Awesome!

Last but not least this is a song that everyone in their lifetimes should here. It makes you realize how talented some people are and that you can make truly beautiful music with next to nothing. Bon Iver - Skinny Love.

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very good and cool,thank you for your sharing.